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Wow just wow and a idea have the rest of the cuitie mark crusaders

Oh, My! That ENDING!
So epic.
Well written, even if I think Pip is a bit TOO young for that game.
But thumb up for that ending :rainbowkiss:

OH HOLY SHIT! thats gonna be hard to explain
:unsuresweetie: "Beating your high score. :trollestia:"

:facehoof: What you do when you realize how awkward explaining this to kid will be.

I thought I had morals and that there would be a line I wasn't willing to cross. But you sir have made me cross that line, I both hate and love you for it. Damn good story!:pinkiehappy:

Well all af the CMC are more excited than the other kids so I reaílly could imagine to they get sexual eperiment very soon like here.

Sweetie Belle knows games to play too.

Can someone kill me now?

Am I going to Hell for liking this?
:unsuresweetie: yep.

Good gawd, that was HOT!
...I feel so dirty... :unsuresweetie:

Oh my god.
That ending line made me lose it.
I laughed out loud. Really loud.


To answer your questions in order

>So how is the series going to work?<
As you can see from its status, this particular story is completed, however the "After School Special" series is going to be a small collection of semi-linear one-shots that I'll work on and upload when I need breaks from my other stories. (And trust me, I need breaks)

Are the other chapters going to feature other Crusaders losing their virginity to a boy? Like, the next chapter will be Apple Bloom and Spike or Scootaloo and Featherweight?
Yes, and no. What I mean by that, is that I'm going to utilize (as disturbing as this to write) the (I need my shame corner) characters that I find make the most adorable (for fillies) and endearing (for boys) pairings: i.e Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Applebloom x Spike (yes you hit that nail on the head) And so n, those just being the most prominent names to leap off my head; it will most likely expand. In the cases of some characters though it won't summarily be a "first time." (I'll leave that for you to interpret.)

Aside from that, I hope I answered all of your questions, and thanks for reading.

The last line made me burst with laughter. The best part is how the two fillies did not really know how bad what they were doing is xD! :rainbowlaugh:

LMFPO!!!!!! "beating your high score"!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: i:heart: that ending.

Well I tried imagine things like that. Poor Applebloom what would get from her bigsister and specially if old Granny Smith would find her in a situation like that and she couldn't exolain that easy to Granny why she drop her virgin sooo early.

LOL. That ending. :rainbowlaugh:

No purgatory for me. Straight to hell. And I DON"T CARE! :pinkiehappy:

wow, that was interesting... I'm not a terrible person if I say I somewhat enjoyed that, am i...? :unsuresweetie:

Okaay. That was.........AWESOME! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: Dat ending...it made me laffs

That was....that was.....FUCKING AMAZING. :rainbowlaugh:

I can't find a good .gif that hasn't been used, unfortunately. :/

617496 court-records.net/animation/phoenix-headshake.gif
Not at all. If anyone here is a terrible person, it would have to be I for writing such a tale, but alas, look at my username. Does it not say everything about me?

I'm a filly and what is this

that ending was boss though :rainbowkiss:

That ending. Omg that made me lol so hard. Rarity is so at fault for everything that is happening. :raritycry:

it was good. At least, until the end.

At the end, it went from "good" to "fanfuckingtastic" :rainbowlaugh:

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