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Alright Round two here we go!

bringing in one of the Mane 6 makes no logical sense. They are essentially part of the gov't

Okay. That was interesting, I look forward to seeing this play out. Good start to the sequel, or rather the next book, chapter or what have you.

4831631 Yeah can't think of why an extensive criminal network could possibly want to have a member with influence in the government. It's like they're relying on corruption or something.


Well it's not like corruption will help much when it is involving someone with personal attention from Celestia and Luna, After all Luna watches over all the element bearers dreams, and they can't censor what happens there, if they even know about it. This promises to be interesting and dangerous for the society, and I really doubt the risk is worth the reward though they may not realize how badly yet. Especially since the others are already worried, and if they don't hear from rarity regularly will be in manehatten quite soon... and they may even show up anyways if she is gone longer then the couple days scheduled like they did when she went to canterlot. Really wondering how this is going to happen, especially if any of the 6 are dominant personalities, Rarity is definitely it, at least if not more so then Octavia (who lasted months... when after a week there would be the other mane 6, followed by a full on search by celestia and luna). Looking forward to seeing how this happens, and if the society can survive it.

4832719 There is no way dreams could ever be used as evidence in any court given that they are essentially random and the dreamer has no control over it. Rarity's disappearance would be easy to cover up by getting either Coco or Fancy Pants to write to ponyville, no one would think twice if someone Rarity trusted as much as them wrote something like "she'll be staying with me for a few weeks to discuss fashion" or whatever and the princesses, assuming that none of them are in on it, still wouldn't be able to act if word never reached them which is why the society would spend time getting its hooks into those close to the princesses who can either downplay the issue or just toss away any reports of it before it reaches them.


The only way somepony could escape the societies clutches was if they were both brilliant and had too many scrapes with dangerous organizations, similar to daring doo except they always manage to escape. and knows who to talk to.

Big Pimpintosh is right, it is only logical that such an organization would want a member of the government/law enforcement on there side. If you can control the lower parts of the political ladder the you can reach and manipulate the higher parts.

I do want to address the whole Luna thing when it comes to this story (Again). As far it has been shown Luna has never really been in the dreams of the main six. One could argue that she was in Rarity's dream but there is nothing that really proves that they ever left Sweetie's, everything we saw could've been Luna using her powers inside the filly's dream and the nightmare parts even suggest that to be true.

Originally I stated that Luna's powers, in this universe at least, required proximity to the target such as being in the same city. Now however I had heard something that actually makes more sense, that Luna can only go into the dreams of children. I am pretty much taking this as canon in my story since it is a logical conclusion seeing what we know of her powers and also because it does help to keep her from knowing about the Society's actions. If you feel this is a bit of a cop out I apologize, but I did mark this story as an alternate universe for a reason.


Last time she stayed a bit longer at someplace, the entire mane 6 spontaneously showed up to check on her, and you can already tell Twilight and Fluttershy are worried about the situation. A message like you just said would raise all sorts of red flags with them and probably get them all out there faster. As for using dreams as evidence in court, hardly think that would be needed, since once Luna knows whats going on, she can send her guard after rarity and the society directly.

As for Luna only being able to see childrens dreams... I thought it was mentioned she watches over those who saved her... Still in an AU that's fine. The thing that makes me wonder how it will/can be handled, is I just find it hard to imagine Rarity (a High society girl, and someone holding a seat in the government, as well as a personal friend to all the equestrian princesses, and an important defense against enemies, caretaker for her sister... etc) Managing to vanish for weeks or months, without a mass effort to discover what is going on, as well as the princesses (at least Twilights ) personal involvement in hunting down the Society. And she certainly couldn't just reappear without all sorts of hard to answer questions being asked.

Just about the only way I could imagine it would be with a fake rarity replacement changeling style... still would be highly risky.

4834051 Not the same. Last time the came because they wanted her to enjoy Twilight's party. No one would be suspicious if someone said that she was working on a fashion line for Fancy Pants or helping Coco with her work because they're people that the mane 6 know and trust. They won't unexpectedly pop up because they have no reason to.

My vote is that Rarity becomes a slave. It would be poetic justice.

Yay! This is exciting! Personally, I see Rarity as a Domme. That's just my opinion.

