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What to say about me... I'm a novelist, I enjoy writing Fanfiction (seriously I like it. Although I mainly do Justice League or Highschool of the Dead), and thanks to Dr. Whooves I found FIM.

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I must question the morality of growing a sapient being and selling them as a companion.

By Celestia's Mercy continue this. Do it. I like the idEa, your writing, etc. i want this to finish.

Also,I didn't know my little Dashie had so many things. And speaking of Dashie, You wrote "Dashie" where I believe you meant "Pinkie". The part where she was on your stoop.

and keep this going


Awww thanks, I'll get started on the second chapter. Also, thanks for pointing out the Dashie mixup.


I can understand, but then again I would imagine that most of the public would see them not as living beings, which they are, but rather as very expensive toys.

Please continue, I like lots! Did you mean Pinkie at the end though?


Well, it depends. If you meant the name of who he saw, then yes I meant Pinkie, but the name she squealed was his first name. How did she know it? Well, that's just Pinkie being Pinkie.

By Starswhirl's beard, More!

This got my attention I want to see where this goes

I am very excited to see more from this! Please continue :pinkiehappy:

I read this story about a week ago and I'm only getting around to commenting now. Sorry about that.

Though, in all honesty, I had to comment eventually because I keep thinking about this story. I really like the concept where you're going with it. Reminds me of some classic sci-fi stories I read recently, which I assume is what you intended to evoke.

So, in short, really nice job on this one. I'm really looking forward to the next installment.

I really like this story and I hope it continues.

The clop scene was a very sweet moment.

An update...wow...I haven't seen one of those in ages. anyway, keep up the good work. I must say , I want to know where this leads but I'll probably be sad when the ride ends.

Congratulations on forming a group for this story.


Thanks. In truth I figured that it would be handy to put the other stories that are starting to pop up in my head about this verse into one place. There's a couple of authors that I really need to invite to this thing. They might be interested. and again thanks for linking and commenting on the story :pinkiehappy:

Interesting premise. If you could have any fictional character as your lifemate, who would you choose? I like it.

Pinkie was in heat? Looks like a little one may be on the way.:pinkiehappy:

You know...I like your story so much....I'm in. let's do this.

I am loving Pinkie in this story.:pinkiehappy:

When she learned what eternal damnation was… Pinkie’s hair went completely flat and there was a frighteningly scary look on her face.

:pinkiecrazy:Andy, did see 'Party of One', right?:pinkiecrazy:
It will be interesting to see Paul's reaction to Pinkie and Sarah. It would be funny if Paul was a brony as well.:rainbowlaugh:

Sheesh, you're just a little update machine, aren't you? At the rate they're going (and from the description) Pinkie's probably gonna be pregnant soon! Yeah, the ponies SHOULD be able to meet each other every so often, especially the Mane Six ones and their families and all.

I am so glad Sarah defended Pinkie against Paul's insensitivity. However, Andy got a taste of what he might be in for. And Paul was being nice compared to what others might say or do. Just as warning, this is the only Vogonverse story that I am reading...for now.

I see the future isn't all sunshine and roses. A wild Big Mac has appeared!

When I saw the title of the story, I couldn't help but think of Louis Armstrong's song: What a Wonderful World.


Thank you, that's perhaps one of the best comparisons I've gotten. To be honest that's exactly where the inspiration for the title came from.

I love this so :heart: such passion and love, even with the moments of confusion. They were made for each other and deserve one another. I am so glad I gave this story a chance, and can only wait patiently for more.

What caused the fire? This won't end well.


Oklahoma City Digital News Email, the Fast Fact in 2 Minutes or less.

Today the Stacks near the AmTrak 100 South E.K. Gaylord Boulevard Automated Depot had a roaring fire that cost the lives of nearly two hundred and fifty registered occupants. It's difficult to tell the full amount of death located in the fire and collapse of the stacks since many families that do rent the trailers out often offer other families rooms and areas to live in if they pay part of the rent.

Detective Norman Walker stated that the cause of the fire was an unattended and unregistered Meth lab.

"These things have been popping up all over since the early 2000's, and we're not going to see them go anywhere anytime soon. Still, seriously I wish that these poor bastards would realize the kind of situation they're making for themselves here." - Detective Norman Walker

Mayor Skylar Black is demanding the stacks be checked and ensured that they are up to code. If the code fails it will cause a surge in the homeless population. When asked what would be done about the potential homeless problem Mayor Black gave this response:

"I'm sure the renters, both registered and not, of the stacks would much rather know they are safe inside those living conditions than to continue living in death traps. I've been in contact with Rider Farms, and they have said that they would graciously oversee any homeless spillage and allow the occupants to of the Stacks near 100 South E.K. Gaylord Boulevard to go to work, and even allow them to rent their homes."

That's the news in under two minutes with the Oklahoma Digital News Email. Please check your Email again in twenty minutes for the up to the minute entertainment report with Hank Freeman.

(Yep, that's pretty much what happened and is what's happening.)

