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I loved this. It's so full of porn and fun. Kudos Brony. :rainbowwild:


"Alright AJ, hand me my penis" :rainbowlaugh: that was so funny I almost died

"Alright AJ, hand me my penis."

Sometimes I really love my ability to relate anything to music. :rainbowlaugh:

"Alright AJ, hand me my penis":rainbowlaugh:
Fucking brilliant.

Gonna throw in with the crowd here and say that the "penis" line was pretty amazing.
And not to repeat myself from my PM, but:
"Don't mess up my hair and I won't complain about anything else."
Gorgeous line.

615431 Wasn't expecting the penis line to be so well-received, but I'm glad it was. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :rainbowkiss:

This was possibly the most awesome thing I've read in a week. Maybe longer. :pinkiegasp:

617706 You flatter me! :raritywink: I'm glad you enjoyed it so much.

Okay, this might be the hottest thing I've ever read on this site. :rainbowkiss: Moar please.


Demand more.

620889 Funny you should mention that, I was considering making Luna/Adult Pipsqueak story after I finish the other two.:derpytongue2:

Hay all here is the read through of this.......Really awkward but funny lesbian style story :rainbowlaugh:
No Fear, Austere! Read Through YouTube

665208 I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this, especially your accents. :rainbowlaugh: Thanks so much for doing it, I had no idea anyone would want to feature my story.

Brilliant :D fucking Brilliant :moustache:

I'm echoing everypony at this point, but hell, let's do it anyway!

"Alright AJ, hand me my penis." :rainbowlaugh: Methinks that'll be a classic.

Awesome job, mate. Actually got me a little bothered, too...dammit.

Twilight's eyes turned the size of dinner plates as she watched Applejack strut over to Rainbow Dash, reach into her pockets—"I like fun Applejack!"—and pull out a sizeable rainbow-colored strap-on.


Why would you just end it there!?

816701 Did you read the sequel?

816730 I found it right after I commented.

610110 I was thinking the exact same thing.

This isn't just my favorite clopfic of all time, but one of my favorite pics period.
Brillent job friend, brillent job.
Also: TwiJack forever. :yay:

i agree with everyone on this page, it's a good clopfic :yay: and the penis line was hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

I came...

To tell you that story was the shit. And you're a BOSS for writing it.


:pinkiegasp: Oh my fucking god. I was talking with my friends on Teamspeak and somehow we got onto the topic of being able to detach your penis, and this song came into mind. So naturally I wanted to listen to it... and then I saw the 2nd top comment and then I fucking died. I can't believe I remembered that line. The internet is such a small place! TheVader2, whoever you are, if you see this, you are a boss.

That was....... Awesome!!!!!!!!

I like all of the :rainbowwild::heart::raritycry::ajsmug::heart::twilightoops:.

Random Fact of the day: Luna is sexiest pony.... wait their human... umm... damn it!!!!
I screwed up one of my facts of the day!!! Oh Celestia O_O I'm getting banished!!!:trollestia:

Anyway that was awesome, sexy, hot and shawing!!!! :rainbowwild::rainbowwild::rainbowwild:

"Alright AJ, hand me my penis." wasnt expecting that. laughed so hard i died! i am now a zombie! bbbrrraaaiiinnnsss!!!

Ok, my team and I write comedies. Expect a reference int our upcoming chapters!

"Don't mess up my hair and I won't complain about anything else." hahaha, I could so see Rarity saying this,lol

Very weird story, but fun xD
A bit short for my tastes, but it'll do.

I liked the line too, but... uhm.... one little thing that I noticed.

Well, I guess quotes are already flying so -

"Dude! You never go ass to mouth!" :pinkiesick:

And amend that with "Ass to mouth to pussy is saying a lot about how badly Rares wants to get rutted right now, that she's not complaining."

Or did you not remember where that toy had been when AJ started tasting? :rainbowhuh:

Otherwise, quite hot, and looking forward to the sequel!

2417836 :rainbowderp: That never actually came to mind.

Oh well, I'm sure it tastes like magic. :rainbowwild:

So you're saying Twilight's -:facehoof:

Nope. Even I have standards. Not gonna go there. :twilightoops:

Oh man my sides hurt so much from laughing. Thank you.

What we need now is for the girls to finally get to the club, and spend all night making fun of boys for being worse fucks than AJ and Rainbow. Possibly with RD threatening someone with her emergency penis. Extra points if one of the girls pegs some poor bastard right there on the dancefloor.

As much as I think all of the girls enjoy literally fucking each other senseless (seriously, RD carries a strap-on at all times?! What's it for, pegging emergencies?), they are all just waiting for the sole male member of the mane 7 to return....and boy, what a surprise they may get :raritywink:

Also, no fair!!:raritydespair: You described AJ and Twilight doing it, but then at the end implying that RD gonna do the same to Rarity, w/o detail? You brilliant bastard! Good thing there are sequels...........:pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:


Dat ending XDDDDD And Rainbow's phrase XDDDD Good one :pinkiehappy:

"Alright AJ, hand me my penis."

I still can't decide whether to laugh hysterically or awkwardly gape in shock.


emergency penis

"999, which service do you require"
"I need the emergency penis!!"
*Blue-lit car pulls up in front of your house*
"Emergency penis!! Let us in!!"

I always saw this story and never read it, cause with the description, I thought it was kinda rape-ey, but I finally read it and I'm extremely delighted! An amazing story, great sex scenes, great story, amazing characters... wow, I love it!

"Alright AJ, hand me my penis."

And just like that I'm reminded of this song.

The world needs more humanized twijack sex. It's gonna be the thing to bring world peace. Trust me.

gods what is with you and using weird words in your story titles

I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen the word "austere" in print

…maybe I should just read better shit

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