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What-ho? Rainedash doing gay clop?

Oh hell yeah.

I like your characterization of Prism in this. He's this cool, calm, collected guy who's also brash, but loving with his boyfriend. I think it works well with Dusk who comes off as kind-hearted and overly nice, which kinda makes it that much more humorously unfitting when it's HIM taking the role of the sadist.

I think you achieved your goal in writing the "somewhat realistic" BDSM story, mostly because of the end, and that whole bit about Prism not really liking it, but doing it anyway because he loves Dusk, and Dusk does stuff that he doesn't really like to do for Prism. It's a nice little bit about compromise for the ones we love.

I would read it...
If i wasn't a guy.

M&M aren't for me, especially if its a clopfic,
Its just awkward.

Oooh, this was nice. Will there be a continuation or even more?:twilightsmile:

No, this was designed just to be a little one shot.

Aww, Well that's disappointing to hear. It seemed to leave off after one thing and not explore anything in this one shot.

Great job. The world needs more R63 TwiDash.:twilightsmile:

I figured you would end up liking it if you saw it. Oh, and I definitely agree. Rule 63 TwiDash is great.

I just found more logic in a R63, S&M story about two pastel coloured miniature horses who are either unicorns, Pegasus or a mixture of the two than I do in most other fictions I read. And I am strangely okay with this

you planning on writing a story featuring whatever Prism saw too?^^ I am kind of interested in seeing what kind of fetishes he has now^^

I hadn't planned on making a sequel but if this does well enough, I might do one.

I used the same cover art for my story! :twilightblush:

Anyway, not bad! Had the sweet moment at the end.

Would have been a lot better if it had slowed down a little sometimes, but still pretty good.

5019753 well, I certainly wouldnt mind so be sure to link me if you ever do one^^

Warning: This is an S&M story involving two stallions.

I approve of this so hard... SO HARD!

It could have definitely been fleshed out a bit more, but I certainly approve of what this fic set out to be.

A fetish story where the other party doesn't end up loving it and they don't it every time they have sex?!

Have a like. It was different. Didn't think I would like it but I gave it a try anyway and it was an interesting read. :twilightsmile:

You shoul totally do another chapter.

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