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"Tirek tricked me into believing that he could offer me something more valuable than friendship. But there is nothing worth more. I see that now. He lied when he said that this medallion was given as a sign of gratitude and loyalty. But when I say that it is a sign of our true friendship, I am telling the truth."

The minute Ah heard those words, somethin' budded deep in my heart. Ah knew then that he was speakin' the truth, the entire truth, and he was talkin' from deep in his heart. Ah had always thought of Discord as a nuisance; a draconequus who was just bidin' his time by playin' along with this friendship gig, then strikin' when we let our guard down. But when he said those sentences, even though they weren't directed at me, they took root, down at the bottom o' my heart. O' course, Ah didn't know it then, but that was love Ah was feelin'.

Honest, crazy love.

Featured August 17-19th! A dream come true! I owe it all to all of you wonderful people! I honestly don't deserve this. Celestia bless you all!

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AppleCord in the morning :pinkiehappy: Just what I needed!

It was good. Very good. You portrayed Applejack's character and thoughts very well, I could actually hear her voice in my head and understand her feelings. It makes sense that she would start to look at Discord differently since the moment, when he was honest with them for the first time. Everyone knows how important honesty is for Applejack. And the old good game of Truth or Dare :rainbowlaugh: Oh my. Discord's response might be interesting. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Thank you! I tried as hard as I could to create a point of view where Applejack was bitter, yet sweet, without portraying her as a mean pony. Since Applejack isn't the most experienced pony with love, she would probably be out-of-herself in this kind of situation.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMMENTING! :pinkiehappy: I really appreciate it! :pinkiehappy:

Whoa, what a good idea! I'm looking forward to the rest of it!

Thank you dearly! I look forward to you reading it! :twilightsmile:

This is GREAT!:heart::heart: I can't wait for Discords response! Of all the questions, Applejacks is sure to be able to make Discord blush!:ajsmug:

Job well done, my friend. One question: What did Twilight say to Discord after that French thing? I imagine that would be an interesting conversation.


=w= I approve of this.

I must read this soon~

I know, right? It's like:

Me: Hello world, I am here to talk about...

AppleCord: ...Discord and Applejack!

Me: Wait, where did you come from?


Anyway, THANK YOU FOR READING! :pinkiehappy:

That answer shall come later, my friend. You are an observant pony, Dolly. :moustache:

Very observant. :ajsmug:

4866695 Thank you!:twilightblush: And I hope we find out soon.

I like where this is going~~:scootangel:

Already a new chapter? Well that's a pleasant surprise to get at nine o'clock at night.

Good job with this one by the way. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.


Great story so far, might wanna consider spacing out your paragraphs though. It's a little hard to read.


Also, congrats on the feature


Oh no! You've been found out Applejack :pinkiegasp: RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!!!

Or is that a good thing?:duck:

Oh my goodness.
Oh. My. Goodness.


You know, when i saw this chapter pop up on my feed, I thought "Wow this chapter wont be as good as the first one because it came very quickly". but my god you did not dissapoint. This is getting good, cant wait for the next chapter.
By the way, is it called DiscoJack or Applecord?

4867195 Discojack might just be the second greatest word I've ever heard. The only better word is the bird, because everybody knows that the bird is the word.

Thank you so much. I am so delighted to hear that you enjoy it! :pinkiehappy: You bet your brown buttons that I'm continuing!

What's the translation of what Discord said?
I'm very curious now...

4867437 According to Google Translate, "Oh, my dear girl, you have planted a seed in my heart."

This is looking pretty good, can't wait for the next one! :D

I've hit my head like that before, and it smarts pretty hard.


This looks... promising.:pinkiecrazy:

Eee! Discojack! Me likey. :ajsmug:

I'm sick of the hating on ships so I am totally going to read this! :derpytongue2:

:eeyup: I don't have the slightest clue where the scene is taking place, but I do love me some Discord x AppleJack :rainbowwild:

Sorry if it wasn't clear enough. I'll try to work on that in the future! Just to clarify, the scene is taking place at Twilight Sparkle's palace. :pinkiehappy:

discord said: "oh, my beautiful girl, you have planted a seed in my heart." and yes it was french.

So that's why Twilight was acting weird, she probably knew what it meant.
Could also be the reason why she stuck the two together on the camping thing.

*narrows eyes*

Go on....

okay you hooked me proceed with this tale of truth love and chaos!:pinkiecrazy:

So glad to here it! Don't you worry, that new chapter's coming fairly soon! :twilightsmile:

Ohohoh, what's this? A fairly original, well written ship between two of my favourite characters?

Aaaand I'm interested.

Dunno. This feels like Discord trickery. She's practically worshiping him with her inner monologue.

I favorited this five minutes before the chapter was posted. Not very often you favorite something go back to the main page and see that another chapter was just added. :pinkiehappy:

Great chapter. I really like the feel of the lullaby.

Applejack x Discord? :applejackunsure: That's a new one in my book...bring it on!! :pinkiehappy:

it was because of the fact that Ah've never told a lie in my entire life.

She lied to Pinkie in Party of One. Her comment about modesty was also horseapples.

XD i just ended reading the second chapter and was like :C AWWWWW BUT I WANT MORE :fluttershbad: and BANG here comes chapter 3 XD :yay: YAY :c but now chapter 3 is over and i want more :c

Bro, next chapter, 'nuff said.

Google translate hyyyyyyype!

Two more chapters? :pinkiehappy: What a lucky day!

I like how you write Applejack x Discord interactions. Also, I really like your Discord. He's hard character to write, mostly because he can be co unpredictable. In one moment he's serious, and in the next one he's a chaotic spirit we all know and love.

Love the writing
Like the concept
But due to a quirk of me, I find emotion repellent xD And this fic has got a ton
Ima gonna keep reading though :P


I LOVED that Alice in Wonderland reference :heart:

I doubt Applejack would be so focused on Discord even if she somehow fell in love with him. Yet she goes bananas here

I have to agree with you here. Discojack is the second best word I've ever heard. :derpytongue2::pinkiehappy:

Applecord? (Or Discojack as some may prefer?)

I highly approve of this! It's good to see this pairing get more attention.:pinkiesmile: Great characterization all around so far. Keep up the great work, my friend.

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