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A MathewSwift and CrunchTheDestroyer fanfiction

There is a lost prophecy of the immortal Royal Seasons of Equestria. The Four Alicorns of the Seasons unite with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna for the Centennial of Seasons, to maintain the balance of nature in Equestria.

Now a newly crowned princess, Twilight Sparkle, as well as her friends, recently find out that the Winter Alicorn, Winter Winds, or Elsa, is jealous that all of Equestria neglects her winter beauty over the cold winds, threatening to plunder Equestria in eternal winter.

Along with Discord, Big MacIntosh and the Spring Alicorn, Tulip Rose, or Anna, the Elements of Harmony attempt to find Elsa, before Equestria is Frozen forever.

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Mixing MLP and Frozen
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Frozen (c) Disney

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ponders......... huh.
suggestion though. instead of blatantly calling these characters that, why not have it be Luna? distance it a bit more from the movie and make it that instead of simbling triyng to help sibling, its Luna confronting a pony who is basically going through what she had gone through before. and to warn of the dangers that lay down that road.

3921239 It takes place before her banishment. Besides, I want the ponified Elsa and Anna in this story, and the Season thing fits, in my opinion.

3921284 I know, but how does Winter go to Equestria. Besides, Winter Wrap Up is in Ponyville!

3921289 Luna has Nightmare night, Celestia has the Summer Sun Celebration, and Elsa Winter Winds has winter wrap up.

There was a Winter startup, or something in the comics.

3924382 But the comics aren't canon, are they?

3921289 Winter is wrapped up everywhere! All on the same day, which is why there's a deadline (that Ponyville is always late for...)

can't wait for what comes next :pinkiehappy:

Dude! That was an excellent start to the story! I hope to see more of this very soon! Also, that version of Let It Go... it fit SO well, I hope to see more songs from the movie that have been ponified.

I'm not attempting to apply pressure to you or anything but....
PLEASE WRITE MOOORE!!!!!:pinkiecrazy: I can't wait to read it!

We'll this finally got read by me... Moar... I demand MOAR!!!!

Did you just make a Rainbow Factory reference? :fluttershyouch: I'm still freaked out by that story.

YESSSS, I've waited a while for this thanks a ton for uploading. I love this so much, awesome chapter.:twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

"I had to give up my task for rainbow production when Elsa disappeared."


"Uhh... yeah!" Rainbow Dash gulped. Nopony took notice of the scared look on Rainbow's face.


I like this, I can't wait what the second chapter contains

Ok, I have a feeling the rainbow factory may come up in this because of the reference, I have shit my pants because of that guess.

"Shall we get settled in?" She asked. Everypony nodded and headed to the corridor. Discord then, raised a bear claw.

"Oh, Celestia," He asked. "Can you get me a teeny, tiny, glass of water?"

I CAN'T STOP BLOODY LAUGHING! Glass of water reference TOO FUNNY! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

4249376 I just added a reference on Rainbow Factory, just for fun. It will not be featured in this fanfic!

I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE, Elsa (frozen), Anna (frozen), Rapunzel (tangled)

This is such a good idea, I never thought of it!
Cudos! :raritywink::heart::heart:

one it frozen i had it on dvd and two yes i know

This is really good, I really can't wait to see the next chapter.

Let me guess: Winter Winds has never heard of a snowball fight or Texas.

“‘Doesn't Cloudsdale manage the rainbows?’ Applejack asked.

‘Uhh... yeah!’ Rainbow Dash gulped. Nopony took notice of the scared look on Rainbow's face.”

Why did you have to reference Rainbow Factory?!

Pinkie, get away from my phone!

“‘Oh, Celestia,’ He asked. ‘Can you get me a teeny, tiny, glass of water?’”

Don’t even think about it, Discord!

Oh, come on! I only asked for a glass of water!

You flooded the Golden Oak Library last time!

Okay, you two, stop arguing. But I agree with Pinkie. Don’t sing “Glass of Water,” Discord.


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