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One day, a young colt found a briefcase. This colt’s name was Button Mash, the briefcase contained a big red button, and the world and all who inhabited it were cursed to damnation.

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My special talent is still better than yours, BM

I feel like you did that on purpose. You monster.

What the actual goddamn did I just read?

I thought I had seen some shit... and then I read this, and I knew...

Which pony, nobody could say for certain, because the only other witness in Ponyville was omnipresent, not omniscient. It didn’t matter who turned to ash first anyways, because the other did too when the counter hit 13,453.


I mean, the entire thing is made of varying degrees of what, but I'm having trouble even parsing that.

All I can really say is... this fic deserves that RANDOM tag.

Author Interviewer

You have a lot to answer for, but this most of all:

He was a phoenix, however, but then his ashes turned to ashes, so knew something was wrong.

Sorry, but there are no answers.

AWESOME. That is the only word to properly describe this fic.

..........:rainbowderp:. This is one of the most bizarre things I have ever read. Not because of the content, although that had a fair amount of 'The crap?!' factor in and of it self, but how your story seems to draw a reader in against their better judgment, send them on a crazier mind f^$* than watching Cool World under influence of narcotics, only for the reader to be left scratching their head asking 'What the heck!?' despite knowing what they were in for(or thinking they did). I wouldn't touch Cupcakes, yet this story put hooks into my most morbid curiosity with combination of the title, description and picture and proceeded to freak me the frick out while somehow drawing guilty laughs from my most macabre sense of humor. The only real comparison I could come up with is imagining Edgar Allen Poe being alive and finding this site:trixieshiftright:.

At the time of this comment, I'm still confused to the point of not being able to decipher my own feelings on the story to know whether they are positive or negative. But in respect to your general skill of [censored]Mind Buggery and quality writing? Liked and new bookshelf added:trollestia:

It's not a real story. It doesn't have a real plot, or sympathetic characters, or anything resembling anything that I consciously recognize as compelling, so the fact that I enjoyed it took me by surprise.

-Then Princess Luna turned to ash, and nobody cared.-
Do i even need to?
No, no I don't.

--With the biggest state of confusion--
Oblivion Prophet

Comment posted by Almost deleted Jan 1st, 2016


nah the worst pony is jeff the killer fanmade pony

because why would anybody make jeff the killer fanmade pony

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