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Fiend from the Darkness

I am a Lover of Shadows and Dancer in the Night. I am a Keeper of Nightmares and Bringer of Fright. I am a Creature of Darkness, in Pain I Delight


A series of poems inspired by stories on FIMfic that I loved. The titles of the stories that inspired the poem are at the end of the poem with a link. Title of the poem is chapter name if the poem has one, if not, the title is the title of the story.

Feb 12, 2015: Finally got cover art!

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This was beautiful and I'm extremely flattered that you were moved to write this. Thank you very much. :twilightsmile:

By far, this poem is the best,
But the next story, I wonder what you put to test


I've seen you on What Hath Joined Together! :heart:

I wish I could just like this story as much as I want. :heart:

Well, hey! :twilightsmile: It's cool to see this in a little more permanent location outside of the landslide of the HR2 comments section.

I'm adding your collection to the Poetry group, btw.

Quick question, will you be making a poem for the original Hard Reset or its sequels?

Most likely. Going to be starting a set for MLP: Journey as well. I just need to find time to start writing fan poems again, as soon as college stops kicking my ass.

>past sins

If this isn't disparaging I'll be disappointed.

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