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This was glorious.
Thank you sir, may I have another?

Heh. Luna's a little devil, ain't she?

This was fun, if not a bit... bare bones. I can see this being just a few more chapters, not the huge ordeal that Kinds of Love was. The sex was fairly straight forward, and again, I assume that the sex isn't the focus, but on how Celestia deals with what I guess will be blooming feelings for Twilight, while Twilight adjusts to the whole "having a dong" thing. It'll be interesting to see if Celestia is as straight as Luna claims her to be. Will she be able to still have feelings for Twilight once he becomes a mare again? Or would Twilight choose to stay a stallion to be with Celestia? Does she even really live Celestia, or is this just pent-up frustration and lust?

Many questions, and I'm curious to see the answers. :ajsmug:

This felt way off for me. On the one hand, there are a number of typos that kept yanking me out of the story.

And on the other, Celestia was right. What Luna did was low, but not in the sense I assume you wanted Celestia to mean. Luna forced Twilight to be a stallion for reasons that don't sit well with me.

Comment posted by Manaphy deleted Jan 23rd, 2015

I wasn't exactly happy with certain parts of this story. I prefer a more consensual Twilestia experience, with both of them having romantic feelings for the other from the get go. That and making Celestia straight was, in my opinion, kind of counter-productive to the whole 'Twilestia' thing, as you know, a long-lasting, loving relationship between them that does not make. The whole gender-swap thing as well was somewhat uncomfortable for me, but I shouldn't be one to complain, I've written weirder things.

All of that being said, the story itself was well-written (except for some typos, but hey, we all make those mistakes), and a part of me tentatively wants to see where this goes, so I will add it to my Twilestia Clop folder and read any future chapters. Hopefully you can persuade me my early doubts were unfounded.

Came here expecting Robin Williams.

Oops, uh, Luna, you should probably turn Twilight back into a mare.

Not futa
thank the fucking lord

or not, and see where this goes.
or twi can make celly bent like bent paperclip, err, a regular one, as to not make it straight.

Wait on a sec, she actually physically changed Twilight into a stallion!? Oh boy this is going to cause problems, poor Twilight.

Hmm therr are several things that need to be tied up and typos but otherwise not bad.

5537091 Uh, sorry, but... what? Luna forced nothing upon Twilight, from what I can tell. Twi could've just said "no" and I thoroughly doubt that Luna would've said "too bad". The change to being male is certainly not permanent, or it would not have been used.


To be fair, I don't think she was expecting to remain a stallion when she woke up.

I 'really' hope this is one of those where the next part actually comes and not a one-shot that just hasn't been marked complete yet XD I 'really' wanna see Their reactions when they realize what happened.... ... poor luna.

Am I the only one who was hoping Twilight would break down crying at the fact that Celestia preffers dominant males while she was a female implied sub so that Celestia would come out and comfort her?

Some studies (and experience) have indicated that people in authority will have submissive fantasies - the unconscious desire to have others make decisions for them, instead of the other way 'round. So Celestia's fantasy is actually what you might expect. The maid uniform's a nice touch.

Twilight, on the other hand, had to be sold on the idea of a) being dominant and b) being a stallion. Luna did a fair job of persuading her, but it seems that Twilight's got enough raw magical power to change her own gender in the waking world.

Fun times. Are you going to add more to the story?

5538930 give her a few minutes to pro- (NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!)
There we go... And now I must go fist bump Luna


Same. Why must the author hurt me in this way?:raritydespair:

Awesome, just awesome

To be honest, I was just stealing a line from Shakespeare. I didn't even know it was a Robin Williams movie.

5539477 I accept that, author. Just... my heart. :pinkiesad2:

That's... actually not a very good outcome, in my opinion. In Twilight's place I would be deeply insulted and outraged, that I have to change my gender for the sake of my love interest, even if it's only on occasion. Things like a strap-on or a temporary futa-spell, or changing small and minor things about oneself are one thing, but such a major and fundamental part of one's identity... Nope. If she can't love her the way she is... well, too bad.

On the other hand, I really liked the first couple of letters and the idea of talking about the issue via letters was very good. :pinkiehappy: Talk about a perfect way for Twilight to be calm, collected and being able to properly express her thoughts. And Twilight's description of how she feels about Celestia, that part was very sweet.

5537816 well, we know that twighlight can loose control over her magic and she is obviously willing to change her gender to be with celestia. So this might be her own subconsciousnesss doing. I hope so, it could make a really exciting story.

5540940 How attached you are to your gender is one of the things that varies between people. I've always found the notion of transsexuals bizarre not because I can't imagine wanting to be a woman, but because I can't imagine caring enough to go through all the crap they have to put up with. :twilightoops:


In Twilight's place I would be deeply insulted and outraged, that I have to change my gender for the sake of my love interest, even if it's only on occasion.

