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This is really good! I'm a huge Soarin'/Rainbow Dash supporter.:rainbowkiss::twilightsmile:

another good short story from you

Clopfics aren't normally my thing but...

Well... Well Written.

It's the story from YT, isn't it? :pinkiecrazy:

"Warning: Contains heterosexual sex, straight Dash" Oh Celestia, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!? :raritycry:

JK, I like the straight shippings. I just think it's funny that you had to put a disclaimer for it so people wouldn't bitch you out (which I have seen happen with heterosexual Dash relationships, believe it or not). :scootangel:

This is very good! Thank you for writing it, Butterscotchsundae! :twilightsmile:

I remember this one. <3 Short and sweet romantic deliciousness.

Good to see this classic get posted here. First clopfic I ever read and still one of my favorites.


people who complain about it are pitiful.

i mean, i prefer lesbian dash, but nothing inherently wrong with straight Dash.


Meh. My headcanon for the fanon versions is that Equestria is universally bisexual. That way I don't have to care about the orientations, just the pairings.

I was never a huge fan of the dynamic of this story, with Dash "winning" Soarin' over from a slutty control freak Spitfire, but at least that made it deeper than just clop.

I never knew you wrote this. Well done, it's brilliant!:moustache:

My first clopfic. I love the romance in this.

And Congratulations on making the featured list so fast.

I like how it says "warning heterosexual dash" :yay:
i'll read it later

What the... :rainbowhuh:
What the BUCK did I just read?

Still... I can clop to this. :pinkiehappy:

I've heard this on youtube before...

Read it was a good one
I could clop to this :pinkiehappy:
but I refuse to because I never clop to pinies:scootangel:


I have absolutely no problem with homosexual pairings, but I really do prefer to think that Dash is straight. It isn't fair to judge ANYONE'S sexuality on personality and appearance alone. Same thing with Caramel. You don't know how happy I was when he got a girlfriend.

When I first saw the cover art and the description, I was like "Uhh, no thanks." But after a while I just clicked, I just knew i had to.

~Morning Dart

Hmmm.... Soarin/Rainbow dash Fic...
"Pie" joke? Check! :pinkiehappy:
"Sonicboom" reference? Check! :pinkiehappy:

So.... Ceiling Celestia is watching them.... and us. :twilightoops:

A non-lesbian pairing involving Rainbow Dash? Somebody pinch me, I must be dreaming.

Ok, second comment, that first one was before reading it.
I have only one thing to say i2.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/masonry/000/117/942/rd_i_have_the_wingest_boner.png

I actually prefer straight Dash. Nice fic! Though clop, but still perfect! Got my thumb!

~Morning Dart


>I hope Celestia dosent see us!



Pic Related

Thank you for the warning. Funniest warning I've ever read LOL. Seriously good fic. Now back to Twidash, Yay. :twilightoops:

Straight Dash??? :rainbowderp:

I kid, I read Until You Met Her :rainbowwild:

Great fic :rainbowkiss:

250961 definetly but the first time I seen it was on YouTube a guy was doing a reading on it


if it's cloppy, fuck the pairings. i'll just read it for clop.

non-cloppy? i tend to go for inter-mane six.

Warning: Contains heterosexual sex, straight Dash

I laughed my ass off. :rainbowlaugh: But thanks for the warning.
I actually don't like clopfics much (and when I read them, heteros gross me out more quickly than mares-on-mares, strangely...), but I will read it later out of the respect I have for your work based on the amazing "The Party Hasn't Ended" story.

Not bad. It does set up a very interesting sequel if you take that route. My only real complaint is a lack of detail in the more cloppy parts. But then again, I am just a bitchy librarian whose only notable achievement is a clopfic I wrote in a rush. Ah, I'm starting to ramble. That means it is time to end this message.

"Warning: Contains heterosexual sex, straight Dash"
Do you realize that warning actually attracted more readers than if you left it out?

Soarin'? In MY Rainbow Dash?
It's more likely than you think.

But seriously... damn it, it's good... dammit, butterscotch...

very well done! this is the way to make a clop: mostly metaphorical descriptions instead of vulgar "he ate out her pu$$y"

251194 you have no idea how PISSED I was! I had him shipped with Fluttershy already! :flutterrage:


*claps wackyteen on the back* MY FRIEND! I KNOW THIS ABOUT YOU! *cossak laugh*

As far as shipping is concerned I really don't care about the pairing as long as the story is good and there's more to it than just romance, like comedy or adventure.

Personally I lost interest in R34 due to all the rape and I lost interest in clop due to all the rape.:pinkiecrazy:

The only artists I still follow like CL and JJ and authors like BSS and SB I realized I actually care more about their characters and stories than the R34 and clop.



I feel the same way ^.^

Just figured I'd say that.

Well Butterscotch, you did it. You managed to do the one thing I never thought would happen. You made me enjoy a romance fic of a pairing I absolutely hate. I'm not a fan of SoarinXDash, never was and I never will, and you got me to enjoy a fic of that.
Well played.

Heterosexual relations??!!?!? YOU SICK FREAK!

TWO hooves DOWN?! Someponies must think that Dashie's as gay as a rainbow! We all know she's bi, so drop it! :rainbowwild::trollestia:

Let me rummage around for my blood sugar meter after all that sweetness!

Clopfics are fun. Clopfics with real emotion in them are sexy. This is sexy.

I like how we need a "warning" for straight Rainbow Dash...

i love this fic! :pinkiehappy:
great job and keep it up! :)


Meanwhile at the Canterlot Palace



Five out of five porno staches!


I adored this story!

I believe I've read this before on DA. It's a very sweet story. :twilightsmile:

I... may have skipped ahead this time. I needed to read the naughty parts again for... stuff. ;>_>

I remember reading this somewhere and I loved it so much. Still loving it.

Hetero Dash is best Dash. Break dem stigmas! :rainbowkiss:

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