Rarity finding out that Coco *SPOILER HERE*

Realistic Rarity Reaction: Mortal Kombat Rarity vs. Suri... FIGHT! *insert epic music here*

Reaction I See Happening: a repeat of Octavia from the end of Coco's Arc, maybe Smex and then the **** will hit the fan and then boom we have a story

Still very interesting if you can keep a high tension level between Rarity and Suri while creating sympathy for Coco, a slight to good hatred of The Society while keeping the dominate nature and unintentionally implied sexual references that makes Rarity as a whole sexy.

I'm liking this ark so far. I am also happy you portrayed Rarity's character correctly, high standards but not bitchy.


Actually I think just about Everyone would be suspicious of a letter claiming she wanted to stay longer for such things.... and it would really seem like a cop out of the highest order if it wasn't. After all, a suspicious letter is what started the entire issue, it would be like a cop telling his partner he is checking an alley where he heard something suspicious, and then calling out (in a slightly different voice since we have to assume they all know what each others hoofwriting or horn writing is like.) that they are fine there in the alley, everything is great, and they want to stay there for a bit longer. Does that sound as silly to you as it does for me? Honestly I am intrigued by the situation and what could happen, but Rarity is a difficult issue to deal with, and has a number of issues that would need to be addressed if things are to go the society's way. To be honest I am curious to see how the issues with Rarity are handled, as well as what will go wrong if any of them aren't handled or are mishandled.

Since we seem to be disagreeing a bit on the difficulty of her disappearance, Allow me to list the main issues I can see which will need to be addressed when dealing with rarity.

Firstly- Let us start with Time.
a. Rarity is a business owner, a prominent one, and as long as she is gone she is not making money, and there is a big glaring sign in the middle of ponyville showing she isn't back yet every day it isn't open. Very few small business owners can just shut down for weeks if not months on end without serious issues and lots of people would be suspicious if the boutique was closed for long.
b. Commissions, she does a lot of long term commission work for numerous people, and thus has deadlines to meet that will be quite conspicuous if missed.
c. Commitments- she has a number of commitments around ponyville (some which I will go into later.) both with friends, and family that are a regular and important thing for her, which we also know she does not take lightly. A single letter would not likely answer all of them, it would take numerous letters and arrangements to deal with each of her commitments and set them aside, and even then if they were set aside for too long people would get suspicious and worried.
d. Element commitments- as she is one of the major heroes of the land, she has numerous people who check up on and keep tabs on her, a seat in the newest palace and thus insight into governance, May be called out to deal with major or minor magical issues at any time (and if not found when emergency comes up it could quickly be a major national security issue.... The big evil fiend we sealed away 999 years ago is coming, prepare the rainbow... wait where is Rarity?)
e. In general there seems to be need for a Constant stream of commiunication back and forth from Rarity to numerous people covering numerous issues (many of which the society probably won't know about unless they have been watching her very carefully. And any of these that aren't responded to in a timely manner would likely get an investigation or at the very least stern questions asked.
Secondly- Personality
a. Dovetailing from above, Rarity is the definition (and a bit of a caricature of in some cases) a Dominant personality. As can be seen in several episodes, from the very first when her first response to a friggin manticore is to kick it in the face, to the diamond dogs where she refuses to bend and even bends and breaks them instead, to the changeling invasion where she goes ballistic on them with the others(she might be slightly violent...), all the way to the book episode where she goes a bit mad with power ... again?
b. We can already tell that she is a fairly rough customer to break, and looking at Octavia who seems to have a weaker personality in many ways as portrayed, we can estimate it should take at least as long if not longer, to bring to hoof, and the crystal heart ritual will not work on her as well. (which considering she is extremely talented at finding and manipulating gems and crystals anyways would seem a bad idea to try on her anyways.)
Thirdly- Luna and cadence
a. It is shown both in the show and in the comics(the comics more explicity, but those can be forgiven or ignored by some) that Luna watches over the Bearers and those close to them in dreams, and if she sees issues in them she contacts them to help. This is shown in the show most clearly when she goes into not just Rarities dream, but also Sapphire shores dream to show her the dolphins.
b. The author has however addressed this as an AU issue, as apparently Luna cannot do so anymore, which since it is their story is acceptable since they have made a statement on the issue.
C. Cadence can sense love, as well as matters of the heart, and indeed her cutie mark is the crystal heart, which is something they seem to be emulating in their ritual. It is quite likely she would notice something off almost immediately when coming into contact with someone who has been broken or had the ritual preformed... And she can be expected to interact with Rarity on an occasional basis. Though this is perhaps a lesser issue as it can be put off until such time as it happens.
Fourthly- Friends and family.
A. Her friends are, quite frankly, Nosy and worry for her. And on several occasions have just shown up to help, or make sure she was ok when they didn't hear from her. As shown both in the canterlot episode with Rarity, but also several others where they check on each other as well. Perhaps the best evidence of this is actually not with rarity, but with Rainbow Dash at the wonderbolt academy. After 4 days without contact with Rainbow dash, even when she KNEW where she was and that she was ok, Pinkie was freaking out and everyone had to go check on her right away. It is hard to imagine that when one of her friends is out of contact in what they have already noted is a Suspicious situation, that the rest of the mane 6, or at least Some of them, would not go investigate.
B. Family, while she has family, it is also noted she is the primary caretaker for Sweetie Belle, and the longer she is gone, the more suspicious it will look, not just Sweetie getting worried, but also from those who know about the situation with Sweetie staying elsewhere for longer and longer. Which if not explained properly could be a very big clue something is wrong. Not to mention Sweetie Lives with Rarity and thus would likely notice changes or suspicious activity.
c. I am not sure how this could be answered, though I am curious as to what he will do to answer it, as well as how well any attempt will work. Since they will almost certainly not be satisfied without face to face contact at some point within a week or two to deal with matters... or once again, a big alarm will be raised.

