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Hello, I'm ZekeOfTheFreaks. I'm a simple MLP fan, not much else to me. I write some stories on occasion, but they're usually nothing special.

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I did NOT see this coming! · 7:10am Aug 15th, 2014

Never did I expect any of my fanfics to gain this many likes, but my newest one has already accumulated 48 likes in less than a week.

I'm still in disbelief about this. It's thrilling, to say the least.

I wanted to thank everyone who gave it a like, and everyone who has been following me. Without you, this would have never happened.

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Alright boyo, I want you to have this song. Which I played at the end of "If the Scarf fits", and I actually had tears brought to my eyes. Just a reminder!

Hey there :twilightsmile: I love your stories. My friend Spectrum Winds sent me here, and i'm glad he did.

In fact, I'm already writing a sequel right now. Finished a prologue, and working on the first chapter now.

that actually sounds pretty good. in fact, I think you may hsve just given me a brilliant idea.

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