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It was similar in size and design to the one she used to travel to this dimension, but there were… ominous differences to consider. First of all, the color. It was almost entirely black with only a few silvery pieces adorning it. Second, there were plentiful small cracks running alongside the frame that didn’t appear to be caused due to aging or brute force. If anything, they appeared to be merely cosmetic in nature. Third, and that was the most alarming yet eye-catching difference, the top of the mirror had a sun and moon wrapped in chains.

A sun and a moon that looked eerily similar to the Princesses’ Cutie Marks blended together.

Twilight gulped, staring into the darkened reflection of herself. Even the mirror itself was dark, almost as if blackness wanted to pour out from it. “There’s no way Sunset wouldn’t have warned me about this mirror being here… which means she doesn’t know it exists,” Twilight reasoned, swallowing hard and feeling her palm sweat a little.

The appearance of the mirror was one thing, but the longer she looked at it, the more curious and repulsed she felt. Repulsed? No. Not repulsed. Something else, similar to revulsion but not quite as strong struck her.

So basically, this is the "dark" mirror? Showing dark alternate versions of Equestria worlds that are evil, corrupt, and mess up concepts.

And more specifically, this mirror is linked to a certain dark perversion of MLP Fall of Equestria/"Caribou sex land".

Where, why, and how did it even get here on Equestria Girl's Earth!?

“I have to tell the Principal and the girls about this. We can’t risk having this portal--,” she blinked and a chill ran down her spine. Without thinking about it, she reached into the mirror and gasped when her hand passed through the liquid-like surface of it. Pulling her hand a moment later, she shuddered. “This very active portal remains here where anyone or anything could use it.”

She stared at the mirror for several moments, perhaps minutes, maybe seconds. She didn’t know. As she stared at it, she almost felt as if something was staring back at her at times. Shaking her head, her doubts and fears vanished and she stood resolute. “What if it is dangerous? I should… I should see what lies behind it. For my human friends and for Equestria, I must know,” she gulped, taking a step forward. “I won’t take too long, though. I can’t let Sunset or the rest of my friends worry too much and wonder where I went off all of a sudden. Go in, make a few observations, and return. Simple plan, easy to follow, no risk of failure.”

She took another step forth, then a second, and then a third; her right leg crossing the mirror without incident. The coldness and eerie feeling running up her leg made her courage falter for just a moment before she pushed herself to go through the mirror. No matter what, she’d discover what was beyond it.

“Let’s see what dimension lies beyond this mirror,” she said before taking a deep breath and, after closing her eyes, crossing the threshold.

Oh sure, walk into the ominous portal to a dark world. And WITHOUT telling anybody or warn them about this!!?? :facehoof: :ajbemused:

She didn't learn that "curiosity KILLS that cat" lesson?

Canterlot High had changed very little after their little incident with the Dazzlings. In truth, the three sirens were long gone, nowhere to be seen nor found. Not that she really minded their absence at all. They had been despicable in the way their manipulative music worked. To cause so much harm and negativity for their own sake? And it wasn’t even because they needed it to survive, just for the sake of power? No, she wouldn’t feel bad for their demise… although she did feel like she had failed them.

“There you go again, trying to fix other problems that aren’t your own. Who’s to say they could be redeemed? They rejected our aid and sealed their fates. There was nothing else I could’ve done,” she murmured to herself whilst walking around the school.

You have a good point. But, I seen some Fics where they turn a new leaf. Still, I do agree that it ain't your fault when THEY are the ones that refuse your offer to be redeemed and be friends.

She took a step forth and froze when the familiar clang of hooves echoed around the empty basement. Instinctively, she fluttered her left ear and was surprised when she felt her pony ear do just that. Raising her arms, she found them covered by a thin layer of lavender fur, but they were arms nor forelegs and ended in hands with fingers similar to that of a human. She then took a minute or two to inspect her new body and see what else she could find.

“Tail. Check. Mane. Check. Horn and magic. Double check. Huh… this is weird… I’m still wearing the same clothes I do in the human world… but now I’m some pony/human hybrid? Just what in the name of Celestia is this world?” Looking around the empty basement, her ears perked up something rather disturbing.

You are in Anthro heaven variant of a alternate Equestria World. :pinkiehappy:

Or was a "heaven". :fluttershbad:

She muttered the name of the royal capital of Equestria, her home, with a raspy tone. Everywhere she looked, she recognized a building or two. There it was, her old study tower half destroyed. Over there? Moondancer’s house, reduced to ashes. The plaza? Empty, lifeless. Everything showed signs of destruction in some shape or form… and everything was the same way: gray, dull, almost colorless… devoid of life.