Fifth- Connections
A. While some of her connections can be written off to the society, Rarity has steady work and connections to a number of both defined and ill defined ponies throughout canterlot and the crystal empire. From the newest one where she is now a regular designer for Sapphire Shores, to her other society and business connections, not to mention the princesses, and the fact that she now holds a regular seat in the new palace and has government contacts as well. She has made numerous allies and contacts even some supposedly in Manehatten. Which will miss her when she vanishes(or at least her business), or even if like Fancy pants they Are all members of the society, (which if that many ponies were the society would probably already control all of the business owners and most of the nobility .. which is already shown not to be true.) But even if some are, they are likely to take issue with someone so important to them and their business being broken into uselessness.
b. This means there needs to be some way to deal with or buy off, or control a very wide group of individual connections. Or once she is 'broken' to keep them from getting suspicious.

Sixth- disappearance and Reappearance
a. Twilight has already stated the princesses are aware of some wonderbolt disappearances and unusual happenings with people going missing. And since she states search parties and investigation (for Soarin most likely). The princesses and Twilight are already on the lookout for suspicious disappearances, which Rarities would most definitely count as unless handled absolutely perfectly... and even then it would be difficult to hide. Then when she suddenly Reappears after months with some different personality quirks and attitude, it is going to most likely set off big red alarm bells (even an attitude change or changes in routine could set them off as well.) Especially since if they wish to make any real use of her connections she Has to reappear and interact not only with extremely close friends and family and somehow fool them (While LIVING with a nosy minor who almost certainly would notice any sexy stuff she was conditioned for.) but she also has to interact with the Princesses as well.
b. an extremely good, solid, and sensible reason would need to be in place to deal with this matter, and it still seems like it would be quite hard to pull off. Especially in a world with changelings which have replaced people the mane 6 know before, and they now know to pay more attention to any changes in people they know just in case.

Seventh- Mental Health and healing
a. The Society does a number of things when breaking a pony, most of which are damaging mentally or magically(ritual). There is an issue with this with Rarity being bonded to the elements and the rainbow power, as it has already been shown to cure mental(discord/ cutie mark swap, Tirek) Magical (Tirek, cutie mark swap, maybe some others.) and physical (tail regrowth, Tirek) issues and health issues on contact. Not to mention Twilight has helped deal with mental changes like discord and other things before.... Meaning that she is likely to be either accidently healed or freed from the crystal ritual the first time she takes her seat in the palace, or comes in contact with her element or rainbow power... if Twilight doesn't check her over first. And these are things she will need to do to if she is going to be of best use to the society.
B. really not sure how to get around or address this issue, though it can likely be set on the backburner until the other issues are addressed. Though it could likely be handwaved or explained away as not working easier then many of the other issues.

Mainly I just see a number of issues that make Rarity a far more difficult proposition than any other slave we have seen, and to not even acknowledge that special care and steps needs to be taken with her seems rather shortsighted. And if the issues aren't addressed it is almost certain there would be consequences, or at least a lot of scrambling to deal with emerging issues. I am however looking forward to seeing what happens, how the issues are addressed, or the consequences if they aren't. Hopefully you now understand where I am coming from when I comment on them needing to be careful with Rarity, especially since they definitely 'have reason to' worry especially with the current happenings and disappearances.

