• Published 26th Jan 2014
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The Wanderings of My Mind - Fiend from the Darkness

Poems I've written inspired by different fanfics on FIMfic.

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The Order (The Order. Yes, the poem and story share the same name. Deal with it.)

The Order
The Order (Yes the poem and story share the same name.)

Stuck in a place
Because of his race
And forced to love from afar

Flash looks at his life
The division and strife
He raises his spear to save

Love cannot bloom
When there is no room
His chances sealed in a tomb

And twilight will fall
In Histories Hall
Forced to follow his destiny's call

In a moment, all can change
In a moment, magic down the range
All it takes is a moment of rage
Like feelings released from a tiny cage

But that moment may come and go
Supressed by all who think they know
The best way to go is status quo

So Flash loses his chance
And continues to dance
Atop feelings forbidden to him

And he must continue on
Each new dawn
with a mask so tightly drawn

That when it breaks
Like striking snakes
He will be gone from her

For now he is forced wait
Resigned to his saddening fate
And hope being near her is enough to sate
His love for the Princess of change

Feelings his love can never return
Trying stop his heart's slow burn
Try and make his heart relearn
Their love can never have a turn

The Order is what keeps the peace
Never will the order cease
Forever will the order reign


Author's Note:

I wrote this one after three read throughs off said story. I needed to make sure I got the theme right, as I wanted to do it justice. I enjoyed writing it and it is definitely a different style than I usually write, but I like how it turned out. Also, I cannot WAIT for the sequel. Or would this be considered a prequel? It is a single chapter that sets up for the next, so is the next a sequel, or is this a prequel? Good God, I'm starting to sound like Pinkie. Luna help us all.