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I ship it like FedEx.


Fluttershy and Tree Hugger have been dating for a long time. And it's no secret that Fluttershy would like to be a Tree. But what will happen when they finally get engaged?

Pure crackshipping here. I watched the episode with shipping goggles on, and this is what came from it.

Picture links to Derpi, since the Tumblr has a NSFW warning. It's probably fine, but I'm not taking any chances. If you're so inclined, the Tumblr should be just a few clicks away.

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And so it begins. The amazing ship called FlutterTree! :rainbowkiss: (and I don't really find this a crackship...)

5984873 I thought it was the H.M.S. FlutterHugger lol

Majin Syeekoh

Anything constructive to say about the story.

It's borderline. There is quite a bit of fuel from the episode (at least, from how I saw it, shipping goggles being so tightly attached that they're practically part of my face), but it's just one episode. I said that mostly so people don't pick this up and expect even the pretense of depth. Hopefully I made it feel at least somewhat believable, but this is more in line with crack shipping than with actual romance.

Yeeeeeeees. Ship all the pones!

Also I'm basically assuming that FlutterHugger is canon, no matter what the writers say. They sure seemed like a couple to me.

5984898 FlutterTree is better, because... the many reasons that Fluttershy gave us back in that one episode :rainbowwild:

Whatever it's called, it floats!

... I want to be mad, but I can't. Well done.

Well this was pretty cute. ^_^

Never thought I'd see the day I'd like a ship as much as DerpyShy, but this one is right up there.

*raises finger*
*lowers finger, but raises it again*
I liked it. :rainbowlaugh:

I approve of this more than FlutterCord now... or any ship with Fluttershy in that manner. (well maybe RariShy and TrixiShy excluded...)

Yo, Mr. Disliker, I got two words for ya:

Mellow out, man.

5985329 Don't worry, it's just a jealous FlutterCord shipper

I quite enjoyed this! (And also, I ship them.)

That was fast! :rainbowlaugh:

Still cute, though (even if I'm not... the biggest fan of Tree Hugger)!

Groovy man

I knew the minute I saw the episode that someone would write this pairing, and you most certainly did not disappoint. It may be a crack pairing, but it was still very cute to read. :pinkiehappy:

That's just... wrong on SO many levels!!!
Why are these ships always lesbian? No offense to any lesbians who read this, but still.
Sorry, my ,like, aura is,like, really out of wack. I'm going to go and,like, take an herbal soak.


*raises finger*
*lowers finger, but raises it again*

Appropriate reaction.

RariShy and TrixShy are good ships. And technically, there was enough in the episode for FlutterCord to be interpreted. But this idea stood out a little more. I got to be the first FlutterHugger writer, judging by groups.

He totally, like, harshed my mellow, man.

Longtime Dislestia fan here, and boy do I love Flutterhugger.

That episode was a veritable navy.
Flutterhugger, Fluttercord, Dislestia, Rarijack, Smoozepie... it was just insane.

As for the story: cute, amusing, and shipful. Great fic!


That was fast!

My shipping goggles were on tight. I still have the imprints from them, but that may be because I never take them off.

There was too much fuel there. How could I not ship it? Heck, off of canon, there's probably more there than almost every other Fluttership.


Sorry, my ,like, aura is,like, really out of wack.

I can tell, man. Chill out. You're giving off like, the worst vibes ever, man.

(Also for a serious answer, I did this because I found it amusing. No more, no less.)

FlutterHugger, the most canon not-actually-canon ship on the show!

The way she was so focused on Tree Hugger over everything else, even to the point of not hearing Discord, suggests to me a romantic level of interest to me. But again, my shipping goggles were on tighter than normal.

I know that feeling. The whole episode screamed romance to me too.


That episode was a veritable navy.
Flutterhugger, Fluttercord, Dislestia, Rarijack, Smoozepie... it was just insane.

Indeed. My kind of episode!

Glad you liked the story!

5985759 The fact that your new avatar is Catherine Tate is just so full of win.

This was radical, Man. Killer story, bro.

5986411 Ahh, as a silly Fluttercord fan, I can certainly relate.

5986513 Why, thank you!


It's true, though. Miss Tate is ten sorts of wonderful

Sometimes. Not often. This one just happened to be a combination of inspiration, motivation, and opportunity, coupled with a desire to be first.

Looks like I won by quite a large margin.

5986858 Is she bovvered tho?

5986190 First: Because we can. Second: There's too much females on MLP and most of the males aren't the best ones. Third: It's so fucking good :rainbowwild:

What kind of ideas?

Oh, ignore the pencil and paper. I just want to remember what kind of stories to expect from you soon.


Nah. I'm sure I've seen worse. :P

I guess that happened. :rainbowlaugh: I got a laugh out of this, but I didn't even think about shipping these two after watching the episodes. I should have expected a story to come out quick involving Tree Hugger.

Oh, I always think about shipping, especially when Fluttershy is involved.

Also I definitely interpreted their interactions as romantic. Whether that's logical or just wishful thinking is up to others to decide.

I ship it. Also, good story.

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