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Great story. You've earned a thumbs up and a fav.

Also five Spike mustaches.


This was silly. 12k words telling us about how shit Coco's life was and all I could do was laugh at how melodramatic it was. You should have spent time showing it from coco's end instead of having her talk about it. Also rarity is a manipulative monster here, offering Coco exactly what she wants so she can get her specal somepony.

Eh, your paragraphs are to long, or there are to many that are long. See what you can do to cut them in half, or put a share paragraph at the end of a long one


Also rarity is a manipulative monster here, offering Coco exactly what she wants so she can get her specal somepony.

>Implying that Rarity isn't a manipulative monster.

Spike's Fire Ruby. That is all.

Am Disappoint that Rarity doesn't send a letter to Celestia reporting that director ans his employees.

All my yes.

This story made me cry.

It was a good story though.

That's brilliant.

I always wondered why there was so much Coco/Rarity stuff. Besides working well as a story, Rarity=marshmallow and Coco=cocoa, so people like cocoa with marshmallows. That analysis is absolute genius. My mind is so blown, there are brains all over the room.

FYI, they added a Coco Pommel tag

4091817 Ugh FINALLY!! I've asked the staff to add her months ago and none of them responded. Thanks for the heads up.

At first I tought this was pure drama, i don't like drama :applecry: ( I watch MLP because they make me happy when I watch them) but you achieve an happy ending, and described Rarity's personality perfectly.
I liked.
Maybe a happy or silly story next? involving fillies maybe? :raritywink: I love those things :heart:

Chapter update on my feed. Did you accidently publish and take down a continuation?:pinkiehappy:

Actually it was the poster I uploaded. Didn't realize it went into your update when it happened. Sorry about that.

No worries. Still this is the first time I've seen th system send an alert for a cover art. Strange.

You know what could have prevented the rape and I would be quite happy with the fic, but this is not what I expected opening. sorry but dislikefc06.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2014/004/9/d/mlp_fim___coco_pommel_by_joakaha-d70v24n.jpg

Such a good story all the feelz just beautiful. :twilightsheepish:

This story has a thumbs up and a fave! *hands out a cookie* Here! Have a cookie!

Really good story. Heard the Audio on Youtube and what not.

Though as I listened, all I could think of was Spike, the poor little baby dragon, all of a sudden gripping his heart as it broke into pieces.

The feels for the story was intense.

The feels for what came after when Spike found out was much more so.

The very serious abuse issue and it not being reported was slightly awkward, doesn't this deserve a dark tag? for the rest it was an impressive story, I like some Coco Pommel in my life.

Author Interviewer

I am really tired of stories that put characters through intense trauma with the sole reason of making the emotionally vulnerable enough to ship.

Probably said this before but I I'll say it again. This...needs...a sequel!

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