The more she looked, the more the same scene met her. Her heart was now racing as only then she came to notice something that was oh so terribly wrong. Everywhere she looked was devoid of plants and flowers. The trees were only trunks with empty branches that barely moved, thanks to the constant, cold wind blowing. There was no grass, no flowers; not even weed… no insects, no butterflies, not a single bird in the sky or the honking cries of the swans.

No music. No talking. No merchants selling their products. No ponies haggling prices. No nobles being their snobby selves. No Royal Guards patrolling the streets. No pegasi tending the clouds. No… nothing.

In desperation, she spread her wings and took to the skies. She stopped only when she was higher than the tallest still-standing tower of Canterlot’s Palace. Her eyes watered and a terrible lump formed in her throat, choking her. The Everfree Forest was gone. Ponyville -or what passed for Ponyville anyways- was nothing but ruins. The green fields were no more. Everything as far as her eyes could see was nothing more than a dull, empty, truly lifeless wasteland.

“No… NO!” She screamed, horrified at what she saw. She was hyperventilating, unable to cope with what she was seeing. Her eyes scanned everywhere for a single sign of life. Anything! Anyone! But all she found was emptiness and the howling wind mocking her.

How come their is clean air to breath in?

So, this type of FOE ( Fall of Equestria ) world, is a extremely dark ending version; Where everybody/everypony dies!? And this is a Fallout/Mad Max 2.0, but nobody is here, except one.

Damn! Guess this world didn't either have a Displaced/Crossover/Human Military Domination Fantasy/OP Human or Alien in Equestria "Insurance", am I right? :fluttercry:

This is just a regular Fall of Equestria with no happy ending in sight, then wasteland.

Edit: I seen the negative thumb downs. Why?

Is it because I talk or comment too much? What's wrong with that?

As she landed on what used to be Golden Oaks Library, the place she’d come to call home, she nearly fell to her knees. The pain of having lost it reared its ugly head once more, but she managed to contain it. But try as she might, when she looked around, she couldn’t find her castle. “This is… strange. Where is it?” She questioned out loud, but no answer ever came. Pushing back against her sadness, she reminded herself that this was not her home. Not truly, anyway. “But it still hurts. To think that this could happen in my Equestria? No… Twilight. Do not dwell on such thoughts. Focus on finding out what happened here. Maybe that will help me prevent whatever horrible thing happened here.”

Is this Pre-Alicorn Twilight timeline or Pre-Season Four finale with Tirek?

With a nervous huff, she stepped out, gave Ponyville one final glance, and then spread her wings, taking off as fast as she could manage towards Cloudsdale, only to find nothing remaining of it. Without weather control, the once proud city of the pegasi had simply crumbled and faded into nothing. “Then that means that Las Pegasus is also gone… Manehattan. I should go to Manehattan.”

Dang, that's sad.

Although, you can still breath in here!? What is with terrible fictional wastelands, but still has breathable atmospheres? I watch Wall-E and 9 ( 2009 Movie ), okay.

And for the first time, she finally saw the responsible for such horror. “What are they? Deer? Not quite… I think I’ve read about them somewhere… they’re not deer, they’re too bulky and look a lot bigger,” squinting her eyes, she approached the statue of one such creature while a mare licked his hooves. “Hmmm… dew-claws. So they are some kind of deer. Cousin species like the hippogriffs and griffons?” Then, she inspected herself and her new form. “It seems this dimension is similar in body to that of a human but with heavily detailed aspects of my original dimension. I think Sunset showed me something akin to it. What did she call it? Anthropomorphic? Yes, that was it. What a strange, gloomy world.” She hummed deeply, racking her brain for an answer that never came. “What sort of horrible creature are you?”

Righteo, it's Anthro.

One word: Caribou.

She inspected the statue for any more clues she could find and found one at the base of it, a message inscribed in it. “Be not afraid, males of the world. We, the Caribou, are your Liberators from female oppression.” Twilight recoiled in disgust and stepped back, away from the ghastly statue. “Caribou… now I know what you are, beast. It is the first time I’ve heard of your kind. Perhaps you don’t exist in my world… I’ll triple-check all records once I return, just to make sure.”

