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these tags are not what I think of when I think mind control

Don't worry, it will come. Though any form of mind controlled sex is a form of rape, as you are doing it against the person/pony's will. :twilightsmile:

Well now look what we have here. Interesting start, not my particular cup of tea but still well done Schorl. But now time to fall back intothe shadows before I'm caught.

Too late, caught. And don't worry, there might be a bit more clop before the real meat of the story, but we will soon get into the good ol' plot elements you enjoy so much.

5477518 meh clop is fine I mean it is the EqTS universe, can't really expect it not to mix plot and clop....and Unintended innuendos ...and I am my captured...that was a tree

This is interesting... A bit different, but I can't wait for more!

So it's out! Wonderful, I love every instalment of your series^^

Though I expect this one won't rise into a positive score, due to the unforgivable sin of *gasp* male on male action.

It's possible.... but hopefully people can see past that for the true story held within.

I'll admit, I don't like male on male, but I think I'll follow this, see where it goes and like give it an upvote for good measure, it's well written, it's flows well and it might prove interesting.

I have to say this beginning chapter had me giggling and squealing as I read. I also spotted two errors though I need to remember where they were :twilightsheepish: I really enjoyed reading, great job and keep up the good work!! :yay::heart:

Something about this reminds me of another fic by the name of Smoke. I do enjoy a good subtle fic like this. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for more.

well this should be good having read the first and the sequel im looking forward to this one :eeyup:


Agreed. Yay for our OCs! ❤❤❤

Miss Tourmaline, I simply must applaud you for these stories, the creativity of them and of course your amazing talent as an writer with a such kinky mind and imagination. Now that I have read all the arc's (twice) and taken in all the twist and turns, I'm really expecting the next chapter to see what happens to Blank Slate at the Society, I have my own speculation's but, still looking forward to it.
Keep up the good work and take care, Miss Tourmaline. :raritywink:

Oh, I must ask that can anyone just create an account on the Society's RP site? Could I join it?

oh wow, this is as amazing as the last two! although, this is getting alittle unhealthy for me, i have read all of this in the last three days, its addictive. its just so hard to find a good story like this, especially involving bondage, rape and masochism. please do more! i am a big fan :heart:

Yes you may. We are always looking for new members to join in the fun. Sometimes the forums are a little slow, but if you are patient you should be able to find a partner to play with. Just remember to play nice.

Thank you, Miss Tourmaline.
I was about to say that I always play nice, but I would lie if I said that. :raritywink:

Great chapter! Can't wait for more! Hope to see what you have in store for later chapters.

:pinkiecrazy: :yay: Oh my little precious, not so innocent Wingshy~ XD

As usual, I skipped over the male on male stuff, but I did enjoy Wingshy and Slate, however, I am curious to see how his story goes.

The chapter posted, was read with great glee. More chapters I'd love to see. :raritywink:
I also hope all is well and your future days bright, Keep your head high and everything will be all right. :twilightsmile:

and i have finished all the new updates! i seriously need more on this, these things are masterpieces :heart:

Wow, that was intense chapter and can't wait for the next one!
Good writing and really hoping that Blank Slate get's what he deserves... :pinkiecrazy:

Oh, god, not Freud. :twilightangry2:

Other than that, I think this is my first post in this series, so I'll use the rest of it to congratulate you on the writing.

Can't wait to see what happens with Blank Slate. It would be interesting to see him recruited for the Society, but I'm not complaining if he becomes a pet. :pinkiehappy:

Hello! I am loving your progress on Bruised Apples, but can we get an aproximate time on when the next update is coming? Sorry if I come off as impatient but it's been a while....

Sorry for the delayed reply. I will let you know that I'm working on the next chapter of this story at the moment and should be finished either Monday or Tuesday. I will also say that once Bruised Apples is over (which there are two chapters remaining) I'll be focusing more on EqTS again and updating it at least twice a month. Thank you for both your patience and your support. :twilightsmile:

“I hope you’re right,” said Luna, still unconvinced by the white alicorn’s overwhelming optimism. Celestia was the type who could be completely helpless, magic sapped from her body, and still look a foe in the eye with a smirk.

