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Because the fireplace is warm and when you find yourself the only pony around, sometimes you find your thoughts drifting. Sometimes you think about your friends, your family, sometimes you just think about where you live and why you consider it home.

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Is good. I never really read purely slice-of-life stories, mainly because people do them wrong. You did it right. Her thoughts were slow, clean-cut, emotional. They didn't have a tether on them that ripped it aside to a point of cry for no inexplicable reason. It truly brought it all together when the other 5 showed up on her doorstep. It let her know she may think Applejack would be the only one there later, the other were there for the now. This was a story done well. Short and concise.

I enjoyed this because the emotions here really ring true. The doubt and wonder in regards to the coming future, the way Fluttershy over-analyzes her own faults because she's the one who sees them the most clearly, and therefore they appear magnified to her. Then the way her friends instantly make her forget those doubts, at least for a little while.

I dare to turn my head one more time, looking out of the window. I only see white. It's worse than any year before and I heard most ponies don't come out of there respective homes anymore.


Strange as it is i stand up as slowly as possible, but Angel's already awake.

*"i" needs to be capitalized

7/12 pretty decent Fluttershy characterization.

Very sweet. It feels a bit rough in spots, but still a very lovely gentle piece.

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