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What to say about me... I'm a novelist, I enjoy writing Fanfiction (seriously I like it. Although I mainly do Justice League or Highschool of the Dead), and thanks to Dr. Whooves I found FIM.


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Normally, I wouldn't touch a story like this with a mile long pole. However, you made me stay, fan- fucking-tastic job on the first chapter.

well consider me strapped in for the ride

This story is fantastic!

You certainly have me bewilderingly interested. I dont know why but this stoy feels like an 80s movie.

Even a goddess wants a taste. That package is a confirmed WVD (Weapon of Vaginal Destruction) of a cosmic scale.

I'm really enjoying this story, and even though its unlikely I really hope to see some roommate "nohomo" with Bumble and Whet.

I pity this guy. Didn't he have any guy friends that talked to him about mares? And he will remain forever clueless unless he meets a nice mare that likes him and doesn't play games.

I knew he shouldn't of waited to open that school letter.:facehoof: Well, looks like Bumble is going to have to get over his insecurities and fast.

This summarizes my thoughts on this chapter.:rainbowkiss:

This is your first attempt at writing clop, right?


My first attempt at a pure clop story, absolutely. I've written a few small scenes, but no story that was actually Erotically based. It's a little different since the entire premise of the story is the fact that we're reading about Bumble getting into adventures and getting laid. I've got a lot of plans for this, and I have to thank the various authors that have come before me. S.Wolf the author of Sex Zombies, Sir Hat who pinned such stories as Red, Hilting, and Pickaxe. There's tons of other great erotica authors on this site that I've read, and to be honest... In the last few weeks... That's been what I've mainly been doing.

In order to write you have to read, and in order to write erotica, you've got to read erotica. Which I'm lucky enough that my wife is as understanding as she is. And also lucky enough that she enjoys reading them along with me. The couple that reads porn together stays together so it were.


There's going to be plenty more where that came from.


I enjoyed a ton of eighties movies.. Especially since I grew up in the Eighties, so... you're going to most likely experience some of those tropes used in here.


Working on the extra chapters already. I'm also planning a non-cannon set of stories to accompany it.


thank you! And you, you are fantastic!


This Ride will get bumpy, but it should be enjoyable.


but is she the only Goddess that wants a taste???


Noticed the part where I said Non-cannon set of stories... Yeah, be looking for that :pinkiehappy:


Ummm, okay...

7884637 no one understood my dj khaled reference..... :raritydespair:


Sorry. Although you've seemingly woken up my inner Twilight, so now I'm going to go out and research :pinkiehappy:

7884875 just search up "another one" dj khaled said it and it became a meme

Nice:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache: Will there be incest in this( totally ok with it by the way)?

Well, this is the girl I feel he should probably marry in the future. However, I know Honeypot won't be his last. Whether he wants it or not. If Bumble can get that golem working like he wants it to, and Honeypot doesn't mind sharing, he could easily have a large herd.


I can neither confirm, nor deny, the presence of Honeypot in a herd.


Heheh, funny you mentioned that. In canon, won't happen, in a bonus or alternative universe story... Well, lets say that the scene has already been written. If folks want to see it, I'll put it up as a bonus chapter later.

7886981 I am totally for it. Especially if Derpy is in it. There needs to be more Derpy clip in general.

7886981 I wouldn't mind reading an extra chapter with Bumble and his family (especially Amethyst).

Wouldn't mind seeing a continuation with him drilling Twilight :raritywink:

Yay Bumble Hooves! I still need to get one of those.

:rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: fucking knew i saw that picture some god dam bad dragon

In a world, where the shy stallion with no confidence when it came to mares, didn't exist. Bumble Hooves, a stud that can have any mare he wants. Mares become his willing foal factories once they see and get a taste of his enormous stallionhood. Protect your mares Equestria. For the dragon has been awoken.

Great.:pinkiehappy: Definitely need more of this in between the story proper. Though you might want to indicate in the chapter title when a chapter is AU or whatever.


Thanks, just realized that I didn't label that as a bonus scene, now I feel Sheepish. Whelp, that's been done, so yay!



Take a normally shy, reserved colt, hit him with a corrupt lust spell, and watch out!




There may, or may not, be another bonus scene coming up featuring the Princess of Friendship, and the Princess of the Moon. As it stands... I can neither confirm nor deny.


Somepony got it! Somepony finally got it!


Somepony else finally got it as well! Oh happy Day!


Awesome sauce. Well my wonderful readers. I'm trying to crank this out, and work on some commission work at the same time. I'm about a forth of the way through the next canon chapter. There is a bonus scene I wrote, but I'm not sure if I want to put it up or not. It's featuring Fluttershy, and I'm not really sure how I feel about that exactly.

Anyway, remember, Love and Tolerate, and Friendship is Magic.



The inspiration for the mane character, and the story itself at large. Allow me to say this... Searching for Bumble Hooves on Google won't lead you to this story right off the bat.

HOT DAMN!!! That's a lot of bits

Hah! That's no moon dash, it's a space station.

On the short side but good chapter.

Lol he is rich hehe damn lucky bastard

7893195 also i did the math and its 36,000 actually sorry not being a smart ass

Oh man, I remember Tenchi Muyo. Classic.

As for the story, what the hay was everyone doing in Honey's dorm room? Seems kind of bizarre and out of nowhere. :rainbowderp:


The reason they were there is going to be explained, but the short answer is Whet.


Thanks! That actually gives me an idea :pinkiehappy: and yes, he's certainly well off.


I know, he's doing well :pinkiehappy:

Well, at least Derpy wasn't there.:derpyderp1: So, I have to wonder, who will he screw first... Piña or Pinchy? Note I didn't ask who he will get next. And how long before DT shows up?

“Hey AJ, I hope that it’s okay that I brought Big Mac’s… Sweet Celestia! Fluttershy are you sticking a hoofball bat up in your tail hole?!”

Wait until Rainbow finds out what Applejack really was using and who it's modeled after.:rainbowderp:

Rainbow, seriously, WTFH???!!!!

Before I read this, I must say that I am ashamed to know where you got the inspiration and the photo.


No shame, no shame. And to be honest, well my wife and I was searching around on the internet, just typing in random things, and boom, we found exactly what inspired this story. Go figure :pinkiehappy:

Thinking that he’s a huge geek or a nerd would be normal, that he’s a good colt is also normal, but feeling his normally baggy cargo pants and robes pressed up against her back side which made her suddenly think, ‘Damn, he’s hung!’ wasn’t normal.

Not even a quarter through the first chapter and it's already a fucking porn plot and a half. Fukken 6/9.

EDIT: First chapter, and he's already got 3 future fuck-buddies. At least. Christi Deus, I'm going to have a fucking hell of a time.

Future Fuckbuddy Counter: At least 7, one of which is a colt
Not only that, but with the "modelling" job, this has now become some twisted kind of meta-fic.

Future Fuckbuddy Counter: At least 9, if we're not getting into incest. Potentially 2 colts.

He handed her the check. She looked at it, and then at him, “Bad Gryphon… Fifteen hundred… Oh..OH!”

Aaaaaaannnd there it is. Welcome to MetaTown - population, us.

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