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:trixieshiftright: Seriously? :trixieshiftleft:

Thats a cracked up pairing right there. Also, didn't think I'd find straight shota on this site, but then this....

Normally I don't get into foal clopfics, but for this I made an exception. Maybe because it seemed like such an odd ship? Maybe because in the back of my head I thought there might be some Thunderlane in there? Maybe, even, because Cloudchaser just looks awesome? I'm not sure. Either way, I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. There were some very cute moments in there, enough that it made me wonder what this would be like as a cute shipfic rather than a clopfic. I digress, though. Few typos aside, it was fairly well done, and seeing as how it's Incomplete, I'm actually waiting for more chapters. Never thought I'd say that about a clopfic before! Nice job.

Yum yum. How cute!

I gotta say, that was pretty good. There were a bunch of small grammatical errors but nothing drastic. Sooo yeah, kudos.

I Uploaded this to the directory if you don't mind. I can take it down just as well.

This was good! And I mean REALLY good! Dude if you keep this up I will have no choice but to watch you! I mean holy FUCK that was good! I really do hope to see more from you!

Stay frosty!

You have my attention.

If this really is incomplete, by all means continue.

This is a very good piece of clop here. And, if I am not mistaken, the first piece of straight shota in this site.
Eagerly awaiting for more.

I can't believe I'm sayint this, but this was cute. I mean, I never thought that a story like this would be so sweet. I hope you write more of this pairing. I want to see more of them. They make such a great couple.

(I can't believe I'm liking the idea of an older mare with a young colt, but you pulled it off.)

I'm slightly ashamed that I know what "Shota" means...

NONETHELESS, this is a great story, really damn sexy.

"Augh! Stoppit!" said the foal to the grown mare.

And then they had sex.

Stay classy, fim community :)

401540 Aren't we always?:pinkiecrazy:

I like crack ships. Anyone can write appledash, but it takes skill to write, say, Mayor x Gilda, and make it work (skill that I absolutely lack, in that specific case :derpyderp2: )

is there going to be more?

I'm working on it!

I foresee his brother having a crush on her too, and a shitstorm will ensue. :eeyup:

...I read everything in Alan Wakes voice. Don't know why...

I was going to mention it being incomplete and wanting more, but because you said you were working on it...

...I'll mention it anyway, oh god, I want more.

Read this on tumblr yesterday. At work. Things got a little... constricted... downstairs.

...I'd ask what kind of work you do that you browse clop from there, but I'm afraid i might get an answer :unsuresweetie:

It'd be hilarious if she got pregnant.

Hrm. Really not sure I like the incest. To be honest this chapter was nowhere near as good as the previous one.


"I'm slightly ashamed that I know what "Shota" means..."

I'm not :twistnerd:

An update to this? :O And an awesome one too!

Me gusta. <3

More please?! continue with the awesome

You could keep going, make at least one more chapter. It would be cool to see how Rumble would react with two mares.


I'm guessing that he'll knocking Celestia and Luna up by the time he's 18

I like where this is going.:raritystarry:

I forgot that this was incomplete. Needless to say I was quite happy to see an update, especially one so... eventful. Kudos.

This made me want to fuck Twilight... Hmmm.....

Hopefully, those sisters will love him right...I mean, he's still very young. They'd better not break his heart.:flutterrage:

(On a side note, Rumble you lucky pegasus you.)

I very much want a third chapter

That was fucking great.
Though I have to agree, this is NOT over yet, whether you mean it to be or not!:pinkiecrazy:

Maaaaaan... It took me more than a month to get just over a thousand words done! :raritydespair:

There is some temptation for a third chapter, I'll admit. And I'll give it some thought and leave it at a tentative "maybe" for now. But i've got other ideas i'd like to put my attention to. :pinkiehappy:


First chapter has "Cloudchaser," second has "Cloud Chaser." That's a pretty glaring inconsistency.

Comment posted by heavymetalcat1 deleted Aug 30th, 2019

I posess the strangest of boners right now. Ugh.

I fell in love with this story.. :pinkiecrazy:

I like... :moustache:

Rumble, you lucky little pecker head. :twilightangry2:

Cloud Chaser is a slut.

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