• Published 1st Apr 2012
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Are you ready to, Rumble? - ePonymous

Cloudchaser decides to spend quality time with her Sky polo teammate's little brother.

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Hrm. Really not sure I like the incest. To be honest this chapter was nowhere near as good as the previous one.


"I'm slightly ashamed that I know what "Shota" means..."

I'm not :twistnerd:

An update to this? :O And an awesome one too!

Me gusta. <3

More please?! continue with the awesome

You could keep going, make at least one more chapter. It would be cool to see how Rumble would react with two mares.


I'm guessing that he'll knocking Celestia and Luna up by the time he's 18

I like where this is going.:raritystarry:

I forgot that this was incomplete. Needless to say I was quite happy to see an update, especially one so... eventful. Kudos.

This made me want to fuck Twilight... Hmmm.....

Hopefully, those sisters will love him right...I mean, he's still very young. They'd better not break his heart.:flutterrage:

(On a side note, Rumble you lucky pegasus you.)

I very much want a third chapter

Wait, that's it? It's done?


That was fucking great.
Though I have to agree, this is NOT over yet, whether you mean it to be or not!:pinkiecrazy:

Maaaaaan... It took me more than a month to get just over a thousand words done! :raritydespair:

There is some temptation for a third chapter, I'll admit. And I'll give it some thought and leave it at a tentative "maybe" for now. But i've got other ideas i'd like to put my attention to. :pinkiehappy:


First chapter has "Cloudchaser," second has "Cloud Chaser." That's a pretty glaring inconsistency.

:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:.......that is all

Comment posted by heavymetalcat1 deleted Aug 30th, 2019

I fell in love with this story.. :pinkiecrazy:

I like... :moustache:

Rumble, you lucky little pecker head. :twilightangry2:

Yeah, she sorta is.:duck:

You can not imagine how weird it feel to ask for this, but... how about that third chapter?

I have another story prioritized at the moment. I DO have a notion, I just lack the motion.

A ticket to Hell as never been better!

Too bad this story is marked complete. I would have liked a third chapter. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Redheart_gasp.png

Ah want more...

Hold on to your... uh... horses, I guess.
Like I said, I have a notion. And I have free time this week! So maybe... perhaps... who knows?


This makes me get really happy. I would LOOOVE another chapter, omg

just one more chapter please!

One more chapter. Oh please one more!

I found this to be disturbingly good. I think I liked the premise of the cuteship despite it involving a foal. Spotted a few typos here and there, but good overall.

Rumble couldn't help flushing, despite himself, and ducked his head a little. "Hi, Cloud Chaser. Hi Flitter. Are... are you both going to watch me?"
"Of course!" Flitter nodded, giving her sister a meaningful look. "Sisters do everything together."

o god!

lol nice clopcfic

im fukin jelous right now :flutterrage:

anyway Good job :twilightsmile:

Cloud Chaser...Is a lecherous scumbag.

564092 doesn't shota have something to do with being underaged? I only have the clue from Ashcorp. (Motherfucker I'm the straightest shota)

Thank you fimfiction filter, and author, for this awesome clopfic that i somehow missed out on for so long...

Damn lucky little......sigh. I just got jealous of a animated foal. :facehoof:
Very well done, hope you are considering some kind of sequel.

Thirty weeks later and still no chapter three...guess that's not happening, eh?

You sir, deserve a thumbs up for this story, hot hot hot!:heart:

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