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Celestia, the darling prodigy mayor of Canterlot, is a content workaholic. She spends her life trying to make life better for the people of her city.

However, a chance encounter with a kind and talented seamstress offers an opportunity to gain something she never knew she just might need.

Written as a birthday gift for the amazing Monochromatic

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 11 )

We can never have too much marshmallow shipping~ :raritystarry:

I see the pun in the title. Story's good too. I suppose.

It's about time you joined us over here on the published author side of the site.

Cute story,

This fits as a good comment

adorable...honestly...Rarlestia is a pretty good ship

Two years late, but I thought this was a sweet story, I’m going to take a look at your other work. Upvoted, faved, followed.

I do appreciate it, but I am afraid my work ethic is lacking.

I don’t care about that, and your collection of shorts is just as sweet as this.

Thanks, I appreciate it :D
Maybe I'll manage to get some more writing done one day.

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