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I was always neglected by my family. I'm like a tool for my brother and my sisters can give two shits about me! I just wish I could do something that my little brother or sister couldnt've done.

My name is Mary Test, and this is my story.

Johnny Test (c) Warner Bros
MLP: FiM (c) Hasbro
Cover Art by aliita2

Chapters (3)
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I like the fact that you've given Mary a personality rather than be a near carbon copy of her Gil-obsessed sister. And by the way FIRST!!

:fluttercry: So sad... Good luck in Equestria Mary! Also, why didn't they decommission and destroy the robot so it wouldn't have, oh, I don't know... KILLED SOMEONE!?

3931710 It was a gigantic machine, so you can't destroy it in time.

3931796 Give me the size and I'll judge if it can be decommissioned

Comment posted by MathewSwiftMLP deleted Feb 12th, 2014

3931906 FOR FUCKING REAL!!!!! hhhhmmm, I have an idea to destroy it *finger nears a BIG...RED.....BUTTON*

Interesting premise. There were one or two typos but otherwise, good in that area. I got confused during the fight because Mary said she wasn't complaining about not doing things alone, yet that's what started the fight isn't it? Anyways take my fav so I can follow, and let's see if you can earn my like as well.

3931575 I believe you are looking for this gif?

3931983 *presses button* FIRE THE MAC CANNON! Wait.. It's malfunctioning? but we're over the Test's lab... Son of a bi--- *The Frigate Hell's Angel explodes over the Test's lab, crashing into it* *walks out of the wreckage* YES! I'M ALIVE! *beeping sound is heard and I turn around* One of the fucking Shiva nukes are online. FUCKING COME O-- *Nuke goes off* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :disconnected:

3932170 What are you expecting for Mary in the next chapter?

3932177 *shrugs* ether Luna finds her as a human or pony, or she freaks out being a pony when she wakes up and faints from blood loss from the robot, then wakes up in Ponyville Hospital and freak out some more before calming down. :pinkiecrazy:

3932215 Well, Mary doesn't get hurt. Besides, that was a Materializer, it turns one person into another. But, the next chapter will seem familiar to you. NO MORE SPOILERS!

3932242 Well, I just went through a nuke for nothing. Still fucking BURNS!

Mary is taking this surpisling taken this well.
Anyway I enjoy this story so far can't wait to see more:pinkiehappy:

Wow, Mary is taking this well, also, you surprised me starting with S1 E1, Not even Noble Guardians started there. I'm so freakin' EXCITED! How long until Chapter 2? So far I rate this 15/10. SO FUCKING HYPED!



You know, oddly, while her name might seem out of place, "Merry Test" does sound like it could be a pony name...

3941369 But her cutie mark is her moon, with Susan's star. Twilight would get pretty suspicious.

This is interesting. Can't wait to see how Mary will go through the series.

3960980 Another good chapter.
Hope to see more soon

Comment posted by icypilot3733 deleted Feb 18th, 2014

Let The Games Begin.
---Bane: Batman The Dark Knight Rises

Why am I quoting this now, instead of earlier? Because it's starting to build up more then earlier. Also, are you say Apple Jack and Mary Test have the same voice actor? MOAR EXCITEMENT THAT MY RATING HAS BEEN RAISED BY 5! 20/10 Also, are you going to six more chapters? One for each Mane six, and one for the Climax of the two parter, when Nightmare Moon is revealed.

3969974 Eeyup, and I have a new cover for the story from a friend from deviantART.

3969974 Oh, and Mary has Rainbow Dash's voice also.

3975335 :pinkiecrazy: *I have officially broken, SOUND THE ALARM!*

Speaking of jhonny test, or whatever, don't think I spelled hi name right. I found my little bro watching the show this morning. I actually realized, if you listen to the sounds in the background, and not so much the voices, it's obnoxious.

3975335 when is the next chapter/part of this story coming out?

"I'm Mary Test, and I wish to know who you are and how I ended up here." I noticed the dragon chuckling under his breath, and I asked him. "What's so funny?"
"Your name!" The dragon bursted out laughing, and I saw that even the pony was also trying not to laugh.
"Aaaaaand what's wrong with my name?"
"That's a pretty odd name for a unicorn, isn't it?" The pony answered.

Merry Test wouldn't be, though. There wasn't really a reason for a name change.

Can you do more chapters it's really good and I love Jonny sister merry

*Lazercorn has his finger on a red button*
Me: don't do it Lazercorn unless you want to be like deadpool and wear spandex!

her place therewas ..unpleasant will ponivile , provably would welcome his scientist , or wilbe in exile too? . this time Magitech?

What is going on? First, I had a fight with Susan, I was materialized from the Materializer, heard cries from my family, and now, I'm alive, and in the presence of a purple unicorn,with a violet mane, done in Susan's style, with a baby dragon beside her. I looked around and not even the lab can match the magnificence of this place. It was decorated beautifully, and there were hundreds of books on each shelf.

Oh JOHNY Test , but that family was...not welcoming theee .or was just a figt?

"Not at all." Twilight smiled. "Are you alright, Miss Moon?"

soon will be name competition

" 'Mare in the Moon,' " Twilight found the page and read aloud. At least I can get some info about this place. " 'myth from olden pony times. A powerful pony who wanted to rule Equestria. Defeated by the Elements of Harmony and imprisoned in the moon. Legend says that on the first day of the thousandth sun, the stars will aid in her escape, and she will bring upon night time eternal!' " If you ask me, that doesn't sound so bad, since it's summer. Maybe later, I will ask Twilight on how the seasons change here. But now isn't the right time.

the seasons change manually .

CelestiaDid this BET , And that may cause doubt in faith ,if Nightmare moon hypotheticly won. sometimes.

"What's Google?" asks Twilight. You ponies don't even have any technology?! Damn.

You go in that sphere.

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