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Hello, I'm ZekeOfTheFreaks. I'm a simple MLP fan, not much else to me. I write some stories on occasion, but they're usually nothing special.


All Rainbow Blaze ever wanted was a son to carry on his family tradition, but when he ended up with a filly instead of a colt, he tried to deny it, but with all the events that he and Rainbow Dash went through in her life, he became divided on maintaining his family tradition and accepting Rainbow Dash as the daughter he had.

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I'm not crying. This is liquid pride. Good job, mate.

what else is there to say amazing :rainbowlaugh:

:pinkiesad2: Wow. That's actually kinda sweet.

Right in the feels with liquid pride. :raritycry:

That was very well done, man. Definitely worth a like and favorite! Cheers (insert pinkie smile here.)

One thing bothers me with this. No mention was made of when Dash dropped out of flight school. In fact, it's implied that she finished it, which contradicts canon. I suppose he could've deliberately left it out, but...

4837012 yes. that was the idea.

So why didn't he remarry? :rainbowhuh:

4837058 he was too stricken with shame of having a daughter instead of a son, so as a result of secluding himself from everypony else, he never found love again.

Haha! I love it, all but the Rainbow waterfall are going into my headcanon! Rainbow Dash is so successful.... I love Dashie.

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4837018 Which one, that she finished or he left it out?

Disturbed at how positive it was despite it's premise, but a good story none the less.

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This was a neat story. Besides telling things from the perspective of Dash's Dad, I also thought it was unique that this story had the makings of a grimdark, yet still remained hopeful and positive. That's something I haven't seen a ton of writers do, so props to that.

5025437 Wasn't even going for grimdark. Thanks for your words though.

5596383 Thank you. I'm having a particularly rough day today, so reading that brightened things up a bit. :)

5929143 I just now saw your comment. Thank you so much for your kind words! :)

It was when he reached his stallion stage that everything changed for him. He was still a blank flank, since the lack of ambition from all the ridicule left him feeling hopeless, even lost. He was about to end it all by taking his own life, when he heard a cry for help from a nearby rock formation. Nopony knows why, but from what I've been told he immediately flew towards it, as if he was meant to help out. He noticed that a mare had been flying low, and a rock slide had caused her to get her wing caught under............ With nopony to save her, he conjured all the strength he could muster, and pushed the rocks out of her way. The mare's wing hurt like the dickens, but she was grateful for the fact that he saved her life. She reached to hug him, and he looked towards his hindquarters, to see that his cutie mark had finally appeared, and turned out to be a simple rainbow. He ended up learning that her name was White Dash.

a rock

The beautiful white mane, faded cyan coat, and rose eyes were a marvel to say the least.

What's wrong with me that I thought about Fleetfoot when I read it?

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