Most of the time, Applejack is honest. A lot of times, she's a dependable pony.

Then, sometimes, she's full of militant squirrels piloting her in a war with the Chipmunk Confederacy over a sacred acorn.

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What the balls?

~Skeeter The Lurker

Whaaat? :ajbemused:...will read tomorrow.

Dear Celestia,

Today I learned that sometimes there are descriptions so off the wall you're basically obligated to give the story a read. Applejack Is Full of Squirrels is one such story and I will report back to you when I finish reading it.

Your average reader

But where are the lemurs? Busy landing Luna on the moon?

What happens when the squirrels learn that there are some piloted robots in their midst?

Ok... so this a a crossover? with Metal Gear? and ...squirrels?:rainbowhuh: Honestly I don' think I'm going to be able to read this in one sitting. It seems to be drawing me towards a terminal sanity decline. I've loved nearly everything you've written so I'm gonna have to come back for it but Metal Mare Ray was a bit too far for my current suspension of disbelief. I'll come back later with a little more prep work on my sanity.

I have no words. Sometimes I'm really curious about whatever it is you take that gives you these ideas, and other times I really don't want to know. That said, I chuckled wholeheartedly four times.

The description earned an instant like and fave from me.

I really hate plot twists. Especially when Luna turns out to be a fake.:ajbemused:
Still, well done!

um...... lol what?

There weren't enough cutscenes.

Some stories don't really earn the Random tag. They're zany, a little weird, have one or two odd idea, but basically made sense and have a clear easy to follow story where while you can't always predict what is going to happen, once it does it makes sense. This isn't any of those stories.

I knew you'd lose it eventually.
Welcome home.:pinkiecrazy:

Nice ending, though I think it would have been funnier if Twilight or Spike had just walked up during the fight, shaken her head, and walked away saying "not this again..."

Dear Celestia,

No words.

Your average reader

That said, I knew Luna would be full of squirrels the moment she appeared "on screen" :pinkiehappy:

PS : who cares about :twistnerd: ?

Dangit, SS&E! You and that mind of yours... When you think of something, you don't do any of it in half-measures, do you? No, you have to take everything over-the-top.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you.

This is one of the few times that I've been hit with the urge to comment before reading.

That description alone meets exceeds my expectations as to what was described in the blog post! :rainbowwild:

Will this contestant somehow overthrow my adoration for Lyra Meets the Punisher?! :pinkiecrazy:

Will I ever overcome the shock of encountering a rarity that forces my hand at, gasp, voting upon and fav'ing before reading?! :raritydespair:

Edit: I really have no words to accurately describe the degree of awesomeness packed within... All that I can say is that it's on par with Super Amazing Rocket Sled of Awesome. :yay:

Holy nipples of flammable revengence, Akira!

WOW I can't believe how good I feel after reading this story! And OMG the timing was beautiful <3
That was the funniest thing I've read and I'm ever so happy you wrote this story. OMG that Lickens bastard just WOULD NOT DIE! lol and that classic Capcom ala Akira Rocket Launcher ending. Flawless.

I wonder, do you read that everyone hates Twist tumblr? No? How did Twilight even notice Twist was ever lost? Anyways, LOVED IT! faving it and had so so so so so sooo much fun playing this whole fic out in my head, it was written so well I just couldn't stop laughing the moment Mare Gear was uttered. It was just the feel I was getting from this crazy fic xD

Mare Gear Ray and Mare Gear Solid need to be given fan works with Lickens and Plitskinuts colliding with that lightning streaked background! That Gray Squirrel moment of death and before that with the spinning to cut their 'screaming thoats' aka that was one gorey scene, was pretty hardcore overdramaticed beauty right there. I loved the way you described Mare Gear Ray's and Pinkie's responses to everything. THIS FIC IS OVERLOADED WITH AWESOME that I can't form proper words to say how much I loved this! THANK YOU!

"We desire the acorn and friendship, but mostly the acorn."

Welp, I think my sanity has flown out the window. Don't mind me as I add this story to my favorites. The squirrels...they tell me to. :trollestia:

I enjoy the more cultured pieces like this. It's like War and Peace with militant squirrels piloting mechanized war ponies firing lasers and missiles, instead of Peace.

Squirrelsplosions!! Freaking awesome.

Oh yeah, that first paragraph; nice opening imagery!

"Cheerilee squatted above her flower garden..."
"After a prolonged moment of bliss,"

I believe the word watersports is used effectively later on. Well, used more or less randomly, but whatever.



Skirts, you glorious looney... :ajsmug:

2515688 SS&E massages into being the most sexually frustrated works without a doubt. :rainbowlaugh:

I knew I was going to read this to the end when I saw the name "Pliskinuts". He prefers to be called "Snake", though.

I swear to god, you wrote this so i'd have to do a dramatic reading of it. I'll do it, too. See if I don't.

Mare Gear!

Mare Gear?!

Mare Gear!

Jesus Grandma this was brilliant.

Can I have a few seconds to recuperate?

Okay, wow. That was... I have no words. No words to explain how mind-numbingly weird and crazy that was. I can't even comprehend what happened.

I have one problem. Pinkie was not aware of the Squirrels and Chipmunks. This is not realistic. Nevermind.

Brilliant. ANOTHER!


Thanks to your Doctor Who gif, I am now imagining Applejack as a Teselecta piloted by squirrels.

"Cut your shit!" Lickens met his missile launch with a swinging blade.
Whoa, that's as stealth-as-fuck a Best Friends reference as I've ever seen there.

The whole thing was a cutscene.

Well, that was weird... :ajbemused:

But still hilarious. :derpytongue2::pinkiehappy:

What's next, Sweetie Belle turns out to be piloted by mice wearing helmets going 'DESTROY THE SHIELD GENERATOR' with curiously orange birds going around her with nylon tied to their tails?

Oh wait.

In Mother Rushnut, Derpy's ass kicks you.

Poor Twist...

Welcome new universe.
The Rodentverse, arise!!

Commence read.


Rarely is the RANDOM tag applied to a more fitting story!

This fic. THIS FIC. Is one of the best things i've seen all day. Or week for that matter.

What makes it even MORE hilarious is how all the comments display utter confusion, given that the knowledge is hidden right in front of them. You see, this is all being orchestrated by a history and world spanning cabal of vermin. Their goal is to manipulate all arboreal species fates through engendering constant conflict in the foraging economy, and by proxy have control of all rodents because of it.
Pretty simple, really.

Mare Gear is best pony.

.... sure, why not?

That happened.

I have no idea what i just read, but I loved every minute of it.

Skirts...I think I love you...

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