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Lightning Dust isn't a kind pony and she isn't a pony who cares about others. All she ever wanted was to get a breakthrough, to have one thing go right for her, no matter the cost. It didn't matter what would appear in her way, what would hinder her and who would help her, because in the end all that mattered was that she would become a wonderbolt.

Strangely enough, her dream was crushed and Lightning Dust found herself flying into a direction, which she didn't know. Maybe she had hoped to find an answer, but all she found was a village attacked by an ursa major. Now she is just wondering why she couldn't simply ignore it.

Coverart by: http://karzahnii.deviantart.com/

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Wow! :pinkiegasp: I hope it's not an one-shot... :rainbowdetermined2:

I'm intrigued. :rainbowderp::yay:

Nice little quick story there. Liked it.:raritywink:



Lightning Dust
In the end, she was a badass.

Going out in a blaze of glory


Very interesting read. Very good atmosphere, good writing, nice feelings and descriptions... I would have liked to read more, see more people different ponies, but then again the story being from Lightning's point of view, and starting in this situation (good start btw, hooking and all), I understand it would have been pretty hard to add more...

A solid read. Here, have an upvote :3

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Found two possible typos

what remained where the sounds


the stairway down was still in tact


This was a good read. No real ties to a redemption, no flashy 'lesson learned' sort of thing, just Lightning Dust seeing the world through the pessimistic point of view. She didn't do what needed to be done to be a hero, she just did it because... she felt like it. It is a different take on her personality, but I'll be honest, the pessimistic outlook on life is admittedly depressing. That being said, I always did like this saying "Being a pessimist is great, I'm either proven right, or pleasantly surprised."

I too would like to see this story continued in some fashion depending on how the encounter ended. Perhaps from Lightning Dust's point of view or the filly's.

Possible typo

Then, the filly went out of focused and Lightning was walking

"focus" maybe?

Keep writing good sir/ma'am.

4408375 I did actually write it as a simple one-shot in mind. An experiment of what I wanted my head-canon of LD to look like. :twistnerd: I'm glad you enjoy it, though.

4408896 Thanks. :twilightblush:

4409031 Tears are my main supplicant for salt. :trollestia:

4409094 I like to think that she found out her kryptonian heritage in the last moment. :duck: But yeah, wonderful that you liked it.


4410811 I wanted this to focus merely on Lightning Dust for the sake of showing off her own thoughts without any real interruption–aside from being punched out by a space bear. That and I wanted to keep the whole thing beneath 3k words. :twilightsheepish:

Also, mistakes will be fixed, thanks for pointing them out.

4414367 I tried the whole anvil thing with a character learning a lesson, it was awkward, so this ended up a deliberate aversion. Plus, Lightning Dust is a good character since Wonderbolt's Academy ended with her getting a chance to do some off-screen character development.

Still, it's a one-shot, though I'll basically try to stay consistent with her character throughout my fanfics. Would be a waste of a background story otherwise. :trixieshiftright:

Also, that is totally not a typo, but a ... uhm ... Oh, a stylistic device! Yeah, that's totally it. :scootangel: Thanks for pointing it out, I'll get to fixing it, and also thanks for reading this story. :pinkiehappy:

This tale felt more like a 'slice of life' story then a dark story. :rainbowhuh:

I mean it had the main character overcoming her difficult past,and rise up to be a better pony.

Sure,y this tale could be continued, right ? :rainbowderp:

That was a nice character study. I fell like it was a little shallow, but still nice.

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So I wound back up at this story, read it, and is now suffering from a severely punched-in feels department:raritydespair::raritydespair::raritycry::fluttershysad::heart:


This was pretty great.

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