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After each Princess’ castle is bombed by creatures from another world, the remaining five Elements of Harmony are sentenced to die within 5 different video game worlds. Within Equestria, the mainland is taken over and used as levels and cities for other video games. Will Button Mash and the remaining background ponies band together and save Equestria? Or will they die along with their heroes, under the might of the Doomsday Arcade?

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~Skeeter The Lurker

Took you long enough! Whoo-hoo!

There's only one thing I need to ask before I read this fic any further.

There's heavy implication that Celestia and Luna are dead at this point. ...please tell me that's not true.


I cannot possibly comment, but I would keep reading ^_^

The reason I ask is because I avoid war based stories like the plague...specifically because stories that can't go back to "everything's all right again" give me nightmares.

...can you guarantee in that regard that this won't give me nightmares?:fluttercry:

6290630 *kicks you off the story*


(Points to anyone who gets the reference.)

Is it me... or is Button Mash taking on the role of the Tactician from Fire Emblem?

Aerial Ace and Safeguard?
Did you just make a Pokemon joke?

I am loving the story, and I have Hype.

I think I figured out who the "Final Boss" of this adventure is.
I would guess it's the 'Impossible Arcade Cabinet', and Button will have to beat the unbeatable.

This is pretty nice, I wonder if Ruby Pinch going to make an appearance. Since it looks like there friends in the Slice Of Life episode.

(See all the angry SweetieMash shippers)

... I said friends...:facehoof:


What was that about some sort of bad things happening in other cities recently?
Also, it looks like the Princesses KNEW this was going to happen...

No..... just, nooo. Like completely utterly no >_< This plot does all the wrong things. Killing off canon characters for forced drama, completely unbelievable defeat... Just, nooooo.

Well well, this is certainly the most interesting Button Mash story I've read yet.


And of course it takes a ridiculous concept absurdly seriously.

Even the Super Mario Bros movie knew better than that (if you want to imagine how much worse that movie could have been, imagine it as straight drama).

Slaughtering a bunch of ponies via a concept that belongs in the hands of Mel Brooks does not win any points.

6444616 And then "It Was All a Dream" and Button Mash just had to click the Ocarina against his forehead 3 times and say, "There's no place like TvTropes."


6451786 Considering your shor fuse for most stories and types, you are not exactly bringing much credibility to the criticism here.

6452127 Come on, a bunch of video games just show up out of the blue and start attacking Ponyville and Button Mash has to save the day?

That ain't exactly "The Usual Suspects"-level material!

It has much more in keeping with "Blazing Saddles" than, say, "Unforgiven".

6452475 not saying that the plot isn't a little too out there, but you go kneejerk eighty percent of the time

6452549 I read this chapter and the Princess' sudden instant 'deaths' almost made me laugh... especially the tear before the vaporization beam.

Kind of reminded me of "A tear for those lost" at the end of "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny".

But then it seemed to take it rather seriously. Until it was silly again.

hmm looks cool lets read it

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