Well, that's kind of how it is in real life. A straight woman is usually going to turn down a female love interest. And it's not like Twilight was forced to do it. Celestia simply asked if she was willing to, putting the offer on the table. Twilight could have left it and moved on or take it.

5541037 Of course. That just shows how much Twilight loves Celestia.... or how little dignity and respect for herself she has... one of those things ought to be true I guess.
Then again, we could just treat it as role-playing. Advanced form of role-playing.

5541032 That may be an unpopular opinion and I will probably catch a ton on down-votes and angry comments for it, and this is probably not an appropriate place for such a rant, but here goes.

Recently, after doing a lot of thinking (and deciding to become an atheist a few years ago), I decided, that there is absolutely no reason for me to be homophobic, to be against gays or lesbians. Unless they are of the annoying and flamboyant type that is. The ones that go to gay-pride parades wearing pink glittering thongs, or the ones that have this over-sensitive and feminine attitude, because in 90% it's just fake and annoying. And as for bisexuals, frankly, I think they're probably the luckiest and the happiest, as they can enjoy the best of both worlds. And to quote someone, "they shouldn't even have to fight for the rights they should have had in the first place".

But when it comes to trans-genders and transsexuals, I truly believe that it's a mental disorder in the former case and a sexual disorder (of the fetish kind) in the latter. I mean, the whole point of being gay/lesbian, is that both partners are men/women. You don't ask them the "Which one of you is a 'husband' and which one is a 'wife'?" question.
But if you are a man, and you think that you are born in a wrong body and should be a woman instead, I believe that is both a psychological (mental) and physical (hormonal development).

Or maybe I'm just still somewhere in the middle of my journey to tolerance and acceptance and I will learn to accept and respect them in the future as well.. I don't know.


Of course. That just shows how much Twilight loves Celestia.... or how little dignity and respect for herself she has...

A lack of strong gender identity does not equate to a lack of dignity or respect for oneself—in fact, it can be exactly the opposite if a person feels that other aspects of who they are are more important. Alternatively, it's not unknown for some to just not care one way or the other. Given Twilight's rather neutral upbringing and personality, the latter would not surprise me, and in a world where such a change can be casually done for a weekend with no lasting repercussions, I can see her snubbing the social norms for a chance at love, even if it's not a popular decision.

I must say that I am... disappointed. I was expecting bit more than that, both in actual narrative and in word volume. As I said before, it was well-written and you are definitely a good writer, but after reading the whole thing it left a very sour taste in my mouth. I was hoping they could put the whole 'stallion' thing aside and learn to love each other for who they are, rather than their anatomy. I did say I would give this story a shot, and I did, but clearly we just have very different tastes.

This story was very gripping. I really enjoyed it which is quite odd, you see, when this story pop up in my feed, it wasn't in Rule 63 group yet, aslo there isn't warning in story description so I expected something differend. Still I liked it a lot. And I have to praise author for his story because he definitely deserve it.

But, I have to agree with 5540940. Even though I try to stay as open mindet as I can to different characterization of main characters, because each author gives his characters diverse personality traits (sometimes is Twilight more stubborn or confident etc.), I still made my own characters for most of the ponies, based on the show and hunderds of stories I've read and how I imagine them to behave. Albeit I try to block it, when my concept is too different from author, there is a problem. Thanks to it, I feel like the decision didn't do Twilight but somebody else and pushed Twilight to do it. And that makes me really uncomfortable.


I was hoping they could put the whole 'stallion' thing aside and learn to love each other for who they are, rather than their anatomy.

I knew I was going to upset a few people with that decision. Thing is, not everyone can do that. In fact, the majority can't. Most straight people aren't going to just suddenly see someone as an exception to their orientation, even if the other person is someone close to them. Same goes for most gay people. And honestly, it's become a bit of a pet peeve of mine when an author presents a character as being completely straight, they get hit on by a friend, and suddenly they happen to like girls too. :applejackconfused: The same goes in reverse. I wouldn't really like a story that says how X is a lesbian and suddenly she's super attracted to a stallion.

I wanted to have a story where a character's sexual orientation wasn't just suddenly flipped, as though it was a simple switch.


Well, that wasn't what I was getting at, but ok. I understand your point perfectly, I just think if you're going to write Twilestia, a pairing where both characters are female, why not make both of them gay from the get go. I'm not here to start an argument, but I guess I wasn't clear enough with my original comment. Basically, what I meant was 'I did not like this story, but hey, to each his own'.

Ah, that makes more sense and all. And hey, thanks for the compliment to my writing style in the post.

I'm always glad when people can settle disagreements amiably, and I did not say anything that in my opinion was not justly deserved. Your writing wasn't the problem, it was the subject matter, but as I said, to each his own.

