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What to say about me... I'm a novelist, I enjoy writing Fanfiction (seriously I like it. Although I mainly do Justice League or Highschool of the Dead), and thanks to Dr. Whooves I found FIM.

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Never read the comics and only saw the movie and read up on him a few times but I'm intrigued.

Quite a nice intro. Keep going.
I haven't read other references except the movie too. But that is not an issue.

Oh my gosh someone actually made this finally, reading now.

Is this the new iteration of the series, Constantine, or is it the original Hellblazer that this is based off of?


It's being based primarily off of the original Hellblazer comic book series, sticking with the late 90's - the last issue which came out earlier this year. When I saw how the issue ended I instantly thought of a dozen ways it could have been better, and this was one of them.

4679799 Ahh, I have yet to read the original Hellblazer, mostly because when it first came out I wasn't even a glint next to the other glint in my Dad's eye.


Well, if it helps the television series they are getting to start seems to focusing near the Family Man Arc. That happened in the 90's, although it looks like they are introducing Zatanna, so they're adding a little more to it. If I knew where some of the torrents were still up I would suggest a couple that has the few years.

Still, what you've seen on the trailer for the new series is fairly close to the Constantine I'm using. He's cleaned up a bit, because it's going to be on network television, but all in all he's pretty close.


Great chapter. I can't wait to see the chemistry between John and Twilight.

Interesting. Will follow for now. Not a huge fan of the massive shipping you've already done, but I can see the perspective your putting the story in now. Looking forward to seeing how this will turn out. :twilightsmile:

Hot damn!!!! Thats something u don't ser every Day, awesome story, hope to see more

Wow this has some serious potential. I can easily see this going into the 100k+ words with multiple arc's and little to no staling if done right especially with him basically introducing a new branch of magic and opening their eyes to thing hidden from normal sight preying on them that they had no idea even existed before. Those types have a habit of ingraining themselves after all.
A bit worried about pacing and rushing seeing as it's only the second chapter and there's already some time skipping and recapping (especially since beginnings are one of the things i like most in fic's like this) but it doesn't seem to be too much or detrimental for now.

I'll make sure too keep an eye on this and may even find the comic it's based on to read. I already read some of "Justice League Dark" which constantine is apart of so he's not a new character to me but he prob has his own series i'm guessing.

Awesome chapter. The part with the cupcake made me laugh.

Great start of the story. I'll be honest and admit I was dubious about the crossover, but color me damn well impressed.

Hope you keep it up :pinkiehappy:

I turned to see him stick his hand into that oversized coat of his and pull out a card. He then pulled out a small flimsy pack and what looked like a lighter. He hoofed the card over to Celestia, and I watched as she looked at it, and then at him.

Sticks his hand in his pocket then hoofs it over.................


Thanks, I didn't catch it, but I'm fixing it now. :pinkiehappy:

Needs an editor, will take story from 4~4.5/5 to 5+/5

Great chapter. I enjoyed seeing Comstantine talking back to Celestia and seeing Twilight connect spiriually with Constantine.

Runes, rather than ruins. Gabriel rather than Gabrel.

Also, they need to start teaching John to use his horn.

Really liking this one, hoping and waiting for more.

*And it made it to the popular stories section! Seriously, how in the hell did it do that? *

These things just happen. Don't question it, just enjoy.


Thanks so much for catching that! I fixed it.


I agree that it could use someone else going over it. That's the thing about doing your own edits. There's always going to be something that your eyes just skip over. I might have to see if someone has time to do a once or twice over for me.


Awwww... Thanks :pinkiehappy:

Is this gonna be based off of the comics, tv show or a mix of both?


It's based more on the Hellblazer comic version of John than anything, but the new television series is using the Hellblazer version of John as well, so it could work with either of them. That said, some of the people that John's going to talk about is from the comics. Gemma, Kat, Zed, Epiphany, Maria, and Shade the Changing Man are all characters from Hellblazer.

Gemma is his niece, who was once his apprentice, Kat was a love interest of his who decided it was better to not see the supernatural than it was to be a part of it, Zed was a love interest who was part of a misguided religious movement to bring the massiah back to Earth. She was supposed to remain pure, but because she and John slept together the magic that was supposed to give her Immaculate Conception ended up backfiring and destroying her along with most of the church she was with. Epiphany Constantine is John's wife. She is the first woman who was able to take what John does, and in fact supports it. She herself is a skilled alchemist, and is able to create potions that work as good as any spell John makes. Maria... She's John's half demon daughter. Unlike her two brothers, which were killed by the first of the fallen, Maria isn't completely evil. The reader is given the impression that she's wanting to follow in her father's footsteps. And Shade... Shade is a nutter with way too much power. Shade was a normal man, but he became endowed with the power of the aether/limbo/antimatter (actually Shade's power is constantly in flux, and in Hellblazer it was the only place it was given a sort of stopping point. Basically he had the same abilities as Batmite or Mr Mxyzptlk (Think Discord). The problem is he's so obsessed with a girl he was stalking that he can't really get past it. He's been known to go from pleasant to violently insane from one moment to another. However, since he has become known as the insanity god, and he resides in the aether most of the time, he's bound by the same rules as all gods, devils, and the like. If he gives his word he has to follow it.

