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Adorable! Interruption was predictable but still a cute fluffy story. Marked incomplete - will there be more?

4372963 Oh. Whoops. That is a mistake on my part. It should be complete.

4374135 no problem :twilightsmile: always a pleasure to read a good Fimfic :pinkiesmile: message me some time, I could proof read for you :derpytongue2: if you'd like :rainbowlaugh: not that you need it, your writing is brilliant already :scootangel:

4374246 My biggest problem lies with those dang commas! :flutterrage:

I might just take you up on that offer for a proofread. :raritywink:

Always looking to get better. :twilightblush:

Even though the final section happened rather fast, it was a highly adorable piece to read and the TwiLuna was super cute :scootangel:

4374257 I can be rather heavy e commas too :derpytongue2:

Haha, no problem :raritywink:

Luna deserves to be loved - as does Twilight. It's a fitting match and I really start to like it.
Also. Twinkle. Tia was right, that has got to be the cutest name ever...! It actually made me smile every time I read it.

Thank you.

That ending was ssooo cute!! :pinkiegasp: :twilightsmile:

Very cute :twilightsmile: i enjoyed every moment of reading it.

Finally! A story that brings up mention of the technical incest of Twiluna!

Ignore the fact it's my favourite ship for the duration of this comment.

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