You should be grateful that the Caribou ( More specifically, the female-hating/misogynistic and rapist versions from Fall of Equestria verse. ) aren't a canon species.:twilightoops:

This takes place during season 6 where the crystal heart is revealed to be a weather protector
and after mlp movie

As she was about to leave, a perturbing thought entered her mind. Where is everyone? The thought and realization made her heart skip a beat or two. It was obvious that whatever happened had been apocalyptic, but she had not seen a single survivor, nor a single animal, bird, or insect. I haven’t even seen any bodily remains… what in the name of Celestia is going on!?

Driven by a new onset of panic, she traveled to Stalliongrad, Prance, Fillydelphia, Germane, Neighpan, Mexicolt… And finally Appleloosa. Everywhere was the same, everywhere told the same tragic story, and everywhere was utterly devoid of life. “Everyone’s gone… ponies, donkeys, cows, even the buffalo are gone…,” Twilight whispered to herself as she stared at the only remaining building in Appleloosa, the Salon. Half standing and dilapidated, but there it was, the only mark that proved that place had been a thriving town. With a long, emotionless sigh and a heavy heart, she spread her wings once more. “There’s no use searching across the rest of Equestria… I think… I think it’s time for me to return. Vice-Principal Luna and my friends must be worried sick.”

Did they all get "Thanos snapped but everybody gets it", literally!?

Twilight wanted to scream and punch something, anything at the sheer insult she was witnessing. The other stained glasses weren’t any better. Discord wasn’t bowing, he was kneeling in front of a bigger, strong-looking caribou wearing a crown. Cadance was shown being raped by her own guards while her brother, Shining Armor, handed over the Crystal Heart over to the same caribou from before. After that, nothing made sense and only depicted sexual degradation, conquest, and the vainglory of the species she was really, really starting to hate. Even Chrysalis was shown bowing before the same caribou, obviously either the king or a prominent hero of his kind.

The last stained glass window was by far the worst. It only showed the caribou standing over the shackled Cutie Marks of the Princesses while she held the Crystal Heart, reshaped somehow into the shape of a penis - a Crystal Cock, she realized. Whilst in the other hand, he held up a Warhammer.

Yep, this is definitely Pre-Tirek. And hearing the concept of a crystal cock the first time I read a FOE fic, is really laughable.

But above the caribou, a single word was depicted. His name. Dainn.

Dainn,” Twilight repeated the name, all but spitting it with poison in her lips. Looking down, she read the inscription below the glass frame. “Oh Glorious King Dainn, Savior of all Males. Glory be to You, Alpha Male, Bringer of the Enlightenment that is Male Superiority. Thanks be to You, Wise One beyond compare. You who brought true Harmony into our lands. Hail King Dainn. Hail Male Superiority. Hail True Harmony!” She whispered each word, afraid that it would somehow invoke the vile creature to her.

Yep, the evil king bastard himself. A lot of readers in here wants his brutalized and bloody head, including me. :pinkiecrazy:

“...So Equestria truly was conquered and this so-called King Dainn defeated Celestia? How? She’s an Alicorn. She’s not invincible, but no-one can stand up against an alicorn and expect to win so easily. Besides that, how did the caribou conquer Equestria? Where were the Royal Guards? The Army? Surely, ponies would’ve fought against this darkness…,” her eyes shifted to the mural depicting her brother and frowned. “Shining Armor would’ve never betray Equestria or the Crystal Empire. He was not only a Captain of the Guard, but a Prince and a Commander. Every depiction of the caribou shows they don’t have wings. How were they able to defeat pegasi in combat? How was Dainn able to defeat Celestia if he couldn’t fly?”

Pfft! Tell to the original Fall of Equestria series, or any other ones. :ajbemused:

And the main "excuse" on why they "win". Is with extreme sexual mind control on the stallions to join them and rape the mares themselves, or forced the mares to be too horny to fight back. :facehoof:

P.S. And the mere mention of the royal guard or "army" is laughable. They're worse than even the Stormtroopers from Star Wars or Red Shirts from Star Trek as cannon fodder. At least they show up and FOUGHT "decently". While the pony guard/army either didn't show up, and let the Mane Six deal with it. Or they run around like headless chickens, or easily get kicked away by the main baddies.

She was now glaring up at the stained glass, and more specifically, she was glaring at Dainn. Her horn lit up with magic, and for a moment, she thought about shattering it. But at the last moment, she relented and looked away. “The savior of Equestria and the ‘Liberator’ of all males, eh? I wonder what other atrocities you and your wretched kind committed, Dainn.”