God dammit Pinkie. Just God dammit.:facehoof:
The second he sealed the madness inside the cupcake i knew that you would some how, some way be the one who ate it.

Still though Twilight what type of second rate bootleg sealing box can just be opened by anyone who wants to open it? :twilightblush:

Nooooooooo!:raritycry: Why her, why her, you sick freak. I have to keep watching for updates now, you bastard. Well, now that is out of the way...
I am friggen hooked on your story now.:pinkiehappy:

Watching Twilight's perception about Starswirk and Clover fall apart was hilarious. On the other hand, it's tragic to see that Pinkie will become possessed.

... Will eating pure madness have any actual effect on Pinkie Pie?

Also, Celestia will REALLY have to up her game if she wants to intimidate John. He's been threatened by worse.


...Given her normal powers, I'd almost see a pony version of Delirium from the Endless...

Great story man, I'm going to have to share it with my friends

Bloody hell:
The amount of Britishness in this fic is awesome. I love when the ponies don't understand him.

Keep it up, mate. I love it.

The deeper of a connection it has to the neither realm or the aether the more control you’ll have,

I feel like nether realm makes more sense than neither realm.

Yeah, it was a big hint that the one person who would get it would be Pinkie.

Sorry man, Glad that you like the story though, and trust me I have something special planned.

I had to squeeze some comedy in there, and what's better than having someone realize that their idols, while still amazing, are flawed and mortal just like they are.

It is a little hard to get intimidated by someone like Celestia when you've had the first of the fallen threaten to burn your very soul to ash on more than one occasion, and you'll just have to wait and see.

I can neither confirm nor deny this theory.

That makes my day... :pinkiehappy: thank you!

I grew up on John Constantine, and Alan Moore's writing. It's a treat to get to write in a British Accent, and I see John as sort of a Manchester accent man. So his speech is going to be a little rough. Thus all of the lovely terms of endearment.

Thank you for pointing that out! Word didn't catch it, and I missed it when I proof read! Yeah, it's Nether Realm not neither realm. Whew... Thanks again :pinkiehappy:

Massive Demon Attacks and the introduction of the Endless. Great chapter, especially the part of Discord being an Endless.




:twilightsheepish: Awww, thanks


That you did mate, that you did.


God I loved Sandman. And I thought I recognized his name from the first book.

He Who Walks behind the Rolls... Reminds me of the Dresden Files...

I swear to gods this is confusing as fuck to read. Its neat, pretty damn interesting in fact, but absolutely confusing. :twilightoops:


That's He Who Walks Behind. Completely different. It should actually be ROWS anyways, and that bit is an old puritan name for the devil. Ever see Children of the Corn? The "god" the kids serve in that is He Who Walks Behind the Rows... Otherwise known as the devil himself.

It's as old as time and it still needs to read the Evil Overlord list. Tsk.

Though I'm a bit confused as to the sequence here..

If I understand it..

He opened a door to.. something? Celestia's soul? Nightmare Moon? Luna's Extreme Bondage Fun Time?
At that point he had a black out
Then he had visions of almost sexy times with Twilight and Rainbow
He then woke up to find that he'd been taking a beating while asleep
Princess Molestia shows up to monologue
John summons up the spirits of ponies she'd killed or had killed or had ripped out of their bodies
They sent Molestia packing
Then Celestia had a nervous breakdown, taking a pause for a moment to resent how John, the guy who's bones she just broke, was talking to her.

Thats about right?


I love all, and I do mean all, of the suggestions about what he opened the door to. The closest would be Luna's bondage fun time. The next chapter is going to be a deviation chapter. I don't like to spoil things, but it's going to be from Luna's perspective, and it's going to be her dealing with Celestia and what happened.

She's also going to be dream walking with John, and discussing his place in this world. The 'visions' were in fact memories, something he was using to try and have a moment of escape from where he was. That's going to be something that Luna is going to discuss with him. The fact that he isn't home, and since she is able to walk the aether (In fact that's where she does her dreamwalking) she knows more than she would if she wasn't connected to it.

The bit about Molestia (which was a nod to the old ask Molestia tumblr) was actually a very old dark entity that is often confused with one of the fallen. It's biggest mistake in this was not considering Constantine a real threat, and giving him the names of those it had killed in Celestia's name. Giving the name of anything gives someone power over it. In this case John had the power to release the souls of those ponies to take their revenge on the entity.

Since those ponies were part of this world originally, and the entity was not, they were spiritually stronger than it. Of course that could be because that entity wasn't full yet, and was still feeding.

Again, all of the question that were created in this chapter will come out in the next one, and we will be at the middle part of this arc at that point.

This story is going warp four speed


Agreed. And warp core breech is imminent.

That was a very intense chapter. Possessed Celestia was a huge shocker and the shipping between Constantine, RD, and Twi is interesting. You make me wish that the next chapter comes soon.


Hellblazer, the comic, tends to be like that sometimes.

It moves a little fast, but it's still good.


It's 'Lucifer', isn't he ?
Or his ancient name: 'Helel'

4705548 Ah, I see. Thank you for clarifying.

I vote John for Princess.

Really, once he gets a handle on the unicorn magic he could certainly pull off the apotheosis. And I hope the locals give him time to grieve over his lost family.

Great shocker making Luna the daughter of Dream and, by extension, the niece of Discord. Comgratulations on the world-building.

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