4836110 Poetic Justice for all of her crimes involving high society and her friends and family. High society has enslaved all her attention, soon high society will literally have her enslaved body, mind and soul.:pinkiecrazy: Plus she's always the domme, not the dominated.

4839701 ............................ That was the darkest thing in the entire series

4839701 ................ That was the darkest thing in the entire series

4839822 Thank you for the compliment. But believe me I could have made it much darker. Plus it's the truth (I'll admit I also want to see Rarity suffer). But what about you? What do you vote for?

I will say I see Rarity not as a domme but, (as something not adressed in this story yet) perhaps a /switch/. Since Rarity is looking for a stallion to sweep her off her feet and cater to her perhaps she'll end up dommeing and training new slaves and willingly playing with other members of the society as a sub, since we know there are willing subs there.

If Coco can convince Rarity that she is doing this willingly (Crystal Heart) and if Rarity doesn't talk to Octavia until she's cemented herself into the society you could end up with someone wanting the society to keep existing but bring down the nonconsensual side, which could be the twist. The bad 'owners' taken away and those who only use consensual slaves are allowed to instate someone else at the top of the society and it becomes a high-end BDSM Club.

Oh....My...Gosh.... This is the best comment I have gotten in a long time! My gosh the amount of effort you put into it is amazing. I'm surprised you found the time. Honestly, bravo. Now I'm not going to address everything because I don't want to let anything slip by doing that but I do want to bring up two things real quick.

1. This all takes place during season 4, so the elements are gone and the rainbow powers/the new castle don't exist yet. Just wanted to clarify that since you made it seem that you thought otherwise.

2. You make a very good point with Cadence. I never really thought of it before but Cadence would probably be able to detect a problem with ponies that underwent the ritual. At least some sort of odd feeling that would noticeable if she "scanned" a pony under the influence and it would probably be easy to spot if she actually knew the pony, such as with Rarity if she has it done on her. That is a pretty nice catch.

4839610 Ok I can't be bothered to make an organised list but I am going to respond to all the points you made (please tell me if I missed one)

I still disagree, There already expecting her to be gone for an indeterminate amount of time, even if they wouldn't trust Fancy Pants or Coco (which they should because as far as they know one is a pinnacle of society and both are good friends) the society can force Rarity to write a letter explaining her absence, the author has already said why Luna isn't a problem and she could do something similar with Cadance as her being able to detect the ritual is pure speculation on your part and even then rests on the idea that they would need to perform the ritual on Rarity (they want her to be a member not a slave so the ritual is unnecessary and even if it wasn't and Cadance could detect it then it still begs the question why Cadance would bother randomly scanning Rarity for mind control spells, going back to previous commitments Coco, Suri or any other designers they might have could cover the commissions, she's seen her family like twice in the whole show except for sweetie Belle but they can all be pushed away with the same excuses that would work on her friends, besides she's a grown mare so it's hardly like her parents are checking on her every day, elemental commitments will only come up if the author decides Equestria is going to be invaded, sure the society can't control it but from a narrative stand point it's easily brushed aside, it doesn't matter that her personality is dominant because for a member it's supposed to be.

Credit for the nice, long organised list but I seriously do not see a problem that the society could not handle. Honestly I am willing to just agree to disagree at this point, we're basically just repeating ourselves at this point and neither of us are budging.


Indeed it appears we do have different viewpoints on how difficult it would be for the society to succeed, and having brought up the issues that I see them needing to deal with I feel further discussion is probably not going to go anywhere. So I shall leave it at the fact that I think it is going to require a bit more then a simple suspicious letter or two, and hopefully we can both look forward to seeing what actually happens further on in the story.


Ah, I guess I was confused on when it was happening. I had thought it was post Tirek, probably since we see Coco in her shop at the end of that episode.... if Tirek is still coming up however that is going to make things even more interesting and makes me wonder if her key will even work now... talk about a twist when it finally gets to that point.

good fic,

I wonder how the organization should be able to fool the rest of the main 6? I mean they have already RD if I read it correctly the first fic. I also know that they can forge letters to family and friends, I also know that the SB live with their parents. But one person I know would go to her even if she would write a letter saying that she is doing well and it would be Spike. because of his love to Rarity.

