• Published 26th Jan 2014
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The Wanderings of My Mind - Fiend from the Darkness

Poems I've written inspired by different fanfics on FIMfic.

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Lament of the Dogs (H'ven Sent)

Lament of the Dogs
H'ven Sent

As Darkness falls in the world around
The eversleep beacons, its siren sound
The end of life, the canines fade
Fight to the last, resistance made
But in the end, it was out of their paws
For all their strength, there was but one flaw
Another one was acting their god
Killed by trust in a deadly fraud
Weep at the loss, loss of such life
Lost in the dark, back hosting knife
We will never forget, though we may never know
We will always remember, as within their home we now grow

Author's Note:

Written for one of the most appalling moments in the story to date, this is came to mind. A Lament for a genocide of the Diamond Dogs who could do nothing to fight back. The story is amazing, but this moment is.... just wow. It sticks with you almost as much as the snarky protagonist does.