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Just an adventure/mystery fanfiction-writing brony from the state of Vermont who hopes that you enjoy his work.


Years after Starlight Glimmer fled the hidden village, the lives of the village ponies have greatly improved. They are now free to make their own choices, to lead their own lives, to love and hope and dream.

But with that freedom comes risks.

Night Glider made her own choices, led her own life, loved and hoped and dreamed. And she lost some things and gained some others.

These are her memories. The memories of her snowcolt.

EDIT: Now with a reading by ZeusMacD! Click here!

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Comments ( 8 )

Did you disable voting? Davai, don't be like that. It instantly sends up red flags to readers if your story has votes disabled, because it looks like you are hoping for people to at least give you the view before they realize the kind of garbage they waded into, not that this story is garbage. I'd give it an upvote, but since I can't, have a flutteryay. :yay:

6378350 Nah, this is a thing across the entire site now. Votes are hidden from everyone besides the author until the story gets some minimum number (ten, IIRC).

6378720 6378350 Yeah, it's some new thing on the site: only the author can see the votes until it gets a minimum number. You can still give upvotes, you just won't see them.


I see. Sorry for acting like a bit of a jerk.

6378740 No, no, you weren't a jerk.

this was cute man

This was a cute little story. I do think it could've been paced alot better, but otherwise I really liked this one ^_^

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