• Published 26th Jan 2014
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The Wanderings of My Mind - Fiend from the Darkness

Poems I've written inspired by different fanfics on FIMfic.

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A Circular Breakdown(Hard Reset)

A Circular Breakdown

Hard Reset

Round and round, watch time go
Where it stops, she never know
Death becomes nothing, a kill just resets
Forever around, never a break she gets
Same hours even, once more Tartarus begins again
She always know where, she always knows when
The world burns around her and it all becomes routine
There is no more moment, of ‘so I must scream’
She learns to endure, to carry the burden through
To enter this hell again , and begin the cycle anew
The end is not what the end once was
A new beginning to life, to the pain because
Nothing is easy, not even the end,
The end of it all, for which she seeks to mend
No longer going on, she hopes for harmony to fix
But too many tries it seems, to long for the plan to tick
A perfect run is what she needs
A perfect score for her hope to feed
And when that run comes at so long last…
She finds herself once more in the past
To loop again when they didn’t work
To loop again, her sanity shirked
To become Queen and Master of her realm
To destroy Equestria at her blood soaked helm
The end turned out to begin anew
A life she can no longer force herself through
But she cannot end it, no, never again
There is no time, no more when
Only hell, where her home has become
Lost forever… old… regretful… numb

~The Shadow of Death:moustache:

Author's Note:

Read Hard Reset SO long ago. Reread it and realized 'holy crap, I haven't written for this one yet!' Pounded this out and sent it through my days long editing process and here you are. Loved this story, and I'm sure you will too if you read it.