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Dainn! :twilightangry2: I'm gonna kill him!:flutterrage:

Okay, that was cool

Wrong setting. This is minotaur, not caribou.

The first part kind of threw me off because it seems like her future self wants. What happens to her in her passive does not so is that really rape?

The three of them had access to the knowledge of events of all time, if in specialized manners. Alice was gifted with the ability to see into the future, and Aurora the past, of all creatures, which was how they figured out what gifts would be perfect for each creature that would receive them. Likewise, Bori could also see the events of any creature she wanted, but only in that exact moment, giving her a certain degree of limited omniscience.

Since it seems they're not the first gift givers, I wonder how many have been droven insane by their powers.

Alice instantly ended the vision right there, opening her eyes as she let out a gasp. What the future version of herself said, it felt like it had been directed to her, like she knew that the Alice of her past was looking in. That had never happened before to the doe before, but then again there was no reason future Alice wouldn’t know what was happening, cause she was the same Alice who used her powers to spy on herself, only years older. Having been spoken to by her distant self was terrifying though, and Alice was starting to understand what Bori and Aurora meant by the dangers of looking into your own future.

How fast does she go completely insane from looking into the future?

How did I fuck that up? It's one of my favorite words >.<;

How did they take over the Kirins? And what happen to them.

If anything could convince Alice that she would be brainwashed by these minotaur, it was that bit of dialog her future self said. No one in their right mind would willingly allow themselves to endure punishment, let alone go out of their way to have it enacted upon them.

Have you met the emperor children

Have fun

You son of bitch!!!!

Fucked you to the deepest pits of hell!

I hope the one we’re following does end this somehow. And prevent the mintourars from doing this or taking over.

So if the present one is there. Then what happen to furture versiom that she switched with?

The Future version of Alice, to my understanding, is now in the present for the time. Present Alice took Future Alice's place, so they swapped roles/times.

Of course she was smiling. Her future self was in her body, and she was always smiling. Yet, the future Alice did nothing but sit and watch the full hour. Maybe she was actually trying to help, just not in a direct manner. Maybe there were reasons she couldn’t outright say it, and perhaps that was linked to this other force she mentioned that had seemingly aided the minotaur. She hoped that was the case, but whether or not it was, Alice would get the answers she needed, even if she had to do something drastic to get her to spill the information she had.

Hopefully she will stop this from happening in the first place and prevent the mintators from taking over the world

I think you handle the time travel aspects of this fic really well.

This was something that I wanted to do for christmas, and at this point it has gone beyond the scope I first had in my head.

Not the first time this has happened to you, I feel.

“Could someone else have changed history for them?” Alice asked, examining this at every angle she could think of.

I think I see where you are going with this. The Minotaur don't have that ability but they have a certain future doe who is now more than willing to accept her new role and use her abilities to aid the Minotaur.

Alice expected her future self to be the one to volunteer herself for whatever it was the minotaur king was talking about talking about, but she stayed strangely silent. Instead it was the Antlertean who made the first move among the enslaved girls.

Found a typo repeated words "talking about"

I fixed it, and thanks for the catch :pinkiehappy:

The creatures you are looking for are a group known as The Moirai , Future Alice explained, They were creatures powerful enough to alter the course of fate, and they used that power to pay off a debt they owed to the minotaur

If they can control time, yet feel obligated to pay off debt, what kind of scary K3 civilization-tier loan shark did they piss off? :rainbowderp:


Plus if I was in the same position, I wouldn’t trust my future self. And if anything is worth saving to endure all of this. Than no I would rather have freedom than this

Wasn't expecting this to tie into the ETS series. Fun surprise.

Yeah, Minopolis has been referred to a few times in Equestria Trainers' Society, but hasn't properly been explored yet. This story is also loosely connected to Deep In the Thicket, which is another story of mine where minotaur invade a deer civilization. Meant to put that in the author's notes of this chapter, but I forgot.


Waaiiiiiiiiiittttt a minute... FREAKING AURORA is responsible for all of this?!?!

Now THAT'S a twist I wasn't expecting.

It was hard for Alice to accept, but what the minotaur created here was fairly impressive, even if it was through the coercion of a conquered species. She didn’t know anything about construction, but the entire city looked as sturdy as it was advanced. If the minotaur were ever to be attacked in retaliation, it would be very difficult to bring their walls down, or to guide a well coordinated ground assault on the city, due to its layout.

Well for them probably but humans not really and all you need to do is get some intel or a map of the city and key faculties or installations to slow them down or a response. Plus there is always gurllia warfare.

Aurora followed the duo and made sure the two did as they were told, though had no doubt that they would adhere to her authority in this. Not that they always did as she said, but because she had slipped something into their drinks that would make it impossible to do otherwise. Pulling a small envelope from a pocket in her dress, she placed what remained of her drug inside it, while pulling a letter it held out. The old deer then reviewed what was written on the paper, just to be sure she understood it completely, before going to her room to wait.

That son of a bitch

“And if you are asking about that name, it means that you are the ‘Promised Gift’, and that the debt all deerkind owes the minotaur will soon be repaid.”

Oh shit. She works for them!

Since it's Christmas time, does that mean we'll get to see what happened now in the next story?

That's new one. I thought that story was done the last time I been there.

Ooh cool - it continues! Looking forward to reading it!

still curious to see where it goes - good work!

What was the worst that could come from this? The removal of magic from Equestria? Some form of centuries long racial divide?

That's a neat implication that the show's timeline could be a result of fate actually being changed while this timeline is the "true" one fate intended. Personally, if I was in Alice's place I would try small changes to test fate. Something basic like what I eat or wear that day, just to see if I could. Might not have an overall effect, but at least I could be certain that things could change.

Would I be a bad person if I say I really hope that Alice will help the minotaurs in the future?

Are you doing any more chapters this year?

I wish I didn't have to wait until next December to see happens next after the next chapter because it's starting to get good.

That's something Opaline would've thought of that idea.

I'm going to miss this story for a while.

Because this is the last chapter until December as I understand it.

Hmm; I would have thought that Alice would have gained a fetish for this stuff from Chapter 4 maybe, slowly growing more into the idea, but this is going in an interesting direction.

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