You don't want know. :twilightoops: :pinkiesick:

All you want to know is that they want to tune the entire world into their "sex fantasy land". :applejackconfused:

This is probably inspired by Kuroinu in the first place.

It wasn’t Celestia’s throne, that was certain. It had been replaced with a wooden one that, perhaps in the past, was fit for royalty. Now it was half rotted away, crumbling, and neglected to the point that even the paint and varnish had decayed. However, that wasn’t what watered her eyes and ignited pure rage inside her stomach. Atop the throne, four distinct horns adorned it. White, dark blue, pink… and lavender.

She was staring at the horns of the four Princesses. “AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!” She cried out, enraged, her horn sparkling with uncontrolled energy as she stared through misty eyes at the horns that belonged to her and her fellow alicorns. Turning her head away for a moment, she shot a beam of pure magical energy through one of the many holes in the ceiling. When it ended, she punched the throne with barely contained might. “What is this monstrosity? This… this is a nightmare… a Nightmare Throne. What sort of monster would cut off the horns of an alicorn, let alone four!?” She hit it again. “Are these trophies!? Displayed in a sick, twisted sense of superiority!?” Again, she hit it and then… she fell to her knees, crying her heart out.

Twilight remained there, crying for what felt like hours, days… years. Sadness, grief, anger, and frustration mixed and collided in an ever-twisting storm raging inside her heart.

“They were trophies… once, a long, long time ago. Not anymore.”

That original concept of cutting their horns and un-feathered the wings really didn't sit right with me, or anybody else. Although, the "tame verison" from other inspired writers are horn magic restricted rings, and "wing cuffs" you know.

*After finishing this chapter*;

Well crap, Dainn is Once-ler!? Great! :ajbemused: :twilightangry2:

Twilight felt a cold shiver run down her spine every time she heard his voice. It was old, craggy, and ethereal, but it was no longer devoid of emotion, no more whispers, only rage and pain echoed in his voice. She knew it was illogical, but seeing the sorry creature before her… a pang of pity struck her heart. She couldn’t help herself. Not caring for other creatures was anathema to her. Even if that creature was responsible for the untold suffering of so many others and likely the death of this Equestria.

Typical and naive Twilight. Still, he did deserves this torment of being alone on this wasteland of his very own creation.

Twilight scoffed at that, glaring at the caribou. “I’ve seen a lot in the past few hours, Dainn. Nothing but the remnants and the crumbling pieces still standing. But enough for me to see through time and imagine the torture, pain, suffering, and agony ponies and other creatures experienced. All because of you and your people, caribou ,” she all but hissed the word, afraid that uttering it would burn her tongue.

Huh? Maybe you are not so naive. You are rightly pissed.

“I could ask the same thing about your presence here, Not Twilight. Did you not read the signs and warnings outside the castle? Why did you enter instead of leaving and never return?” He asked with a much calmer but still cold voice.

I hate to say it, he has a point. Again, curiosity kills the cat here.

“What were the chances of me encountering anything at all? I searched through almost the entirety of Equestria and found nothing, nopony, no one. Why should I take heed of what rotting, old, dried-up signs tell me to not do?” Twilight replied without missing a heartbeat.


“You… you are alive. Truly… alive. I have not felt this warmth since…,” Dainn spoke, finally after minutes of awkward silence only to go silent again, memories flooding his mind. “But how? You're dead. I saw your lifeless corpse with my own eyes. Along with everyone else’s remains.”

At least they didn't get "Thanos snapped". :fluttershysad:

Twilight was silent for a second, but only for that one second, allowing doubt and fear to cloud her vision before she took a step forth, surprising Dainn. “Tell me. I need to know. I must know how your people doomed this Equestria.”

Dainn scoffed, sending a cold tingle up the alicorn’s spine. “My people? No… just me. The world is dead… because of me,” he corrected.

Twilight blinked, perplexed. “W-What? Not your entire people? Just you? That’s impossible!”

“IT WAS ME!” Dainn shouted, slamming the metallic end of his cane against the marble floor. His shout didn’t contain anger, only pain… and regret.

“You---You aren’t wrong either. The culture of my people, with me at their head, doomed Equestria. Our entire philosophy was based around what we called ‘The Natural Order’. We stand at the peak of all, we are the ones superior to everyone else, and we are always right, faultless. In truth, the culture of the caribou was nothing more than the purest, most depraved circus of misogyny and perversion.”

