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Somepony had stolen Twilight's crown and she traveled through a magical mirror in the Crystal Palace. Twilight, and unexpectedly Spike, travel through the mirror to a world she was not prepared for...

Mixing Equestria Girls and Harry Potter.
Cover Art by NinjaHam
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so 10 months in the Harry Potter Universe, and right at the start of term for Hogwarts. convenient, but lot appropriate none the less. I am curious to see where this goes, what Spike will be in the HP universe and who this guy offer Twilight biscuits is, how he knows who she is and who deposited her in the Leaky Cauldron (probably Dumbledore, but that would fit)

3777390 No, I'm mixing the Equestria Girls in the story line of the Philosopher's Stone, so Mr. Cake is the guy with biscuits. Obviously, her old wizard self signed into the leaky cauldron, and Twilight of MLP took her place, and I have something for Spike. And she meets a familiar face in Diagon Alley, who was generous.

Ten months is the amount of time at Hogwarts for one year.

I'm so Excited!!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: I want MOAR:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:!!!!!!!

I love Harry Potter! Can't wait for more! :heart:

"Maybe it's a house in a school for magical, monkey-like people, and the house turns out to be the meanest house in the whole school, which it had a very, very bad monkey, who was a killer and a savage?" said Pinkie Pie.

"I'm... goin' with Pinkie on this." said Rainbow Dash.

One thing you learn is to never second guess a fourthwall breaker.:pinkiehappy:

The plot, the way it's going, is exactly the same as EQG, and from what I've learned in my past crossovers is that you shouldn't do a re-telling. The idea – although it feels awkward at first (having been a diehard Potterhead for many years) – does have some sort of potential, but I advise you stray from the EQG plot as much as you possibly can. I mean, with the setup you have, there's no avoiding having Twilight getting the crown back, but there is still a lot you can avoid.
I'll be watching this, but I won't favorite just yet. I want to see where you'll go with it.

EDIT: Some other things I should've mentioned before:
-Yes, the general rule is to show, not tell, but inserting a picture of Mr. Cake instead of describing him feels not only like a cop-out, but just plain weird. I don't want to be interrupted from the flow of a story by having a giant picture slapped in my face, and I'm sure nobody else does, either – including you. Describe what he looks like. Is his apron dirty from all the work he's been doing? Does he even have an apron? Is he going to be wearing such bright colors in a dim place such as the Leaky Cauldron? I want to give myself an image from your words, not from another image.
-You shouldn't put your I-don't-own-anything disclaimer in the story. Personally, I have no idea why people do it, as it's obvious you don't, but if you want to put it in, please put it in the description. It's another thing that removes me from the atmosphere of the story.

it is a good thing that if she misses her time frame at all she can just use a time turner

i saw last harry potter movie it good movie i wish they did not stop making any more

Meh, not the best I've seen, but still good. Have a follow:scootangel:

They will not have the power to defend themselves.

That is the line that ruined the movie for me Because I am a proud and finicky bastard.
It makes little sense in the movie, and it makes just as little, if not less sense in this.

Well that is a fun Idea, I can't wait for chapter 2.

3778865 in the movie it made perfect sense:magic must defeat magic. Clearly we have little to no magic, so we'd pretty much be ultra-screwed. Here however, you are absolutely right. I mean, WTF, wizards meddle in forces the ponies can only imagine, yet THEY'RE the defenseless ones? Best guess:Tia got the portals mixed up.

For the first part; Sure, one on one we would be rather defenseless against a magic user without a weapon to help us out, but an entire planet crawling with us? It doesn't seem likely... :trixieshiftright:

3779083 well, we'd probably figure out how to use magic before to long, even if we didn't have any before they came, sorcery leaves a lot of magic behind. But in the months to years to centuries before we figured it out, billions would die. Or at least thousands. Then in the resulting chaos, a few million. That's a rather large number, not to mention what would happen to Equestria without the elements, cause let's face it, their military sucks.

I highly doubt billions would die. While we don't have magic, we still have SCIENCE!
And that is just as deadly as magic...

3779114 until you pit it up against magic. It has several limits that magic doesn't.

Nein, we have no evidence in the series that magic is all powerful. You may have the occasional unicorn like the sparkles who can create a shield that can cover a city, but that broke after an assault by a bunch of changelings and an emotionally drained unicorn. I can only imagined what a tactical nuclear strike would do to that...

3779134 pony magic, mostly(matter creation) but HP magic, can fight that with science. Funny, ponies can create matter, wizards can destroy it. Lol

Um... can you clarify what you were talking about in that sentence?

3779153 Trixie and Discord both display the ability to create matter. We could just say, Discord is different but Trixie does it, and she's pretty weak. And if you are a geek(Like me! Cause geeks secretly rule the world) you know wizards in the HP series can destroy matter.

... You know humans can't have purple eyes right?

3779204 Yeah, but the people that made Equestria Girls didn't care, right?

Okay mabey you should of made him human and use owlissious instead also too short mabey exspand it to 3000 per chapter

I do wonder what happened to this universe's Twilight, since Shining armor and Candace and her parents all obviously think "equestira" Twilight is "HP" Twilight.

One other suggestion, maybe have Twi not recognize them immediately. She could hear her mom call Shining armor "Shining", or you cold have Shining Armor give her a big hug and call her Twily, before she recognizes him. Since he is the only one in "cannon" that calls her Twily, that would be a big clue to who he is.

That being said I loved this chapter. This is a really fun idea, and I can't wait to see more, (especially how Trixie translates in. And Rainbow Dash; chaser, chaser, chaser...please?)

Oh one more piece of advice; take my advice with a grain of salt, because this is your story.

I look forward to seeing more of this,

Since Voldemort doesn't exist in this story I guess that the prophecy doesn't either?

3781357 Uhhh, Spike delivers letters, owls deliver letters?

+: I'll extend it as I can. There will be a lot of chapters!

3781678 No, Voldemort is in the story. I'm mixing the storyline for Equestria Girls and Harry Potter.

That was fast again could have combined the three chapters

So um is the humans In this one have different color skin

Also do you have chapter pre written

3781957 I said there will be a looooooot of chapters!


Okay looking forward to it :)

It's Rarity:pinkiegasp:!!!!! Yes!!!! So Excited!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Oh my gosh.
That signature. :rainbowlaugh:
It looks like Minerva had the steady hand of someone trying to draw on Microsoft paint with a mouse.

3780848 true enough. But this is in the HP universe instead of a parallel equestria. At least it seams to be so far.

3781703 yay i like making fun of old moldy shorts

Shields from Darkness: Volume 1 by Arnold Riddle

Riddle? Aw man, that's not good, not good at all...

*is torn between fearing reading a bad crossover fic and reading it because it's Harry freaking Potter* :fluttershysad:

*sigh* :ajbemused: I'm gonna end up reading this anyway, aren't I. Well then, here we go. :ajsleepy:

Please tell me Owl-Spike isn't going to offer Rarity dead rats as a sign of affection...because that'd be hi-larious.:rainbowlaugh:

Pretty please with a chocolate frog on top add more! :fluttershysad:

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