Contrary to others reading this, I was happy with how it turned out. Yes, Twilight has had a gauntlet thrown down, but the matter of changing genders (as proved by Luna) is a heck of a lot easier in Equestria than here. Heck, I have friends going through gender reassignment and you have no idea the respect I have for those individuals, given the ridicule they get and all the emotional stress of changing who you are to fit how you feel. That went a little off topic but still, I like that you made Celestia stick to her guns and not suddenly flip orientation for Twilight, since that isn't usually how things work. Twilight understands that as she is she has no chance with Celestia but good for her that she didn't let that phase her, and as she put 'it will only be part time'. At least if things don't work out she can still be herself afterwards.
Review over, and Cobalt approves :twilightsmile:.
If you are planning to write a follow-up, I for one would very much like to read it.

Great story. i loved the interaction between the two in the letters and would love to see more story on how there relationship developed as well as friends/family chiming in on Twilight being a part time stallion.

You have to wonder if this relationship will ever develop past a shared sexual attraction. Would twilight be willing to go full stallion to marry the Princess. What is Celestia ends up pregnant? Could a male/female Twilight and Celestia hold a health relationship if she only went stallion in the bedroom?

There is a lot of great material to explore her and even if this is the end if gives the readers a lot to think about.

Thanks for writing this.

I think we get a pretty good look at Twilight's feelings in this chapter, and I can get behind whatever decision she would make in that situation. However, it seems like we're missing one very important aspect of that relationship: How does Celestia feel about this?

She liked the sex, clearly. She trusts her faithful student, I'm certain. But... would she love Twilight the way Twilight wants to be loved when she's a mare? One's gender isn't the only important thing in a healthy relationship, but it's obviously very important to Celestia. If I were Twilight, that'd be the first question I'd need to hear answered.

I feel like this chapter was rather sad. And the letter format is something I really don't enjoy. I don't particularly like them, since it feels like I'm reading someone else' mail.

5542184 sexual preference bro. i got friends who, if they had been female, id totally be into them, fortunate/unfortunately they arent/they dont see me in the same light. people are born to have a certain sexuality, and its vile to make them change it.

5541575 lol not everyone is gay/bi/pan

The writing is good. But I don't like this story. :twilightsmile:

The problem is that love is about personality, when two people/ponies like each other.
At least in my opinion.

So, in this story Celestia seems fond of Twilight, but it's very much important to her that Twilight would be a stallion. :twilightoops:

It just seems really off. That means Celestia doesn't really like Twilight for her personality, for what she is. She just finds a few things about her to be appealing only if applied to a male pony. It's just.... strange. :applejackconfused:

True love doesn't have boundaries like gender. Period.
If it has them, it's not a true love. It's just LUST. That's all. Just think about it... :raritydespair:

This story would look more romance-like if Celestia wouldn't mind Twilight's gender, because she loves TWILIGHT, not her gender.
Celestia could say that the most of her sexual pleasure is to have sex with a male pony, and Twilight could say that she's okay with magically changing her gender for some sex sessions to indulge Celestia, becaus she loves her, too.
But... Celestisa is being okay with being in love with Twilight ONLY if she stays a stallion.... it's... meh.

I agree with you.

Um, did you forget the part where she doesn't have to stay a stallion full time, or the fact that she does love Twilight for who she is, not what she is. Yes I know it is odd that she has to become a stallion so they can make love, but love makes people, or in this case ponies do some crazy things. Now I do admit, I am way more accepting of this due to me being bisexual, but ignoring that I still see no problem with how these two handled the situation that was presented to them.

5542567 I am aware of that, but you know, the pairing itself is gay, so that's kind of what I was expecting when I see this particular pairing.

Huh. I usually don't like clop, but I quite enjoyed this. The ending to the main chapter kind of weirded me out, but the epilogue fixed that.

Thanks. I try to take pride in the fact that my erotica stories have interesting characters, and a decent storyline.


Um, did you forget the part where she doesn't have to stay a stallion full time, or the fact that she does love Twilight for who she is, not what she is. Yes I know it is odd that she has to become a stallion so they can make love, but love makes people, or in this case ponies do some crazy things.

It's complicated. Celestia cares for Twilight as a mentor, and she likes having sex with a male Twilight, but she says:

There is no hope for a romance between you and I as you currently are. [...] Are you willing to become a stallion again? It does not need to be a permanent thing, as we're bound to spend a lot of time apart.

Twilight herself is coming from a very different angle. She is offered the chance to make out with her idol, as long as she's male. For most of her life, she has loved Celestia. But she doesn't always want to be a stallion, and she doesn't want to be the dominant male Celestia secretly wants.

So where does that leave them in the long run? Maybe Twilight is happy just satisfying her passions, and then she'll move on. But what happens a few months from now, if she's sown her wild oats and asks Celestia if they could try something different? What if Celestia says, "I'm not interested"? The Princess has been honest with Twilight about her feelings, but that's pretty rough, knowing that you can only have that intimacy if you change yourself completely, and your partner sacrifices nothing.

The first chapter was some silly clop, but this second chapter feels more like the beginning of a story than an end.

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