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After an accident left Fleetfoot's flightsuit ripped open she is in danger of being kicked to the bench for the duration of the season.
Fortunately there is somepony nearby who can fix it.

To bad they never told her that pony happens to be a cute mare.

Special thanks to Kirb for the idea and helping me with my grammar and overall readabilty of the story.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 10 )

Coco X Fleetfoot... you have my attention :twilightsmile:

Hey, thanks for crediting me in the description! :pinkiehappy:
I can't wait for further chapters.

I'm always up for a little Coco.:pinkiehappy:

Well, this is interesting.
The way this is written, the first person narration, I think it could improve. Fleetfoot narrating everything while adding a few thoughts, that kind of confuses me.

Is there going to be more?

Yup, there is going to be more.
But I'm a slow writer :raritydespair: But there are going to be atleast 2 chapters more.

I know I know, i'll try and finish up the chapter I'm working on but I disliked it due it felt like a bit ooc-ish (more then usual) and rushed

WELL. How did I just find this story? :rainbowhuh: Well, nevertheless, I love it! Umm... moar?

Wait, is she serious? Is she actually the owner? Well, I guess Spitfire was wrong about something: apparently you CAN be young, cute and successful! Who knew?

Really Spitfire:ajbemused:?

Damn that cuteness! There should be a law against it!

Totally:rainbowlaugh:! Coco is just so adorable its ridiculous:pinkiehappy:!

As Coco returned her blush had not receded. But she was not even looking at me anymore. What’s up with that? I’m not THAT intimidating right?

Well...you are a Wonderbolt:twilightblush:?

Or wait? Was this one of those ‘signs’ ponies tend to blab on about? I thought it was just nonsense. Well then, if it is a signal, I’d be a fool not to take advantage of it. I’m not a marenizer as Spitfire might be. But nopony can say that Fleetfoot would decline a cute piece of mare like that.

Anypony that Coco is offering to 'roll in the hay' with, would have to be an idiot to decline:eeyup:!

“You know, if you’re free, how about going to dinner? My treat for fixing it so swiftly.”

The small ‘Eep!’ she made was beyond cute. Ooh dear, now her face is blushing even more. Is it even healthy to have that much color on your cheeks?

“Oh my, yes I’d love to. But I don’t even know your name, Miss.”

“It’s Fleetfoot, no ‘miss’ or anything like that. Just Fleetfoot.”


And there she went. Well, dinner can wait, I got a mare to wake up.

Way to go Fleety:rainbowlaugh:!

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