So how would the organization take care of him?

a side note it is a crystal pony leading organization, would the boss be able to take Control of Spike even though he was the hero who rescued the crystal Kingdom?

But anyway good Fic :ajsmug:

This is gonna be good

Isaac:...oh how I wish I could get her out of here....no matter what, master or slave, once you walk through those doors...you never leave

Rarity emerged oh the other side,


4833370 Luna can only go into the dreams of children because adult dreams have way too much sex in them and it's just embarrassing all around.:scootangel:

Thanks for the catch. Honestly I wish more people would help to correct errors in my story. I must admit I'm not the best typist and even though I run my stories through a spell checker and have an editor sometime things slip through. Though next time perhaps sending me a PM would be better.

4866821 Sorry, just caught that and thought you would like to know. By the way, I submitted an OC a few months ago. Any chance she might be appearing soon? Her name is my username, Silver Reader.

I have to say you're doing a good job keeping us guessing. From your writing I can't determine where Rarity will fall. This will truely be the first time she sees and reacts to things like this. If Lady Tourmaline keeps up her niceities while she explains things to Rarity (and allows Coco to tell her how much she enjoys being submissive) we may see a dom from her yet.

Did you submit an OC? I don't have a record of that I am afraid. Might of lost it or perhaps there was a site error. Would you like for me to resend the form for you?

While I do like having a roster of possible background ponies to use I have to find a good place to include them. I honestly have a few dozens slave and master OCs that I still haven't used for one reason or another, usually because I just haven't found a place to insert them at the moment. In time I should get most of them, but patience is required and one shouldn't expect their OC to appear just because they offered them for use.

4878577 Sure, I was wondering if you somehow lost my form. It's fine, though, I'm pretty patient.:pinkiehappy:

You make some very excellent points against making Rarity a slave. However, virtually all these problems vanish if she becomes a member. This being as far as I've read, to me at least, it is still up in the air.

I'm curious just how Fancy Pants passed his initiation. He seems far to gentle a soul and kind a master to have impressed the members of the society. Perhaps his position, his wealth, and his wife prevented him from needing to undergo such barbarism.

Lets jump on the stupid train everyone.
Chooo chooo!
Right... because knowing the Princesses personally and having an ear to her prized student wont get the job half done.

Im sorry, I just found this and this fucking laughable. I'm serious. Where does Rarity come off to make a decision like this?

This is far out of her league of handling an issue on this scale.

She's crazy, she knows she's crazy and yet she decides to play this game?!

Dude... really... I wouldn't had said anything if they kept her there against her will. Just be upset but move on. But damn did you pull this out and thought, "oh she would do something like this, you know, try to solve a problem where she could be enslaved and forced into slavery if she loses. It makes sense!"

Seriously... I'm not even following the train of thought here because it just went off the rail at the end...

My theory that Sombra was her master....and that she gave her heart to him is becoming more and more credible

Isaac: and I'm his reincarnation....interesting....

Bren: What are you planning?

Isaac: I want to break her...*a dark grin on his face, it was clear he was more dark now*


This series is awesome.

Rarity thinks this is just a simple S&M club for high profile customers. As far as it has been shown to her Coco is a willing participant and nothing bad has even happen to her. Now if you want to bother the princess over something that isn't illegal in the slightest go ahead and have her tell you to stop being a prude, by all means go ahead. However Rarity,seeing that the only way to have Coco stop is to have her turned away by her mistress, sees this as the only opportunity to help her. All she has to do is do as Schorl requests for 2 week and refuse membership. How hard could that be?

Edit: Also Rarity has no clue she could be enslaved. Schorl never mentioned anything about it.

We'll see indeed Schorl. Makes me wonder what Discord would think of all this. He might just have a look,mnot really do anything, see if there's anything entertaining for him, or he might revert all the slaves to their preens pavement personalities, or switch the masters and slaves for fun. And chaos. Can't forget chaos.

Saw the backlashes coming a mile away, just saying but the whole business with the 'Kennel' hit me flat footed. If crystal canvass of pain is a smart player than why bother trying to imprison a national hero, she's smart but no Nightmare Moon as far as the story has shown so far and i'd like to think the Royal crown would't have to turn to advisers to strip search the city if she went missing so what is the contingency if things go tits up? Black Flag and bag up the operation?

