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(predates Season 4 canon)

Featured on Funtasia Daily! Yay!

Princess Twilight Sparkle and the Elements of Harmony are called to Canterlot to investigate a strange creature that has landed there despite Equestria's water-tight defenses against intrusions from other worlds. It's a Funtasian: a pony-like creature that definitely isn't a pony and insists on not making any sense. How does one deal with an alien creature that won't listen to logic?

Put Pinkie Pie on it, of course.

This can only end well.

Disclaimer: This fic contains no gore, dark or cruel situations, just sunshine, happiness, and possibly cynicism. Think Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, only the later, less upbeat books. If anything in this story resembles real people's opinions or statements, this is neither the author's intention nor the author's problem.

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What's wrong? There's no gore in that thing. Is it not showing properly?

4794707 I'm expecting gore at some point. I didn't particularly enjoy the original Cupcakes so I honestly can't say I plan on reading this one. Sorry. :pinkiesad2:

It's really just a story about Pinkie Pie and a Filly making cupcakes. The tags are accurate, and the rating is accurate.

Don't worry, it'll be fun :pinkiehappy: Good, clean fun, I promise. But if you are turned off just by the presence of pastry in the title, I understand.

It's a real shame when people don't read stories solely based on the word choices in the title. Judging a book by its cover lol

I thoroughly enjoyed this story myself. Cupcakes be damned. And I hope you get more readers soon.

Eh, I suppose nearing the 300 mark is okay for reader count. Just wait 'till the Quorum Sequels come out, that oughtta boost the numbers.

If I can get some cover art done, that is.

Anywho, glad you liked it.

I rather liked this story. The various asides comments from the narrator reminded me of Hitchhiker's Guide. Also it helped clear up a few things about Filly Funtasia I was confused about.

You liked it? :yay:
In general, Hitch Hiker's Guide is one of my big inspirations, and one of my earliest. So good catch :raritywink:

And a lot of Filly Funtasia isn't too set in stone yet, but a couple of things are, so I tried. And it was a hoot to write, even if it was in a sorta bad time.

Anyhoof, thankchu for the comment :twilightsmile:

I quite liked this story! It's nice to see a crossover with FF that actually respects it and gives good reference to the mythos. And as much as I love MLP, I have to say I loved how the lack of consistency was brought up rather often. :rainbowlaugh: A fun read with a satisfying ending... Just great stuff all around. Kudos! :twilightsmile:

There's a remark in Hagakure, book of the Samurai that always stuck with me. This nobleman was talking about the local religious sects and said that they were quite interesting, but he wished they didn't have such a bad reputation, or gruesome rites, I forget which. To which the writer replies something along the lines of "If they didn't have that bad element to them, they'd be a different cult." In other words: take the bad with the good, sometimes the two are related.

I think fans idolise or project perfection upon their shows a bit too often. MLP is a lot of things, but it is neither a constant source of good morals nor consistent. It is, however, consistent in showing shadow material, in the Jungian sense, except for one episode, but that's a different can of worms.

My point is: thanks for appreciating my attempt at poking fun at one of MLP's flaws while still enjoying said flaw. I think if you read this within the last few days, you're the first person to comment who's read the version that makes Will's scar fanon. Not sure what the canon will do with it.

Incidentally, if you want to learn more, Funtasia Daily has a link to the wiki, which recently exploded with information on the toys (there's Fillies named Octavia, Twilight, Sparkle, and Celestia. This in and of itself demands another crossover:twilightsheepish:), as well as the Filly serial thread. There's also two articles on DA totalling about 30 pages by some random weirdo who had nothing better to do at the time. A very, very random weirdo who is totally not me *looks for Discorded AJ emote*

I loved this - especially the first two chapters. Laugh? I brayed like a donkey. Now people are looking at me funny...

Glad you liked it! I think the comedy fell back a bit after chapter 2, admittedly, but I kind of wanted to add a little bit of depth to the whole affair, not just make it a pointless crossover fic. And Pinkie being the one who could relate to not feeling 'special' or 'important' seemed like the best angle.

Maybe next time it'll be Zach in Equestria. If they get this riled up over a Fairie Filly, imagine what a male alicorn would cause, huh :pinkiehappy:

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Well, I thought this was brilliant.

Perhaps the low reading figures is down to the cross-over with what is essentially a competitor product. The story was fun though, and I think Willow's a pretty cool character.

Lovely. Someone still make funtasia crossover. It maybe don't have much fans. But it awesome story - cute - humor.
Thank you Wise Cracker.

Thanks very much. The story does have a few fans, but it's obviously a small niche. Besides that, I did write this with a very limited knowledge, because all there was to go on was three trailers. Now we have five, and apparently Will is a skater, so it's even more appropriate he'd sympathise with Loo of Scooter ^^

6494353 Awesome! It gonna be epic. 3d it more better. But something tell me... what do you call filly funtasia fan? a Fony!

6494759 Sure, but what wrong with "42" everytime i see?

6496071 what? I put it there as a nod to hick hickers gide to the Galaxy

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