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I thought you should be the first to know: I split the second chapter of There's Something About White Mane into two halves and the first half, after I have it extensively edited by my team (And by that, I mean beg popular editors on the site to take a stab at it) It'll be good to post by....soon. Really soon. Or, maybe a little later, but, it's coming.

Anyway, if you'd like to get a preview here's your chance (The password is 'cook'.)

All I can do is hope and pray I managed to get this to you before you starved yourself on your hunger strike? And, then, beg for your family's forgiveness if I didn't?


1) Hey, no problem. I think it's super awesome that you're a fan of my work :rainbowwild: I don't really think I write any better than anyone else on this site could or does, I just got lucky and people seem to like my silly gay pony stories. Until my luck runs out, or people get tired of reading my homo-pony stories I'll always have time for guys like you.

2) Good. Just remember to offer the locksmith food or a drink, otherwise he could come back and rob you blind.

Also, don't worry too much about reading my stories, they're really all the same; Different Strokes might be up your alley if you liked There's Something About White Mane; they take place at the same school, have most of the same characters and they're both about gay ponies :pinkiehappy:

3) I believe you.

On a like bright and positive note, your hunger strike inspired me to get my ass in gear; I'm going to throw off the shackles of socializing, hunker down in my damp and dreary room with a bottle of whiskey, my cat, a few seasons of Golden Girls on DVD, cigarettes and stay here until I either write the next chapter...or die a beautiful death.


1). I think it's super awesome that you took the time to write an actual response instead of "it'll be done when it's done!"

2) I called a locksmith. He'll be here in half an hour and then I can check out your other wonderful works.

3) I would WRECK Ghandi in a 1v1 starvation match. images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20111230065257/mylittlecreative/images/d/da/Applejack_lie_face.gif

I won't stand for it! I won't let you starve yourself to death in a closet eating stale cheeze-wiz and crackers like some kind of rat because of me.

Chapter Two of There's Something About White Mane is well on it's way to being done. It would have been out a lot faster but, I didn't like the way my first draft read and after seeing how many people found the silly misadventures of the too nice for his own good White Mane and the 'I'm totally not in love with my sexy, adorable best friend and I totally don't want to jump his bones every time I look at him' roommate Piper, I've been working out a nice, cohesive and engaging plot to keep it going for a few more chapters than I started off thinking I'd ever be wanted to write.

With that in mind; if you really can't get enough of White Mane and Piper, and you don't mind seeing a bit of where the story's going to go, I'd recommend reading Different Strokes. White Mane started off as a character in that who I loved writing so much I gave him his own story that somehow became my most popular story yet. No complaints from me.

I don't want to rush it and make it so that every chapter reads exactly the same as the first, so, it's going to take a little longer...but, just remember, it's always better to come out of the closet than die inside of it (That's some kind of clever metaphor for free for you!)

Also, thanks for being a great fan. It's not everyday someone goes on a Ghandi style hunger strike because of something I write, and now I feel accomplished! Don't die, please! You'll be reading all about White Mane batting his eyes and lifting his tail for somepony and Piper trying to convince himself that he's still into girls and totally not gay for White Mane in no time!

398578 *Fanboy scream* Oh my god Bronystories welcomed me to FimFiction!


In all seriousness though, you make some damn fine stories. Keep up the good work!

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