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Many years after their friendship broke apart, a war brings Gilda and Rainbow Dash back together, even if it is just for one final showdown before the curtain closes for one of their nations.

In these final moments, Gilda reflects on the reasons why she got to where she was and what changed her to do the things she did.

Coverart by: dimfann

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The feels are ogrebearing:pinkiesad2:

I return to my friend, The Raging Rainbow.

I also feel sad over what this means for overall pony public mentality and how much healing it will take to help pony civilization achieve harmony again. The 6 will have their work cut out.

Righteous or not. Defensive or not. War and killing on a massive scale affects people unless they make a great effort to avert it over time.

Nice one shot btw.

I'm crying now... I hope you're happy.:fluttercry:

I certainly am...:heart:

Could be raging, sure, but in this context it means fast/dashing. :rainbowwild:

Really awesome story, you're such an talented writer!


oh so amazing! What do those last words mean anyway??

What a sad story...:pinkiesad2:

So you choose German as the tongue of the Griffins? Since Gilda is referring to Dash in these three lines, the second line should be ZU MEINER FREUNDIN. What you choose is the male form^^ Dash is a girl, so it reads a bit awkward.:twilightsmile:

Everyone seems to praise this story for the feels. I see something else of interest: the world building. In one short story you've conjured up a ton of history and culture, and it all felt very real. It made everything so much stronger. I regret that it took me so long to finally read this.

Huh, real.

I think that one word defines this story perfectly.

The end part means (clears throte)
'That I may return to my friend the raging rainbow'

You looked wonderful, like phoenix whose blaze scorches the landscape, a whirl of steel and iron, a rainbow haze. It’s a bit sad, but I’ve got to admit, you’ve gotten stronger, just as I’ve gotten quicker. For every time I hit you, you got me twice, but this time I felt every single one of them. Honestly, I find it strange that it’s you who’s crying and not me. Be proud of yourself, Rainbow Dash …
Ya finally got me.

At this point I started crying. I admit it's hard to make me cry…and it didn't help that there was a sad song going on :P

Oh god.... and now with the recent episode with Gilda being reformed..... dammit dude.... this makes this even more sad.

They always underestimate ponies.

But when you take harmony away, ponies become monsters.

We've seen it, time and time again.

Cool story.


Stories are old... comments are old. But what you posted sound great. They embrace harmony because without it, they know deep down they are the worse of the monsters in Equestria.

Hence they live harmoniously peaceful lives, unfortunately that's taken the wrong way. It makes them appear weak & easy picking from anyone that wants to bring them harm. So they are underestimated.

That could make a good story!

What if you made a sequel where dash turned against the ponies? Or an alternate story

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