"Luckily" for them, their are some good Caribou that didn't agree with this rapist tom foolery. Especially the true definition of husbands/fathers/grandpas/uncles/brothers/sons/nephews of Caribou that didn't treat their doe's ( Female Caribou ), or ponies and other non-pony females like sexual property. Or just heavily mind controlled against their wills.

Seen this happen from other FOE stories that doesn't want the Caribou to be pure evil, misogyny, and rapist 100%.

King Dainn, his many sons, and his many loyal Caribou Followers and Stallian ( Even Mare ) Traitors that are to fully blame.

Dainn sighed. “Very well… I shall tell you, but let me warn you of something, Twilight Sparkle. No matter what you hear, no matter what I tell you, you must promise me that you will not try to kill me or run away. Don’t bother trying the first point, I can’t die. I don’t know how, but I can’t die. Trust me… I’ve tried, and I gave up,” the distant howl of wind was heard in the following seconds of silence until he continued. “As for the second point, if I’m going to tell you this story, you must listen to it from beginning to end. Maybe… maybe it will be of use to you, who knows?”

Dainn nodded, pleased with her answer. “If that is your answer, let us begin from the very start. Oh, there is something else I forgot to mention. Almost all my memories are intact. My mind is functioning properly, to my dismay. Whatever is keeping me from dying also saw fit to keep my memories clean and fresh. Growing senile or developing dementia is not an option for me. But even so, there are gaps in my memories. For example, I remember corrupting the Crystal Heart but not how I did it, how long it took, or what it took to do it,” he chuckled. “You know, when I saw you crying, I really thought I had finally, blissfully gone insane.”

It's seems like a immortal curse ( But not with eternal youth ) by Fault herself. Poetic and fitting karma to be alone for eternity.

Dainn nodded in agreement, his arms returning to their original position while he stared at her deeply. “The tragedy that I’m about to tell you had its roots long ago in a far, far away place where--”

“Can you please skip to your involvement with Equestria?” She asked in an annoyed tone. “I really do not care about your people’s history.”

Dainn nodded sagely. “I understand your hatred, Twilight Sparkle. But if you wish to know the story, my motives, and the ways of my people and everything that transpired to the result you stand upon now, you will listen to what I have to say, or you may leave now and never return.”

His warning came not as derision or scornful, but rather with the patience that she’d expect from an old, wise professor. Not the half-living thing in front of her. “Fine,” Twilight conceded, crossing her arms.

“Now, as I was saying. This story began a long, long time ago on a faraway island…”

Long, Long Time Ago. From a Galaxy Far, Far Away......... And Shrek: FAR, far, Away vibes.

So, after finishing this chapter. Seeing a version of Dainn that actually feels remorse and guilt of what he has done?


Fall of Equestria belongs to NCN.

Can I please get a link?

If there's any justice, Twilight will chain him to a rock in the open, and leave. Immortality is bad. Unmoving immortality is worse. I think that's what he deserves as the god and avatar of the Caribou. He is a monument to their sins, and unworthy of redemption.


I try to be the bigger man, but he's sufficiently abstract on the other side of the internet. I'm going to get plastered on Guinness and black shandys and dance on a replica of his grave. I'm genuinely happy in the middle of a low period.

The only Caribou story I find interesting, for an oddly specific reason. You killed the other servitor races. At least they were allowed that.

I hope The Dead One, The Stag King, The Idiot-God doesn't die. I hope that lonely Anthony Freedmont is stuck under a rock in the end. And I hope he has All The Time In The World.

Ignorance without thought is not a good thing. From what I have read from the story you're just going to follow the same route as the caribou. In fullest list thought process you'll probably call it justice, not able to think it's this another form of ignorance.

But anyway this is a pretty good story only problem I can see about it is you're giving away too much of the plot. I can pretty much guess what happened and what the next steps of the story are going to be. Maybe try dropping information into pieces a little bit of here a little bit of there.

I can't explain why but the end instantly filled my head with "Hell's Comin' With Me" by Poor Man's Poison. I am the righteous hand of god, I am the devil that you forgot.

Or maybe a little bit like "Six trillion years and overnight story." But that's a little too positive by the end.