If Twilight's Kingdom is any indication, damn straight.

“More carrots lord Angel bunny?” said an illusionary version of Fluttershy, wearing a modest maid’s outfit, as she held a bowl of carrots bigger than the rabbit itself before him. Other identifiable visages were present, in the form of other ponies that Luna had seen in Ponyville during her visit. A notable example was Rarity, who appeared when the rabbit took a carrot and extended his other jewelry covered paw over his throne’s arm.


“I kinda… sorta… fell asleep in the classroom.” Rumble put his hand to the back of his head and gave a large smile, accompanying it with a nervous grin. “Surprised Miss Cheerilee hasn’t woken me up yet.”


I am so very sorry that this took so long to come out. To all my patient readers I thank you for sticking around. I WILL be returning to regular updates of Equestria Trainers' Society soon, as my other project is coming to a conclusion. I would say that frequent updates will return as of August, but I wouldn't quote me on that.

Schorl, relax. It's OK.


Schorl, relax. It's OK.

Sorry, :twilightsheepish:. I take personal failure very hard and I don't like keeping all my EqTS readers waiting for updates for so long.


Hey, I've seen stories go on hiatuses for longer than a year. It's cool, and most of us are willing to be patient do you can keep producing high quality work.

6134267 Is it bad that I can't wait for someone to go ape shit and beat one of the Society members into a pulp? I'm hoping it's Luna caving in Blueblood or Fancy Pants head with a hammer, because fuck those guys figuratively.

6136783 Actually, I'm going to say no. In many cases it is up to the individual reader to determine which side they prefer, whether they are for or against the Society. Some people enjoy the rape fetishism, or even just the heavy BDSM themes, some people would rather see the Society burned down and Schorl put to the stake. Whether you are at one side or the other, or somewhere in between, there is nothing wrong with your opinion.

Now I would say that maybe you are suggesting that some parties get punished when they don't deserve it. There is a part in a previous chapter that does heavily imply that Schorl manipulates some of the members to make them act more "dominate" than they should be to the point that their actions might not be of their own accord, and if that is the case I don't think it would be fair if their brains got smashed out for something they wouldn't have done without her influence :twilightsmile:.

6136916 Trust me, I'm loving the BDSM side of the story and I've read the stories before this one, I'm just hoping at some point Luna finds the rabbit hole into all the dark shit the Princesses can't see. I'm not saying we should kill Rarity or the few decent members of the Society, but I'm a sucker for poetic justice and I'm sure some of the people there were terrible people before Schorl got to them... Plus I've always hated Blue Balls.

I love the way you built the dreamscape. It's so imaginative.

Also, how you describe Luna being ejected from Rumble's dream; it took me a little while, but this is kept close to what happened in Sleepless in Ponyville, isn't it? Where Luna entered Scootaloo's dream until she woke up? I don't think I've ever read as close a version as the one here.

Ahhhh! I have been waiting for this chapter~! Don't worry, Mistress, I was gone for a long time, but your cover will be done soon~

a knight like Shining Armor

Not exactly, but one of my editors thought it was cute. I do like the line a lot myself, but it's not anything anyone else couldn't have come up with.


Fair enough, and I've been DYING to make use of that clip. I've made a folder of little clips like that in my free time, forum weapons and reaction videos, as such. That one was number 21.

Eeeeee when's the next chapter coming out? *is probably dying in wait*

I'm really sorry I haven't updated this recently. Lots of stuff as of late, and I've been pretty delayed. I'll be trying to get back to this story soon, and when I do it will be back to more frequent updates. Like twice a month at the least.


Okay! Love you, Mistress Schorl. <3

I hate to be rude by asking, but my curiousity is too great! Is there an ETA on when you maybe might be able to continue this? You are an excellent writer and the story is super amazing (and sexy~).

I hope you don't find it too rude, but I would really like to know if you at least had an inkling on when you could continue.

Keep up the awesome writing!

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You can view the newest chapter now, if you want ^_^. And thank you for your patience.

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“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!”


Good to see this story back. :)

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