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It doesn't matter what interests you're into. What matters, is taking your idea to new horizons and making them a reality.


After learning a plan from one of Onagas troops, Twilight, Lunar, Nyx, Dark Nyx, and Tex head to a parallel universe to prevent their universe an the parallel universe from combining. What is worse, is that the mastermind has teamed up with the enemy of the parallel universe, will they succeed, or will the universe fall into havoc?

Nyx belongs to Pen Stroke
This is an unofficial sequel/side story to Past Sins

Special thanks to JusSonic for allowing me to do the crossover with his Nyx series and use his characters.

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5037550 Let me know if you want me to edit one of your Nyx fics

Dislike for mentioning JusSonic.

Oh, and "Prologe" is not a word. It's "Prologue", and that's one of my pet peeves.

That's what I feel about all your stories, JusSonic.:trixieshiftleft:

5038678 Then don't read his stories then. Don't you ever make fun of my writing, I have a learning disability

For the Person who thinks blocking comments actually actually does something:

1. I don't read his stories.
2. I didn't make fun of your writing. I said I disliked for mentioning JusSonic, and criticized your spelling. And a learning disability isn't an excuse there, because these days there are programs that automatically check words and underline then in red if they are spelled wrong.

5040069 Stop bothering me. I do have the right to block you. So, plz stop.

5039533 I have Asperger's. It's not a crutch. Unless your disability is a form of dyslexia, you shouldn't use it as a crutch or a shield like this. Even if it IS dyslexia, then A. I don't know why you took up writing in the first place, and B. you should either put in the extra effort to make the story presentable or get a proofreader to fix the mistakes you make.

5041196 I know that, people say I do need a proofreader, but for the Nyx series, I work on it solo.

Comment posted by Spoiler Alert Number 3 deleted Sep 22nd, 2014

Deleting comments... how mature and open-minded of you! But to avoid being "annoying" as you say, I will take this discussion to the PM. Unless you block this account too, or delete this message, despite me having said nothing bad about you or your story.

Since you refuse to have an open discussion in PM and continue to block me, despite the only thing I've said is: "Prologe isn't a word, don't block me", I am taking this discussion public again.

Uh no. Nice try. I am making alternate accounts because you blocked me, I would have stuck with one and probably left you alone until you did that. Also, you didn't even correct the mistake I pointed out, so clearly you don't appreciate positive feedback. And "nice guys" don't block people after one comment without any opportunity to respond. You didn't even let me give an explanation.

You know why I don't like JusSonic? Because this is what he does. He doesn't take anyone's advice, blocks anyone who is slightly critical, and then acts like he's the one who's right.

PS: I don't care if you, or anyone else on this site finds me annoying. In case you weren't aware, this is the internet. Unlike real life, I can be as annoying as I like anonymously, because I won't lose any friends over it. But even if this were real life, my friends would still back me up, because I'm not the one in the wrong here. You blocked me for pointing out a spelling error, plain and simple. That is uncalled for.



It seems I've been spreading this around way too much lately.

EDIT: It ain't a privilege unless it's good. Yours needs work, to be blunt.

5042890 um, you could of pm'd me with that.

5042913 Oh, right. My bad. It's been a long day :derpytongue2:

Still, seriously, take the advice. It's very good for newbs to know.

5042936 I know I know. But luckily it only happens on the Nyx fics, but not on my scoots fic (since I have an editor and now a cowriter for that)

5042848 Uh, the privilege? Excuse me, but why not check your privilege? You'll find it needs some serious work, sister. Along with that attitude of yours.


Inb4 delet lol :trollestia:

EDIT: I have a learning disability too. Multiple, actually. Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and ADD. go ahead and look at my stories. See something? It's called effort and an editor. You need those.

5042955 That should honestly be telling you something about the usefulness of editors.. :trixieshiftright:

5043181 I know that. I'm calm right now. So, enough, I created this fic because I had plans for the crossover, not so that people could post hate for Jussonic, but to read a crossover between two Nyxverses. Come on, I lack reading, and slight bad grammar (Probably is the reason that this and another fic got added to Plan 9). I am not a person to hate. SO, just leave me alone an enjoy this fic. :twilightsmile:


I know that, people say I do need a proofreader, but for the Nyx series, I work on it solo.

that would explain why you turned down my offer to help.






5043460 Reason is not only I am uploading the chapters to this site, but to Lukes Place also (Since Jussonic is also)

5042304 really? you waste ur time making multi accounts wow...you are really a no life loser 33.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lwbjte26WV1qjiv9co1_500.jpg

Now they're getting to know more and more about each other. Very interesting.

Now that Twilight and the gang (your version) know about Lorcan and swore not to tell the Parallel versions, it's time to stop Zinrek!

5110441 the final battle won't be till midnight of the festival. Meaning that I have to add 3 more chapters. I already have a scene planned, and I am not spoiling it, Yet.

How about we all drink a nice big cup of quit that drama at once.

Because the ragewar is retarded and missing the point. It doesn't matter the quality of the writing, the second he said "It's a ripoff of a terrible fic" there was no saving it.

5135388 well, its how i write my nyx series. also, it's not terrible. only one person hates it due to mentioning Jussonic.

The second you mention Nyx it's terrible.
And JusSonic is bad.

5135446 well it's your opinion, im okay with it. But you dont have to read my Nyx series if you don't like Nyx. But, I'm kinda glad you took it in a good way, then one user did. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Hatty_Hattington deleted Oct 13th, 2014

What fell out of Dark Nyx's saddle bag?

You should tag sequels as sequels.

Nyx belongs to Pen Stroke
This is an unofficial sequel/side story to Past Sins
Special thanks to JusSonic for allowing me to do the crossover with his Nyx series and use his characters.

Er.. Um.. Huh?

5286658 Pen stroke owns Nyx, The reason Jussonic is mentioned is because it's a crossover with Jussonics Nyx universe


Ultimately, it's Pen Stroke who owns Nyx

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