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wait is this part of the free pack or the pay pack?......


The picture that the cover image is from is in the free pack. There is a cum version in the deluxe pack.

i dont get it

Boy it feels good to read this :eeyup:

More Grape x Hooves! YOUR MASTER DEMANDS IT!!!

Wow... Great

This is... Not too shabby, actually. You clearly have the right mind for clop, and the story was definitely hot. The writing itself is a little coarse but that's just a matter of practice and polishing. Might wanna look for an editor.

Other than the refinement issues it was pretty good. It's nice to find an M/M writer who can handle him/herself.

Ooooooo I remember that one x3

Oh my Celestia, this wasn't very sexy, but super bucking hilarious!:rainbowlaugh:

I was done when he said 'kiss my ass.' :rainbowlaugh:

I am confused as all fuck as to what happened here.

This doesn't feel like a clop fic.

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