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The duality of the Two Sisters has always been a mystery. Night and day, winter and summer, frost and fire. But despite being so opposed to one another they have managed to rule together for thousands of years. It seems to defy all reason, but the world continues to turn.

But there is more to the story than that. The balance of power has been the sole universal constant since the stars were born and the sun was set aflame. The Two Sisters represent far more than the changing of the skies, and it may be that true Harmony is more sinister than it seems.

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Whoo, let's get this show on the road! :pinkiehappy:

Oh sure, you wrote a fic about the royals that I liked so much I edited for you. I bet you're feeling all high and mighty about yourself now, huh? Think you're hot shit after this, and can make me like anything? Well news flash.... no :ajbemused:

Seriously though, nice job on this one. I didn't have to gouge my eyes out reading this so you did better than most I've read, let me tell ya :raritywink:

Damn, that was good.

Hmm, turned out better than I expected it would.

This has been your backhanded comment for the evening. :pinkiecrazy:

Backhandedness: The ultimate middle finger with respect :moustache:

I noticed something when i read the Description a miss type or miss spelling

be that true Harmony is more sinister that it seems

. Shouldn't it be Then?


And I thank you for saying that the story was good, despite the doubts you expressed when I pitched the idea to you.

And this has been your appropriately backhanded reply for the night. :trollestia:


Thanks for pointing that out. Fixed.


Oh, you. :heart:

I like the philosophy and ideas behind this, and the story itself is awesome. Nice ^^

Twilight is a slave to magic without her the magic is gone all because princess of magic is a better title than friendship in my opinin

This feels a lot like the Summer and Winter Courts in the Dresdenverse. The balance between Summer and Winter/Sun and Moon, the evils of letting either side get too strong (I was half-expecting a reference to Celestia getting too strong being "great if you're an Ebola virus"), the fact that the apparently benevolent side and apparently evil side are both evil and both benevolent, just in different ways, and especially the Mantle eroding the personality of the vessel....very, very like the Faerie Courts.

Wouldn't the best course of action be for Twilight to take on the mantle of, heh, Twilight, to help balance the two sisters? Seems the logical progression

What's this? An interesting, insightful, philosophical headcanon on the Royal Sisters that I can buy into with ease? What a wonderful surprise! Very well done.

Now this' was good. Bravo. :rainbowdetermined2:

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