Not really. There's literally no one left but a standard cursed immortal, and he's so bad that turning into an All The Time In The World wretch seems right. Sorry, I'm opposed to notions of eternal forgiveness. I don't buy the concept of universal salvation. Past a certain point, no matter how contrite... you bought the ability to grow old by sucking the life out of others. There's a reason people wrote "We have fed you all for a thousand years." That was our doom, you know. From the days when you chained us in your fields to the strike of a week ago. The Dead One had all power at one point. And acted like all gods, like Yahweh, failing the problem of evil spectacularly. He's an omnicidal god, and any punishment he gets can never suffice. He's one of a vanishingly small number of figures that might actually deserve something like a Hell.

Great Chapter, I will be waiting more

“You’ll learn that, eventually. Just know this was a product of my incomprehensibly vast stupidity,” he said, extending his arms to encompass himself and everything around him. “Now, I promised what happened after Lindisbarne, did I not? Well… you may or not believe me, but what appeared before me was a gold-shining spirit in the form of a little ball. A flash of light later, it took the form of a mare I only saw a photo of. Imagine my surprise when a ten-inch tall crystallized Princess Twilight appeared right before my eyes staring at me with disappointment and pity.”

now this interesting

I think this is why I feel the fad of redeeming villains has gone too far. Because not all sides need to be looked at. Neutrality is toxic even in scholars. I can't recall the exact quote but Archbishop Desmond Tutu said that if an elephant stands on the tail of a mouse and you are neutral the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality. Villains don't need to be redeemed, understood, or listened to. They need the guillotine. Even this "all the time in the world" needs suffering, containment under a mountain of mountains, in the depths of the sea, on a neutron star of a planet falling into a black hole.

Redeemed villains are an insult to the victims, saying they were just set dressing for someone else's story. Redemption is untenable because it assumes someone is a universal protagonist, chosen of god, divinely right. We expelled nobility, we should have offed their heads all over the world. No nobles, no entitled assholes like Dainn who get to live while other die for him. He's the ultimate Karen. Entitled. Feeling worthy of leaning lessons with the blood of others writing the text book. If others can die to educate him, he should die just as easily to educate some random person. If redemption is real, villains can die to redeem their killers.

Ni caribous ni rois ni auteurs qui écrivent sur l'un ou l'autre.

Every brony hates Dainn. He is basically the most hated (with a capital H) OC in the brony community.

That he is. Plus, leave the zebras out of this because Zecora was one of them and she's a good kind of zebra along with her people where she comes from before she moved to Ponyville in the Everfree Forest.

Also, Dainn is the sworn enemy of all ponies, especially the anthro mares.

I feel like this story is inspired by my comic commission I made palcomix do. Also I'm interested in a foe commission as well

I did. Sombra stole Dainn's name. Sombra must have betrayed Dainn and left him for dead

So you started with "there's way too many villain redemption stories" to "actually, ALL redemption stories are inherently evil!"

While these aren't TECHNICALLY contradictory points (after all, if you believe that redemption arcs should simply never be written, then one being written is "too many" :trollestia: ), the first tends to come with the implication that whatever there is "too many of" has the right to exist but just in a reduced quantity. Which implies that redemption stories are NOT inherently evil. So which is it, man: are redemption stories inherently evil, or are there simply too many?

Why didn't you answer my question? Or did those other two guys answer it for me? And how do they know he's dead?

NCN hasn't replied to anything nor went online. besides, FOE started in 2013. TO answer your question, NCN is dead online

"I am smol bean, love me. I am forgivable ickle bean, UWU ickle baby." Like... a boss can't be in a relationship with a subordinate. And a god is always just an autocrat that cannot feel emotions like others, being untethered and apart from common concerns. Corrupt or not, Dainn enjoyed his advantages. He was a Third Man assassin. "Look at all those little dots down there. Suppose I were to offer you ten-thousand dollars for every dot that stopped moving forever. Would you really tell me to keep my money? Or... would you start calculating how many dots you could afford?" His love is a farce, the love of a genocidal god, a dot-buyer. That's a pretty cheap MacGuffin, since it's painfully contrived and meant to drive reader sympathies in artificial and unwarranted ways. I've gone from Catholic to atheist, I learned how to separate feel-good dictator happy-talk from what it's trying to cover. The literary tricks won't work on me, I've rubbished more popular gods than this asshole caribou.

Every brony HATES dainn, literally, and always believes he is not worthy of redemption. You are not the only one.

It is as forrest yuchnitz said:
His comment for the life and times of a deposed king
The caribou bastard king doesn't deserve love or a second chance he deserves to have his head put on a pike outside the castle

I agree with you. Let's throw him to Helheim because...he's a Viking caribou after all and burned him alive there.

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