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Applejack prepares for what she hopes to be the biggest apple sale of the year. And what better place to advertise such an event than the Ponyville Daily?

Except Rainbow Dash's new attention-grabbing antics keep stealing the front page, pushing Applejack's article aside. Frustrated , she confronts Rainbow Dash—only to escalate the situation for the worse in a town of media-crazed sensationalism.

Originally written for The Writeoff Association's Great Expectations contest.

Proofread by: Mayhew Cullen
Artwork by: HugsForPenguin

Chapters (1)
Comments ( 12 )

Did you mean for the title to be a typo?

Loved this story in the Writeoff. Glad to see it here.

Yay it's finally here! I would put it into Nonpariel proper, but I am quite biased due to my involvement in its final construction. Also I'm still loving that end. Still I enjoyed it so it will get a sivler star and an upward facing thumb.

I'll see you at the next chapter.

Wow. That went from 0 to 100 REAL quick...

It was funny though.

6024606 The joke is based on that. G3 Rainbow Dash was apparently pretty stylish.

6025104 And there's the song that was stuck in my head which lead me to writing this for the Writeoff. But yeah this story is just silly fun nonsense.

I may not be the biggest AppleDash fan anymore, but this was quite nice!

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