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When she accidentally misuses her teleportation spell, Twilight, Spike and the Mane Six are transported to a place called Danville, where they meet two boys, who agree to help them. Meanwhile, Fluttershy gets a sudden surprise from a little platypus...

Characters belong to Disney (Phineas and Ferb) and Hasbro (MLP: FIM)

Chapters (3)
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Lol I'm so reading this :twilightsheepish:

OMG Agent Fluttershy Awesome! Please continue! :pinkiehappy:

same here i am reading this too

... Candace, meet ponies. Ponies, meet Candace

I'm so glad to see more PnF crossovers.
My only problem is that it's a bit to fast paced.

Comment posted by MythrilMoth deleted Oct 9th, 2013

In Polish, "owca" means "a sheep". :rainbowwild:

Also, the acronym is used at the place where I work: Osoba Wykonujaca Czynnosci Agencyjne ("person performing insurance agency - that is, someone who works as an insurance agent, but lacks the means to do it independently)

You switch between past and present tense a lot. Is that intentional?

"So long, Flutters the Pegasus!" Doofenshmirtz called from above, holding Perry, who was all tied up. The struggling Pegasus tried to break free, but the robot's fingers were glued to Fluttershy. Will she save Perry the Platypus and defeat Doofenshmirtz? "Stay tuned for more MLPaF!" the robot said.

Breaking the 4th wall at its finest :pinkiehappy:

"Excuse me, little thing?" she asks the platypus. "What's your name?" The platypus chirped and for some reason, Fluttershy understood that. "Perry is your name? That's a sweet name. I'm Fluttershy." They came to a tall purple building with a sky-roof and a balcony. Then a sudden jingle came.

Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorperated!

if she is still a unicorn, she can not have gone to the human world already, she has to be an alicorns for that.

This is me liking every single comment here...

I didnt really liked dat cartoon, but....this, this is something I want to read :rainbowderp: we will see how it gonna carry on :eeyup:

Yay :yay: 4th wall breaking time :pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

You know who else likes this story? MY MOM!
Sorry, I couldn't help myself :twilightblush: Ok....now I realy like this story :pinkiehappy: keep on good work:pinkiesmile:
P.S. use more 4th wall breaking


Love it so far, you just need to fix some minor grammatical mistakes.

Great story so far, just need to make sure you have verbs where verbs are needed and need to fix grammatical things like tenses. Keep up the good work!

When will you continue this story?

I really would like to see more chapters. You kind of left everyone in cliffhangers, even on Fanfiction.net.

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