I don't think Schorl thinking about locking Rarity away for a while is too big an issue. If there is one thing that we learned from the Fleetfoot and Octavia arcs it is that the Society can break those of strong will (Fleetfoot) and only has an issue with that process when someone instills limits on what they can do (How Fancy Pants protected Octavia by making her a Type Three slave).

Now you might have a point that the city might be searched, but it isn't like that would happen immediately. As others have pointed out there are members of the Society that could stall for time because of their close relations with Rarity (Fancy Pants, Coco, probably a limitless supply of upper class ponies that could say "Rarity is doing ____ for me.") Rarity herself in "Rarity Takes Manehattan" alluded once that her work could take her away from her friends for an undetermined time. The Society doesn't even have to say she is staying in Manehattan, misguiding anyone looking for her by saying that she is bouncing around Equestria, going from city to city and leading the search party in circles.

As for Schorl's intelligence I do feel that she is smart, but also has a large dose of ego to come with that and an ego can make you feel overconfident and have you do things that might not so much be mistakes, so much as things that could go either good or bad depending on how well you manipulate a situation. There is nothing essentially wrong with stuffing Rarity in a kennel if she refuses to join, as Schorl has no intent on releasing Coco at the end of her deal which would undoubtedly cause Rarity to take drastic actions. Better to have some time than no time whatsoever.

New head canon: Sartek is/was Schorl's Master. :applejackconfused:

True but the fine knife point edge that Ruby Razorback (No disrespect to the author but these just keep coming to me now and I'm hesitant to stop using pet names, haha, for the main antagonist) dances on is still based on intelligence and gauging the threat presented. If someone has most of the upper class backing you and presumably most of the investigative services? Okay they can afford to sleep at night, someone shadowing her WELL shifting through mail and keeping believable alibis up - then your entitled to feel confident. Untouched issue; but presumed allegiance with the princess / ability to deliver her lead based drinking water in addition to all of the above - now she has a right to be cocky even if she is dealing with any old king killing- purple serpent subduing seamstress, but what about the infamous unknown. A couple of seasons back when this was suggested by Partially-cut-Diamond I thought she was nuts because is she changed the basic nature of Generosity made manifest someone would be asking questions in between being stomped to death by whatever catastrophe the elements failed to stop.
Point in all of this though is that Shorn Tourmaline may have knowledge but not privileged info, e.g CAN a bearer be corrupted or worse yet if Rarity doubted her word and made her Pinkie promise so if worse came to worse Bad would meet Evil:pinkiesmile:

Schorl's in a tough position. How exactly is she going to keep Rarity clueless about the true nature of the Society, all the while trying to induct her into it? She has already lied to her about how the slaves choose to come there, and I think it'd be near impossible to show her around without ever meeting a reluctant slave, or one that would break the illusion of them not being held against their will. If Rarity can keep her emotions in check, and get out unmolested, she could send a direct line to the princesses. If the illusion is broken, they will have no choice but to make her a slave, but that brings with it its own host of problems. And if they manage to somehow hide it, and make her a member after 2 weeks, they will be incapable of hiding it any longer anyway. Especially since they intend to abduct/induct the other Mane 5 as well.

I don't mind the nicknames. Personally I like "Sapphire Scars". :twilightsmile:

Thinking on it, if I were Rarity, I'd write home to Twilight as soon as I was safe, and say that I made a deal for Coco's release with the leader of an organization known as the Society. If all goes to plan, I will be coming home with Coco Pommel in 2 weeks, but I think there's something fishy going on. If I'm not home in 2 weeks I may need you to come find/rescue me. If she's as suspicious as she ought to be she'd also tell her to verify that any future letters she sends are actually from her, and not to trust any letter from her that doesn't contain a specific codeword (like element). She is in over her head, and has to be extraordinarily careful so as not to be pulled under.

So many questions asked to any slave would instantly break the illusion of legality or acceptability; Are you here of your own free will/volition? Have you or has anyone you know ever been raped? Is there a safe word? Are you allowed to leave? Are you allowed to refuse any commands? Did you choose to become a slave? Did you choose your owner? Were you abducted? Where do you live or sleep? Why are you here? And so many more.
How do you hide the fact of involuntary slavery from the pony who you would have become a slave owner?

Why do I get this horrible feeling that the Mane 6 and the princesses are gonna receive the short end of the stick.:fluttercry:

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