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Well, this is going to be excellent.

I didn't get it in the first story, and I don't in this one either. Why is celestia such a bitch towards spike?

I agree with mylaptop. what is her deal with him, Celestia is just being a total bitch.
you would think she would at least try to be nicer to one of the few close friends her sister actually has.

Same as the others, really, what the heck is up with Celestia? That felt way over the top even for an older sister being protective of her younger sister. It's not like Spike is some random stranger she found sleeping with Luna, unless the backstory for Twilight is different here and I'm just not remembering, this is a dragon she has known literally since he was an egg.

It kind of defeats the point if I have to flat-out say it.
The same guy who more or less ended up endangering her country and was known for sleeping around for a while, was caught in bed with her little sister.

6062419 I know, that's why I mentioned that it felt over the top even for the circumstances. The reason I commented is that I started the chapter with a smile and ended it with a grimace, so I figured I should say something since it was such an unexpected reaction.

Finally, the tension between Luna and Spike was thick like molasses!
This sounds like it's gonna be just great :twilightsmile:

6062419 We might even think that Celestia would be trying to get her student Twilight Sparkle to be with him, as we remembered that one moment when they spoke together about making her a new 'arch mage'. Besides his sleeping around and so forth with seeing her in his bed nearly ungarbed.

Commence read.

Guess it is time for the start of a series of shenanigans.

Now to see whom he happens to sleep with first, outside of the Princesses' watch.

This should have many more likes. Keep up the great work.

So is this chapter a prelude to Man Around Town or does it happen directly after? I get that the rest should be after but I feel like this could really fit in either parts chronologically.

Fantastic work by the way.

Looking good so far.

A shame he's not touring another particular city though. There was a potentially good 'Dr. Detrot' pun to be had... :raritywink:

I'm happy to see you writing again, especially this saga. Keep it up, Unsmiley. :)

I had hoped for more Applejack sex in the last few chapters of Man About Town. Don't disappoint me smiley.

Oh, Spike, You've still got it.

HOLY SHIT WHEN DID THIS COME OUT! This is fucken awesome

Hell yeah it's the return of spike mackin on girls

I don't know who spike should be with in the long run twi or Luna. But that doesn't matter right now. Right now I want him to go around fuckin everything, laying the Mac on all the girls. He needs to keep that man about town status up.....but now with the whole world!!!

Yo that's whats up. Shit I should have known who that girl was. There's not a lot of people in that city from the show.but I can't wait for the next chapter and to see whats going on with fancy

The whole scene of luna just kinda falling asleep in spikes bed just has so much character. I cannot put it to words how much such a simple decision can be such a memorable scene in this fimfiction. It really goes to talk about spike and lunas relationship.

Well, looks like this stories over.

At least Spike had a good run.


PROTIP: you mentioned babs pushing spike into the bathroom, yet they somehow got teleported onto the bed.

Damn spike is fucked. Can't wait for the next chapter you amazing author

Jeez and I really liked the other parts of this series. But Luna breaking Spikes trust again after being the only one of his friends who never really had to work at getting him back into her life, and then Celestia being Queen Bitch Cunt of the Universe? Something that was easy to overlook in the previous story has sadly become a glaring abuse of a respected character that isn't made up for by funny sexy times. Oh well I'll still enjoy the three previous stories very much, but I don't think I'll be watching out for the rest of this one.

So does Spike get to bang Applejack in this story? Because I'm really looking forward to that.

I love this story. I really do hope you continue it.

I'm sad that these continuing adventures won't continue. Was the story not generating enough revenue or was there another issue?

Cancelled? Worst. Possible. THING! :raritydespair:

I know it's been quite a bit, but I'm not sure I never knew this got cancelled, a shame admittedly.

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