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What to say about me... I'm a novelist, I enjoy writing Fanfiction (seriously I like it. Although I mainly do Justice League or Highschool of the Dead), and thanks to Dr. Whooves I found FIM.

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Add the "other" tag for scorpion.

Also, romance? Oh god, Twilight x Scorpion is possible. :twilightoops:

I love it! Also possible thought of Scorpion teaching the ponies kung-fu :pinkiehappy:

Alexander anderson ftw but scorps cool to I guess. (Que old memories of being dominated by scorp.)

Thank you for putting such an awesome story in the site.

Big fan of Scorpion as well, shame that any fights he wins during Mortal Kombat will be counted against Earth Realm. The Lin Kuei are bastards, they eventually make their members into the equivalent of Cybermen.

As for the story I was expecting him to remove the mask and reveal his skull then Twilight passes out from fear, possibly s***ing herself.

I thought that Scorpion was less scornful of the Lin Kuei since the second Sub-Zero spared his life. Or is this the second timeline?

5262007 I think he has a better shot with Celestia:trollestia:


Yes and no. Scorpion still has the distrust and anger the Shirai Ryu trained and bred into him, but he is far less scornful of Bi-Han's family. To him the Lin Kuei are still without honor.


So will there be mention of Kuai Lang?


The younger Sub Zero? Of course there will be some mention of him, but further on the story.


What the hell is a redemotion? :applejackunsure:

5267459 I believe it was a typo


It was, for some reason Google Docs didn't alert me to it. Regardless, I looked at it again, and I quickly changed it. Sorry about that :pinkiehappy:

5269916 Will this be a herd fic?

Okay. I'm interested. Am a big Scorpion fan so I look forward to this. Can't help but wonder who you'll ship him with. Going to put my money on...hm...Either Fluttershy or Celestia methinks, hopefully Celestia.

Okay, I've got to know where this goes! Please update soon!!

Glad to see this story again.

Moved from deadfics to tracking and perhaps eventually back to favorites. Time will tell. :3 In any case, glad to see it updated. Few grammatical errors here and there but nothing major. Might look for a proofreader if you have the time. :3

Some transitions look off, when he is thinking about training sindel's guards, suddently it changes to him in the room, many authors use visuals cues to show when something stops.

aside from that the story a-okay, kudos for the MKX reference.

Great chapter. Glad to see this story is still alive.

Yay! Update!

can u explain this whole dream scene to me cause I fear I have lost track of what was going on


Glad to. The dream itself was a creation of the Hellfire used to compose Scorpion's Body. That Hellfire, while giving him a nearly unlimited amount of power, isn't without drawbacks. Part of the drawback is to be able to tap into torture and torment that is happening on the Spiritual Realm. However, when Scorpion was under Quan Chi's control he was never able to see the soul of his wife or his son. Instead he could only hear her calling out for him. Thus it was his own torment which Quan Chi had devised as a means of keeping him under control. If he didn't even have the solace of sleep to slip into then he would understand that he was completely beaten.

Once he had broken Quan Chi's control he was able to interact with things he couldn't before. It was thanks to Luna's influence that he was able to find the soul of his wife, kill the curse placed on her soul, and free both her and their son, so that their souls could pass on.

Hope that helps.


6509114 ok that dose help but what about the scene lunas first husband thing was that just part of the curse or did that rely happen


That was something that had happened to Luna ages ago. It's basically a nightmare Luna occasionally has, and most often there's no one she would share it with. Scorpion was drawn to it because of the Hellfire that composes his body. Luna's dream was full of torment and suffering. While it was happening the Hellfire did what it would normally do, and guided Scorpion toward the realm of spiritual suffering. So, did it really happen? Yes, but it was long before he appeared there.

6509225 ok thank you for telling me and i will say this i do not like that idea at all cause one i hate abusive relationships with a bloody passion and makes me VERY angry ( not at you though) and two cause luna is my fave pony


fiddles with guitar

o-oh, a chapter? finally! none of my 700000000000000000000000000 stories updated in the past day or so that i have them tracked on!

chucks guitar away, snapping it in half and smashing all of my work that i put into creating it from scratch


Wheres the Human tag?

5265060 Oh god the first kiss XD

"Hanzo I- I... I think... I think I lov-"


Holy hell its been so long, I started to forget this story:derpyderp2:

More...just more please:pinkiehappy:

when will the next chapter be out?

Good story so far, really hope it ain't dead.

I hope that the inevitable Quan Chi fight ends with Chi yelling "NOW LOOK AT MY SKELETONS BITCH!"

Forgot this was here, still waiting for this to update and really hope it's not dead. Such a potentially good story

“You’re getting too old for this shit, Quan Chi,” he murmured, “next time, they’ll be aiming for your head.”

you don't have to worry about that from Thor, though. He never goes for the head.

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