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Of all the days to be late to school, it had to be the one with the field trip Sweetie Belle had been looking forward to all month! And she would have made it too, if it weren't for a brief argument with the laws of gravity and inertia...

Now she finds herself stranded in a strange new world... one full of magical talking ponies, princesses, and a version of herself she could have never imagined. How will she cope? Will it be a wonderland, or just a really bad trip?

(Rated Teen - sex for some adult humor / teenage situations, rather than actual "content". Also I'm pretty much ignoring "Equestria Girls" beyond setting considerations)

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This looks really good and I can't wait to see what else happens in this fiction. There's one slight error, though:

Hello again, young one,” spoke the rainbow-named pony that Sweetie Bell had decided was her principal. “I’m glad to see you are well enough to join us.” ‘Us’ apparently consisted of three other winged unicorns – the candy one, a mostly-purple one standing a head below the others, and the last, a dark blue with the same sort of flowing mane as Celestia.

That should be maned not named.

But apart from that, I like it. :twilightsmile:


Well, if it was Rainbow Dash she was talking to, instead of Celestia, it would have been right either way.

“Wait… princess Celestia? Princess Luna?” Sweetie Belle looked between the two, chewing the back of her lip, then looking to the last pony introduced “There’s a Rarity that goes to my school. You… do sort of look like her, I guess? Except for… you know… Everything, I guess.”


Goes to her school? Rarity is Sweetie Belle's Sister. :rainbowhuh:

*goes further* Why'd you change that, of all things? o.O

Edit: Well, okay... Seems like it could be interesting. I'll track it. The change is a little weird though. That serve a purpose?

This is looking fantastic so far. I eagerly await more!:raritystarry:

\ePonymous is't Rarity is Sweetie Belle's sister in this story

Cadence gave the guard one of those looks that only disappointed aunts and bored Royalty can manage “Just because she has them in a different place, doesn’t mean I can’t recognize-“

HAHAHHAHAHAHAH. Oh my god that cracked me up good.

Doctor Spinel is awesome.

So HumanSweetie isn't HumanRarity's sister. HMMMMMMMM. What could this mean?

So is there a reason why the lunar month (the time from one full moon to the next) is different on Equestria? Here it is just over 29 days, but Twilight says 27?
I am interested in seeing what the meat of the story is, but you have a nice setup here.


It could only mean Human!Scootaloo is Human!Rainbow Dash's sister.


A full lunar orbital is 27 days. Give or take owing to gravity fun times.

Also in Equestria the moon is a princess and has three stars that orbit it. Judging by the parralax, it is also within the planet's lower atmosphere. So DON'T SCIENCE ME BRO!

Interesting! :raritystarry:
Definitely keeping my eye on this one.:raritywink:

It's your story, you can set whatever measurement you wish, but the orbit of the moon is not the basis of the term 'a moon' as a measurement of time.

And can you link me to a reference to Equestria's moon being in the atmosphere? My Google-fu fails me.

Um, I just wanted to point out Mr. ePonymous that Stormy Skies is technically correct. According to the very article you linked to, the time it takes the Moon to orbit the Earth is indeed 27.3 days. However the time from New Moon to New Moon is 29.5 days. I say that Stormy Skies is technically correct because Twilight was specifically referring to the time from New Moon to New Moon, but really you're both kind of right.

I've intrigued and want to subscribe to your newsletter.:trixieshiftright:

Tried reading Sweetie's agrish., you misspelled some stuff in there- assuming I read it correctly.

Don't worry. I am confused too.....:twilightoops:

I think I can guess why Sweetie Belle isn't sisters with Rarity.

In the IDW comics, there were bunch of differences than the pony world version. We (Derpibooru) had a lot of discussion about it and in the end, we all agreed that "due to the Human World being in another dimension, we can assume that it does not have all the similarities of the original franchise. It probably has to fit itself with the different physical laws to make things at least make some sense."

Here are a few examples of Human World differences:-

Babs Seed is as old as Applejack
Nightmare Moon never occurred
Human Twilight Sparkle never met with the others
We also never saw Human Sunset Shimmer (pony Sunset Shimmer does not count)
Granny Smith is older than Celestia and Luna
The principals do not control the celestial bodies of the planet


Well, all I can tell is that it is going to be a strang chapter when humanSweetie finds out that ponyRarity is ponySweetie's sister.

3440676 Stranger than what, exactly? :yay:

Hmmm.:unsuresweetie: I shall keep an eye on this one.


Stranger than Patrick Star running for Princess of Equestria after Celestia decided to randomly make the country a democracy? Nah.

Anyway, good chapter. This story has my attention.

I want the next chapter... NOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!! :flutterrage:

Me too!
It's cooking, it's cooking. Writing is like barbequing a brisket. Just, let it do its thing, it'll get there!

...Shoot, now I want a smoked brisket sandwich. :twilightoops:

3449494 have a five hour energy and HURRY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!:applecry:

3445450 What is this magical tale you speak of? :raritystarry:

Love this story, please continue. :pinkiehappy:

This story just went into my read immediately on update category thanks for the great story. :scootangel: Oh one more thing AHEM :flutterrage: MORE!!!! :fluttershysad: please.

Excuse please, I mean no offence. But what is the hold-up with 2 chapters short?:applejackunsure::twilightsheepish:

3892393 A job that has 15 hour shifts.
Life is not kind to the working brony!

Would love to see more of this.

That's a very nice start. Would love to see more :pinkiehappy:

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Hmm. Well, I'm always up for a human ponidox. I look forward to seeing where you go with this, though I am curious about why you chose not to maintain the sibling connection. And why this Sweetie wasn't transformed. (I know you said you'd be disregarding much of Equestria Girls in the story description, but bear in mind that by working with some of it, you've set an expectation for the rest. Expect many reader questions along this vein.)

3435627 Unless, of course, Sweetie Belle was supposed to be garbling her language out of panic.

So in this version of the portal the transformation thing doesn't work?

Odd thing to make a change on, but why not? Interesting. I shall keep an eye on this one.

There's one thing that I noticed, in your short description:

"Is this the start of an Excellent Adventure or a Bogus Journey?"

I-Is that a Bill And Ted reference?!

Hope it dosn't affect the Balance of equestria. Good Chapter!

You wrote Sweetie bell at one point. Eager to See how the Meeting between them will be. That’s what i like about celestia, helping others no matter what.

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