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Dark Avenger

"Un bon mot ne prouve rien." (Voltaire)


Octavia Melody.

The name known throughout Equestria, and even in some of the bordering nations, as that of one of the most gifted musicians ever to bless the ears of an audience. Wherever she goes, her admirers are there for her. Whatever she plays is met with acclaim.

History will not soon forget her work. Exactly as she intended...

Inspired by the song "Please Remember Me" by Swans, as well as conversations that I have had with a friend...

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Seeking infamy.
From the ancient greek Herostratus, who sought fame by burning down the temple of Artemis, a goddess of Hunt, forest, the moon, and archery.

The Ephesians sentenced Herostratus to death and forbade anyone from mentioning his name. (Damnatio memoriae) However, Theopompus noted it.

That, and this ending:


Shadows everywhere.

No light.

No thoughts.

No memories.

No sensations.



I need a name.

"Heh..." She grins. "Yeah, Octavia has that effect on ponies. I even get a bit of deja vu from it sometimes..."

I know who it is.

paired with the beginning:

A name.

I need a name.

Something to hold on to.

It was another failed attempt.

I grasp at the shadows. Endless, dark void around me.

A name. It is all I need to start over. Just a name.

Pages float past. Scrolls go up in flames and turn to ash. The smoke blinds me.

I need a name.

Perhaps this is a way out...

Makes me think of a pretty torturous time loop.

I'm still curious about exactly what happened, but that was a pretty interesting story! :twilightsmile:

Confusing. But I like it!

Your writing style I think, captures the nature of Fable rather well.

The Sun Also Rises

strange how you would include a reference to a minimalist novel is such an OBVIOUSLY maximalist story...
And if I said I loved maximalism, I'd be lying
This was an interesting read. Too confusing for its own good, I'd say. I couldn't make heads or tails of it, and while I suppose it has got its nice parts, it was overall too... overbearingly cryptic.
The prose flowed nicely though, so it wasn't a pain. Just vague.
And a bit pretentious, which makes sense since you did base it on a song from the era of swans in which Gira had his head firmly planted in his ass


Thank you for the fave and the comment.


Makes me think of a pretty torturous time loop.

The "torturous" and "loop" part are more or less correct, but it isn't exactly time-related.


This is merely a "prologue," if you will. A taste of things that (hopefully) have yet to come.

Like I said: if you have any questions, you know who to ask...


And a bit pretentious, which makes sense since you did base it on a song from the era of swans in which Gira had his head firmly planted in his ass

The hell are you talking about? You mean "Ten Songs For Another World" (i.e late 80s/early 90s Swans)?

So, her music causes her to reincarnate/possess ponies?

5311287 Various failures were songs from between 1988-1992, from the beginning to the middle of the gothic rock era of Swans, which was when Swans was at their most pretentious


I always think of that era (why are we using spoilers anyway?) as the time when MG hated everything the most, since things got the most shitty business-wise. The Burning World bombed, people were calling him and the band "sellouts," the next label he got on went bankrupt, etc. This period saw the creation of his angriest/depressed-est works, i.e his "most pretentious" stuff. In a way, I think it's almost appropriate.

And yes, I did mean it when I said "angriest." "Better Than You" (and several others on "White Light...") will be more bitter than anything else MG has ever written, excluding maybe "I See Them All Lined Up"

5311883 What about "You Fucking People Make Me Sick"? :rainbowwild:


Look up what he said about that one. It's actually kinda tongue-in-cheek... :derpytongue2:

5312305 about scene kids, yeah, I know
well, as tongue in cheek as Gira gets, anyway

In all honesty i think she is possesed by a music demon or sold her soul or something. WTF? This makes no sense. It's good but it makes no sense.

I would call myself lucky if i understood half the stuff that happened here. There is a line between "I'm speaking in fancy interesting riddles" and "I'm teasing you enjoying your attempts to make sense out of this." This is probably a masterpiece in the works for those that understand it but I am afraid I don't. You can feel free to explain this to me but I really don't.


This story is a snippet from a sort of "alternate universe", which is being developed by my friend that I mentioned in the description ("alternate universe" is technically inaccurate, but let's just go with that for now). He may one day put up a blog that helps explain what's going on here exactly, and perhaps he might even start putting out his own related works as well (he's working on something else right now).

With that in mind, I focused on this particular arc rather than built up the entire backstory from scratch, so to speak. I apologize for the confusion. Was it still worthwhile at least?

5458577 The possibilities that could go with it are countless.

Mainly I suspect it is like the "10 years of sucess" curse that people get from demons.

It really sounds as if there is something like a musical demon that grants sucess allure, e.t.c. I really don't know. I will still watch this.


Something along those lines. Another perspective I could offer is: "leaving your mark on history"

5458593 Striving to be remembered? Even for a bad reason?

I don't understand what the hell is going on, but I love it.

That was simultaneously hilarious and horrifyingly disturbing. :twilightoops:

Oh, man, this blew me away! :V

I was coming into this with no expectations, and you've set yourself a very tall bar, good sir.

This is the moment when I am no longer free. When my child is taken from me, and the life is sucked out of my music. It becomes no more than a tool for a purpose I do not know. I despise it, but I cannot stop. What I lose in appeal, I gain in will.

My hair stood on end for a moment after I read this. I understand that so well...the moment has been lost, and yet, it's still here...just, not purely hers anymore.

The last thing I hear is her laughter.

Gave me shivers, full-on.

Bravo! Onward :D

I actually have a really interesting idea about what's happening here, and I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but holy crap is this a plot-needle in the prose stack search :V

I loved it :raritystarry: and looking forward to more :D I really like the metaphorical imagery just flowing throughout the entire piece so far.

People may be confused, but goddamn am I following with every crescendo and beat of this fic. Incredible work. I think you've earned this. :B


Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoy the story so far.

I actually have a really interesting idea about what's happening here, and I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but holy crap is this a plot-needle in the prose stack search :V

Finally, someone else who knows (and uses) the ":v" emoticon! :pinkiehappy:


Also, why not PM your interpretation to me? I won't spoil anything for you if you don't want me to (plus there's a third chapter coming), but I'm curious about your thoughts. :duck:

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