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Harmony Split

Love has no desire but to fulfill itself. To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving


After having been stuck in the monotony of Starlight Glimmer’s village for so long, Night Glider has no idea what to do with her newfound freedom. Knowing nothing about her past and having no friends or family to return to, she decides to go to the Princess of Friendship to discover what it means to have friends, and hopefully discover what lies within her own past. With such mysteries to uncover, will the two become fast friends, or will it all fall apart when the going gets tough?

Collab with ForgottenExistance up to chapter twenty-three
Cover by downpourpony
Latest edits by Midknight Defender and TuxOKC

This story got a lot of build up before anything really happens!
Later there will be some heated scenes, but no clop!

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Ahhh! Our Magnum Opus! XD Huzzah!


A big ass spider just jumped on my face! IT FUCKING JUMPED! ON MY FACE!!

Anyway your story looks interesting. For now I shall put it on my read later list. Now if you would kindly excuses me. I have an eight legged bitch that needs to be put in it's place.

I'm really enjoying this so far. I hope to see more chapters soon!
I hope they give Night Glider and the others a tag soon, would be easier to search for them...

If they keep writing all night... I'd probably bring them coffee XD

Damn it had to end with that question, I have been waiting for this to pop up the whole time.
I must admit that I'm quite excited about this story already, this new chapter is exactly what I needed right now.
just a bit sad that it felt like a short chapter, but then again most chapters are when I'm enjoying them so much!
Can't wait for the next one, have fun with it!

edit: but at the same time you are practically doing 2 stories at the same time per post and thinking of it like the it don't seem so short now!

You didn't get it xD

We try to write a chapter every few days.
Our plan for now is to publish a chapter once we finished writing another.
We are three chapters ahead so expect more soon :twilightsmile:

6051253 smart thinking on that! And I'm good on waiting now that I know it's at lest already written... well as long as I don't have to wait a month for an update... though I guess it don't really matter because I already wait that long on some stories... ah well I'll see it when I see it.


The only story that takes one month to update is Dashing for me.
For the rest I try weekly.

6051707 once a week, OK I'll be looking forward to it!


The AN got a special meaning


Well, depending on our mood maybe even earlier :raritywink:

The only quibble I have with this story so far is that I'm not sure how relevant the author's notes are and they don't show up when I download the chapters to my Ereader.

6051020 The second story was one of my contributions, I thought that it would be a good way to show our collab in a mini story of its own XD

6050534 And like Scratch was saying, the AN note is really just my headcanon as to what our ponysonas would be doing as they wrote this. XD So, in this headcanon, we've been writing this all in one day so far. Which is pretty close >.< We work on it about three hours every couple of days, so when you add it up, we've been working on it for less than a full "day".

6054896 I see, now it's time to read the new chapter...
posting it while I sleep, I see how you are.

Wow things are progressing differently than I expected, but that's a great thing. I rather have thing go differently than I thought than not be surprised by anything!
For some reason I get the thought that she may be one of the "stars" that helped in NMM escape from the moon...
always thought the stars it mentioned was actually ponies rather than actual stars... dunno...

Argh, I really want to know what's up with her dreams!
I'm eagerly waiting for the next chapter!
The week won't pass fast enough... I can't wait!


Muahahaha! You'll have to wait to discover what information dreams may hold XD

Alright! New chapter, and it's as good as ever! Now time to wait again...
well... you did give a little something extra today...

Either my weeks are going by quickly or you're updating more than once a week... I won't complain one way or the other though!
Damn twi, I know you are eager to deliver news of Luna's visit but you could have waited until she was out... eh would not have been as good otherwise!


Good, because the next one will follow today/tomorrow already :rainbowwild:

6087543 The updates flow like a river cutting through the earth when we work together :ajsmug:

6089040 no kidding, wake up, find a new chapter... too bad I have work now. Oh well I'll just read it on break then.

Edit: books and sweat eh twilight?

6091168 best part is that the story don't even feel close to ending! What you have now, in my head, could branch off into hundreds of paths! A lot of them run through my head constantly. I'm just eager to see what path you choose.

Wow the feels at the end they are sad

Damn... I don't have words for this...
At least I understand where Luna is coming from... but she should think that if Night Glider was as close to her as she says, then would she have not found a way to contact her? She needs to realize that something is wrong with her if she never looked for her.... or something... idk...
I'll just have to wait...

way to go, luna, you stupid bitch. gotta ruin everyone elses life, just because you fucked up a thousand years ago.

6094804 I know does luna not understand a person or pony in this case can change who they are

From what it sounded like, she was closer to Nightmare Moon. And, if that's the case she should be worried since Nightmare Moon was all about getting rid of Celestia and bringing apart eternal night. For all she knows, Night Glider could be trying to get close to Twilight to catch her off guard and kill her or sway her over to Nightmare Moon's way of thinking.

