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I would read this story... but i'm not gay or a girl or bisexual.

Yes. Just yes. Because we all know that Braeburn is sexiest pony.


I knew you'd comment on this.

Not gay, a girl, or bi. Would still wreck it! :rainbowdetermined2:

454902 Braeburn is sexist pony and you know it.


That's uh.. That's wonderful.

Grammar Nazi Mode Initiated: Don't you mean "Sexiest"?

Yes, this is gay, but the good kind. Very well done, darf.

Not the biggest fan of standalone clop, but I liked this.
If you were to do a more shipping oriented continuation of this, I would most certainly read that as well. :twilightsmile:

At first I felt weird and very wary, given that I just recently wrote like the same thing (anon "you" m/m story with Braeburn).

But then I discovered that you have bottom human, top Braeburn while I have bottom Braeburn, top human... so it's almost like our stories are perfect complements.

Not to mention that you've got the frilly panties... hells yeah!

It's very well written, I should say.


Great characterization, and I really liked the anonpony. All round sweet.
I'm also happy about Breaburns reaction to "introduce me to your family."
If he had raged, it would have been so sad.

Aww shit man, I'm straight but that is

Volkova, that message was for you.

This is awesome. Take my thumb and my fave, good sir.

Holy cow... :heart:

I swear, I was blushing the whole buckin' time I read this. That... was... niiiiiiiiice...~ :twilightsmile:

I would only do that for one pony, Braeburn. I'll be your schoolgirl, Brae! :scootangel:

I love Gayburn fics. they are amazing if written well. This one was and I have to say that I"m faving. I loved it and I loved the writing. 9 and a half/10!

Well. Never thought I'd be on the clop-side of fanfiction, and never thought I'd be here. However, due to some encouragement, I read it. And I liked it. Very well done sir.

Super hot, and very well-written! I love Braeburn stories, and this is part of the reason why. My favorite kinds of clop are the ones with a heavy helping of romance, so this scratches my itch. You've done a wonderful job depicting a sweet, loving relationship in one scene. Thanks for writing!

This is clarrified as badassness.


This one is my favorite, with my second one being Wonderbolt Training.

*Sighs contently* Why can't I find a guy like this Braeburn? Excellent writing and steamy smut... two of my favorite things. I'd be content to be a school girl for a guy like this Brae... >///>

Semi correction! Braeburn is sexiest MALE pony. We all know that Trixi... I mean Rari... Twili... Which mare is sexiest mare again? It's a tough choice. Dashie... Flutters... And Applejack is sertainly the sexiest mare In Her family... Unless you're a foal fiddler that is. Why is it so hard for me to choose a sexiest pony? Gah! :ajbemused:

Another Gayburn fic? You bet your flank I'm reading this! :raritystarry:

Great Fic. Braeburn as usaul, you are very sexy. I think you two should take another shower, that one wasn't very clean... Oh plz take another shower. :pinkiehappy:

:heart::heart:LOOOOVE IT!!!!!!
:rainbowlaugh::raritywink::twilightsheepish: The funny thing is my boyfriend is soooooooo Braeburn here and I am so...well the 'you' here.:twilightsmile:

Delicious yaoi ponies... so good...

I really loved how you touched upon the way the narrator wants to be so submissive and feminine, even though they're male. That's very attractive in this kind of story.

dem panties, man

Thoroughly enjoyed this...

Thank you very much!

I used to think I knew my sexuality. Thanks for the confusion. :ajbemused:

Although I can't picture myself, this was still a really good read. Thumbs up!:heart:

Take this Mustache of Power and begone!!! Begone to write more stories such as this pure hotness!!!

Amazing! Hooves down best clop I have ever read! Fantastic job good sir:heart::twilightblush:

Oh darf, you never fail to amaze me :3

Sweet mother of Celestia! Sold!
Also, moar!

ok... this was fantastic i felt like it was written just for me you have a fantastic way with words -sighs- breaburn :heart::heart:


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This was absolutely fantastic!

Hot damn!

2 thumbs up!!

It was good. Passionate, filled with emotions and Brae's hard dick.

All of my yes.

Sweet Luna, yush!!

I love Brae!! Best fic Evar!! :heart::heart::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::yay:

Shit, I came:twilightblush:

So many emotions and memories running through my head....

I'm straight...but I liked this story...but I'm straight...but I liked this story


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