You're just a regular updating Nancy, aren't ya? it takes me days, even weeks to update. that's partially because I'm lazy and unsure where I should lead things.

Anyway, things are heating up-not a pun- in this tale. Can't wait to see what happens next, m8.

Looks like Andy has met some of the good and the bad. Keep this up.

I'm glad that Jebediah got what he deserved.

I kinda figured Pinkie would have clobbered him with her earth pony strength, but a wine bottle is fine too.

Please tell me when you make the cupcakes version of this jebediah is maimed and eaten


I'm seriously considering it. I've been trying to decide how I want to present the creepypasta version of Pinkie. I know the story is going to go into the Creepypasta folder, but it's the start off. I'm considering it still being Andy she ends up with, but this Andy didn't leave the community until much later. Thus he was even more broken and disturbed than he was when later on. That's what I've been considering, so it would give a sort of Natural Born Killer's fill to the story.


Original first run through did have her beating him pretty bad with her Earth Pony strength. In fact in the first run through there wasn't anything that Andy had to do, but I really wanted to allow everypony to see the kind of hate filled bigot Jebidiah is, and give an idea of exactly what it was that Andy was trying to get away from.


Oh, it's not over for Jebidiah. He's got a Work/Corporate Farm to go to, and since he's a ward of the state they don't have to treat him as kindly as they do indentured servants or normal employees. Yep, he's in for some fun.

4930882 maybe this pinkie starts slow by murdering animals before moving into humans

Yeesh, I looked up that Phelps guy and he was a nasty piece of work, and the "Community" must be nasty to follow his lead. I am glad that Jebediah got at least some of what he had coming to him. Andy really needed that cheer-up by Pinkie at the end.

This is the first chapter I can say I didn't like. Oh, it was written, but the bureaucracy of this time makes me sick. You go to see a doctor in an emergency and you're in debt for the rest of your life. It like the miners of the 1900's that inspired this song:

The main chorus, at least. Plus, Andy's parents show up? This just keeps getting better and better.:twilightangry2:


I know, but it is the way of the world they are in. Andy was lucky enough to be talented enough to make a living off of his writing. There's a pretty big call for anything that can help someone escape from the world around them. Andy's talent has let him live a fairly good life so far, and for the most part that's all that Pinkie's really been exposed to. The world outside of the moderately nice neighborhood that Andy lives in is fairly different.

Corporate Farms that hire employees with the promises of a decent salary. Of course they neglect to tell them that they will be paying for rent, food, shelter, and clothing from their company stores. Naturally their company stores are a few times more expensive than anything outside of the Corporate Farms. On top of that you have the volatile neighborhoods like the Stacks. Places so overcrowded that things are absolutely miserable in them. Adding in with the fact that bathroom meth is still being made because it's such a cheap drug, and again it's selling because it provides an escape.

The World the Ponies are coming into is broken, but maybe they have a chance to fix it.

Who saw this coming? 'Raises hand'.

Never seen clop start so early. I wasn't prepared! Oh Celestia Halp!!


Yeah, I know, but like I said I really wanted to make it up to them for putting the both of them through so damned much. Naturally it felt like the right thing to do was write in a nice little love scene. That's been one of the joys of writing the two of them together. Not really the cloppy parts, but rather writing them exploring each other. It's a nice change of pace to write about a relationship blossoming, and the two main characters exploring what they like and dislike.

Anyway... Thanks for sticking with it.


Keep it up! I wonder what their kids will look like?

Okay, that was sweet and a little sexy. You're making want to write up a Vongoverse story with Fluttershy. I imagine her getting teamed up with an ex-soldier. I can already see how his experiences would work against Flutter's kind nature.


It's open. If you write it I can promise that I'll read it.

- LF


Well.. channeling Pinkie I'd say that they would be beautiful.

I'm considering a few things, and I'm thinking that having them look similar to the traditional satyrs would be a good call. Not completely sure, but it's sort of the area I'm leaning toward.

- LF

4954433 We'll see. I have a major case of Writer's Block concerning the upcoming chapter of my own major fic, Friends With Benefits. Who knew writing a Grand Galloping Gala chapter would be this hard…


I wonder what their kids will look like?



You read my mind.


That's cool, but if you decide to do so, you're welcomed, completely welcomed, to join in the fun :pinkiehappy:

4954462 Maybe I can bang out an outline overnight and see where I can fit it into my schedule to fully write it out. I tend to write in 5,000 word bursts, so I have to see if i have the resolve (and the the inspiration) to do so.

The clop hit me again...lord frieza...the clop level...is over 9000!! I've never seen one so high...it"s impossible.

enough of that. as soon as I read the part about ketchup, I knew she was pregnant. though, I wonder what the kids will look like, perhaps I'll write a letter to Vogon Biotech so they'll answer my question.

oh, and my little fanon applejack thing is done. Been done for awhile. Just been too busy to post it up for your viewing pleasure. ( I've been typing these comments from my phone)

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