Beautiful! I said the same line that twilight did when she shot it back at luna! Also Luna has the excuse that it was the elements that changed her.
I want to see what Celestia says about this, she has to know after this, expecially if Lunas worries are as serious as she makes them!
Oh and one thought, Night Glider said that when Nightmare Moon was banished so was she as well as the others like her.... so... I hope to find out what others there are and if they are not a threat, but that's would make things interesting because of N.G. new role!
OK now I'm talking to much... its time to wait.
edit: I hope her friends are going to question why she made Night Glider her guard with twilight saying she used the Equin Speculator Act... most likely no one will know what that means.

I do like where you took this... But I'm still just sitting here going "Dammit Luna..." XD

I disagree with the damnit Luna bit. While Luna is being harsh, she's taking action against what she see's as a threat. She said in the last chapter that Night Glider was an expert manipulater and, as far as she knows, Night Glider is getting close to Twilight to try something. And even if she's not what happens when the old personality come back to the forfront?

6107493 Yeah, I understand where she's coming from, and she's not wrong to be suspicious. It wasn't a "Luna you're wrong to be suspicious" it was more of a verbal face palm at the situation her knowledge of the past was causing. XD

Damn I really wish I had an image to she how she looks in that!
And they did it! Now a new chapter in Night Gliders life is officially starting and I cant wait to witness it!
I'll try to be patient and wait for the next chapter...

Well, it took us long enough, right? :raritywink:
Expect chapter twelve this night already :twilightsmile:


That armor actually went through quite a few renditions, with a bunch of modifications. The final version is what you get after about an hour of discussion between me and Scratch about what the armor should look like. Now, if we had an artist, I'd love to see it be made XD

Well if anyone can do a psych evaluation right it would probably be Celestia! After her sister and running Equestria, with peace for about 1000 years... I'm sure she must understand how to read people by now.
Yay I can't wait to read how how they go about things... they could always ask Rarity... though it is Rarity... lol

P.S. : I found that I now look forward to your little authers in the beginning of each chapter! Before they were just there and I was OK with that, but now I like seeing how they are doing.

Twilight seems surprised that NG dated previously - guess she wasn't paying attention when Luna said NG had been "something more" to her, which NG later acknowledged (internally).

I wonder if Luna's harsh reaction to Twilight's naming NG her Guard Captain was at least in part spurred by seeing Twilight steal her (Luna's) former consort?

I don't think it's been said yet but does Night Glider have all her memories back? Thought that she would have alot of them back, yes, but not all of them, half expected her to gradually remember while telling Twilight about about them... like with your sad tag, she would need to talk about what she had to do to her last love. It sounded like she did not have am easy life. We know Twi would love to hear about that time, learn more about the war or whatever.
I don't know what I'm saying, you still have who knows how many chapters before this is done so you might still get to of them. Either way I'll be happy to go along with the ride!

an idea could be to try things that the other likes...other than reading together since they have done that already. its something that me and my finacee did when we first started sating like going through a haunted forest, swimming, and so on. the point is to learn about the other and their habits

I expected something so much more depressing from that box... bit now I'm curious more than ever now. I have my suspicions, some of them have stuck with with me from the beginning.

I also have to say that so much of this feels like it's leading up to an adventure or some forms of conflict, then I remember that this story don't have an adventure tag, oh well I still love this story!
Oh and did you just post a chapter like 2 days before this one?


Only one Day between Dating and Inspection.
And we're glad that you like it :twilightsmile:

6155596 well don't hurt yourself with the rapid updates or anyone else for that matter.
Just to be sure, Night Gluder has a way longer life than usual, right? Like she had hundreds of years still to go? Maybe longer.... Unless, you know, something happens to her.

PS: Oh when is AJ going to show up and ask why she has not come back to the farm? As far as I can tell it's been a few days and there has been no mention of them telling AJ why she can't go back.
or how about that town of (redacted), I'm sure Night Gliders friends... I'm shutting up now...


We're far too awesome to hurt ourselves by writing XP We're just too cool for that. But thanks for the concern ^^ And don't you worry, we're going to cover that ~.^

Was hoping Luna would've been more jealous, make for a little extra drama.

The story is far away from being done^^

Ha! Luna, I knew that you two had a thing! I'm happy for how things seem to be going for now.
I must say though, any day that starts off that good usually ends up being crappie by the end of it!
Twilight is really understanding of things, so I don't think she is going freak out when she hears abut her and Luna.
Lol Cadance, can't wait for that.
I have a feeling that nobody in modern Equestria can stand up against Night Glider... well that's excluding the princesses.
somehow I don't have much to say about this one, you covered everything that needs to be covered and all I can do now is wait... but you are really good at updating often, nice surprise each time!
hmm waiting time... that's OK, I can do that. No rushing means better chapters... or something...

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