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Fluttershy's night at the gala was almost ruined by Discord's antics, but the question remains. What happened between Tree Hugger and Fluttershy afterwards?

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yeah I totally ship these two now. is it wrong for me to have wanted to see a bit more of the action between them in this awesome romance story

I think we now know WHY she's called 'Tree Hugger', and it's not just because she's a hippie...

And here I thought it was gonna be a humor fic about her getting stoned....

I am disappoint.

I was waiting for fics like these. :rainbowlaugh:
I want to like Tree Hugger as a character, but I'm not quite there yet. :trixieshiftleft:

“I’m sure that they would be cool with it.”
“Chill out,” Tree Hugger said, calmly.

Granted I'm not a hippy expert, but are phrases like 'cool' and 'chill out' part of that subculture? I keep reading those lines in Rainbow Dash's voice. :rainbowwild:

a bag full of crushed blue plants

Tree Hugger introduces Fluttershy to drugs? Headcannon accepted.:yay:
I could see Fluttershy needing something to take the edge off before she can really allow herself to do... well... things she'd normally be far too nervous to do. :raritywink:


Fluttershy snuggled deeper into Tree hugger’s chest before saying, “Okay.”

Capitalize Hugger.

“She’s just nervous because she has a crush,” Pinkie Pie answered, for Fluttershy.

I don't think you need a comma here. I haven't looked for the rule that guides this, because I wouldn't know where to start. But, I have googled the phrase and apparently it is written without the comma in the books Google has access too. (Google: He answered for her)
Pretty useful technique that I plot to use more often as it's so much faster to get an answer to an oddly specific question in grammar. :trixieshiftright:
Speaking of which...

“Tree Hugger,” Fluttershy called, gently. “You can come in now.”
“Chill out,” Tree Hugger said, calmly.

So, you know what time it is? Comma etiquette time! :yay:
For descriptive words of the 'saidtag' that end with 'ly' you don't need a comma. (Google: she said calmly)
Right: "Hi," she said calmly
Wrong: "Hi," she said, calmly
Funny enough, you do need a comma for descriptions without that 'ly' (Google: she said calm)
Right: "Hi," she said, calm.
Wrong: "Hi," she said calm
Easy so far right? Now to throw a spanner in the works: (Google: she said eerily calm)
Right: "Hi," she said, eerily calm.
Wrong: "Hi," she said eerily calm.
Remember how I said a descriptive word ending in 'ly' for the said tag doesn't need a comma? That's still true. 'eerily' is describing the word 'calm' :rainbowkiss:

5998592 wow, nice to see you commenting on my Tree Hugger story. XD

The weird thing about hippie subculture is that a lot of the word/phrases used by them were adopted by the 'cool' people later on. Actually hippies evolved beatniks(insert poke'mon joke here) so, maybe they would say things like 'chill out'?

and yeah, I used to think that Fluttershy smoked some herb to calm down in the past, now I believe that she does it. Though I blame Fluttershy's other hippie friends(they exist in the comics) or her parents for introducing it to her. Seriously, you ever consider the idea that Fluttershy's folks were hippies?

btw thanks for pointing out the rule. I... might need to re-edit the entire chapter i just finished editing now. At least finding the mistake will be easier.

5996673 is that a Flutterhugger reference that I see? XP

5996656 Ayep, Flutterhugger, I am in love with this ship as well, she is a mighty vessel. Yeah, more action would've been nice, I might do another story in the future with these two as the focus. Maybe a sequel, maybe just another stand alone.

oh and thanks for thinking of my story as being awesome. XD


so, maybe they would say things like 'chill out'?

Maybe. It leaves an odd taste in my mouth is all. :rainbowlaugh:

Fluttershy's other hippie friends

Really? I know Rarity has some, but I don't think I've seen Fluttershy's yet. I should read new comics.

Seriously, you ever consider the idea that Fluttershy's folks were hippies?

Yes, but I find that notion somewhat unlikely because Fluttershy's cutiemark story has her as a resident of cloudsdale that had never even seen nature until she fell to her (narrowly escaped) death. If her parents were Hippies, surely they wouldn't have kept her away from mother nature that long?

Also, I am such a drama queen that I like the notion of Fluttershy's parents not understanding her better. :fluttershyouch:

btw thanks for pointing out the rule.

No problem, but just to be clear. The 'rule' is just an observation on my part, I didn't find the actual rule that governs this. (Admittedly, I didn't look particularly hard after doing the google book thing, as I felt I had a decent enough handle on it, but I could be wrong in my reasoning for why it works the way that it does.)

5998643 I looked it up as best I could, and my research supports your thoughts on the 'rule'.

I actually like your idea about Fluttershy's parent's being melodramatic about the whole nature thing. Though I'm dark and weird, so I like the idea of Fluttershy being an orphan that fell from the skies.


I looked it up as best I could, and my research supports your thoughts on the 'rule'.

Sweet. If either of us ever stumble upon the actual rule, we should mention it. :trixieshiftleft:

Though I'm dark and weird, so I like the idea of Fluttershy being an orphan that fell from the skies.

I like this approach too. I'm not sure if like is the right word when talking about a character's suffering... but I can't think of a better term. :twilightblush:

So far, Fluttershy and Applejack are the only ones who's parents we've never even seen or heard about, right?

5998679 I've actually been meaning to do a blog, or a story focusing on this point. But yes, Applejack and Fluttershy never mention their parents. In fact Rainbow Dash only has a cannon 'father' they never admit that's her dad, but rainbow hair is hard to argue with.

Between the fact that we never see their parents, and that noone ever asks or talks about them. It makes me wonder if maybe some sort of disaster happened that killed a lot of ponies and everyone implicitly understands not to ask questions about missing relatives to other ponies because they all already know the mostly likely answer and don't want to drag the memories back up for the pony in question.

Course, I am completely aware that is nonsense. :pinkiecrazy:

:yay:Cute and sweet.

Rainbow knows. :rainbowderp:

Tree Hugger is probably my favorite side-character so far. She always looks so fucking baked, and I love it!


Tree Hugger is my spirit animal.

I thought that was really sweet. I'm guessing that they fell for one another earlier, on the Breezie trip, and things developed over the intervening time with their exchange of correspondence, and possibly one or two unmentioned meetings.

In the Shadow Wars Storyverse, Tree Hugger is one of the Ponies whom Fluttershy especially loves (including romantically), for they are Kindred Spirits. The Shadow Wars Storyverse Fluttershy is not promsicuous, but she is polyamorous.

6114107 Yep the idea is they met on the trip, fell in love, and have been secretly dating ever since. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the story, and on top of that you taught me a new word: polyamorous. XD

The conclusion: Doing drugs is stupid.


How is this telling you that weed is stupid?

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